Atropa Belladonna

Cover for Atropa BelladonnaAuthor: Jane Potter

When something tall, fanged and handsome crawls out of the darkness to confess his love and devotion, she finds it hard to resist. But when sexual ecstasy turns to nightmarish possession, it becomes apparent that it’s equally hard to run away. (F/M)

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 Lon Sarver
Production Editor(s): Erika L Firanc
Cover Designer(s): D.M. Atkins
Cover Art Credit(s): Photos by jeancliclac and Wavebreak Media at Pixmac.
Proofreader(s): Kailin Morgan
Length: Short Story
Word Count: 7,000
Chapter(s): 2
Publication Date: (Day-Month-Year) 13-03-2012
Serialization Date: (Day-Month-Year) 27-09-2015
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