Cover for WarmthAuthor: Lucy Harker

At the company Christmas party at a local bar, a woman finds herself avoiding the co-worker she longs for. The intensity of her desire builds past her limits, and she flees temptation into the snowy night. But temptation follows her, and even the freezing wind can’t damp her need for his warmth. (F/M)

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 Lon Sarver
Production Editor(s): Erika L Firanc
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins
Cover Art Credit(s): Photos by Felixcasio & Alexander Ishchenko at Dreamstime.
Proofreader(s): emmajcobbs, Erika L Firanc
Length: Novel
Word Count: 3,400
Chapter(s): 1
Publication Date: (Day-Month-Year) 09-11-2012
Serialization Date: (Day-Month-Year) 23-01-2016
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