Call for Special Collections

Special Collections – creatively themed calls for submissions meant to create anthologies and special online library collections with Stories accepted for the Special Collections are gathered by theme into ebook/print anthologies as well as posted to our site with collection tags to mark their themes. (See below for more information on how Special Collections work.)

Top Calls for Submissions:

A Taste of Romance – A collection of novellas where the food is as tasty as the sex. This collection focuses on romance and food. (Nearly complete. Need only 1-2 more courses.)

Breaking Gender – Erotic stories featuring transgender and/or gender non-conforming characters who take names and kick ass. Shapeshifters welcome! How about a steampunk, transwoman dom with an eyepatch? Or even the classic trope of a cabin boy who is a girl in disguise. As is always true at FF, we need strong plots and believable characters, not just sex scenes. (Nearly complete. Maybe a couple more stories?)

Into the Wicked Woods – Erotic fairy tales where Ever After isn’t always so Happy, and everyone gets what’s coming to them. (Half-way there!)

Scales and Claws – Dragons: awesome, terrifying creatures of magic, fire and passion. Erotic stories featuring dragons who lust for more than hoards of gold. (Half-way there!)

How Special Collections work:

Special Collections are a way to provide creative prompts to authors, fill niches in our readers’ interests and cross-promote related stories. All lengths of stories are considered for Special Collections. Short stories and novellas are grouped with similar stories for promotions and anthologies. Novels will be eligible for both the novel promotions and possible excerpts in the anthologies. Stories are also eligible for more than one special collection if they fit the themes.

Stories submitted to are not limited to those call themes or dates. We have a list over a hundred planned topics. If you send a story that doesn’t fit one of the current ones, but fits a planned one, we may bump it up in the schedule to find it partners. Or we may like the story enough to build a collection around it.

All stories for the Special Collections follow the same guidelines, pay the same royalties, and are eligible for the same income streams as other submissions to

We send the calls for submissions out on our social media accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and other social media. (If you wish to receive these notices, see the sidebar with links to ForbiddenFiction on those social media.)

To submit a story to Special Collections, follow the Submission Guidelines and include the name of the collection as well as the story in the email.

Existing Special Collections – (Only accepting submissions from authors we currently work with):

Of Passion and Steam – Erotic stories of Victorian and/or steampunk. Sex toys of brass, gears and steam? Victorian historical, science fiction or magic – all turned toward heating things up.

Twice Her Pleasure – Erotic stories with a woman and two partners. Men are the only ones who enjoy being with two lovers. This collection focuses on women’s enjoyment of threesomes.

She’s Boss, Her Gaze – A call for BDSM themed novels with a woman’s point of view. Whether the woman and/or women are dominant or submissive, and not matter who they play with, we want stories with a female gaze.

Out of Habit – Erotic tales of clergy – priests, priestesses, nuns, ministers, imams, rabbis, monks and acolytes.

Bring Out Your Dead – Erotic stories of the dead, the undead, and the living who have to deal with them. Graphic horror meets graphic erotica in stories you can sink your teeth into.

Winter’s Darkest Desires – Erotic stories from the dark side of the holidays. Winter brings longer nights and holiday cheer is not always enough. Dark passions? Naughty Santa? Drunken holiday party mistakes?

Swords and SandalsErotic tales of the ancient Mediterranean world. Tales from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and more. We’d love to see decadent stories  from behind the pages of history – Gladiators, slaves, Senators, warriors, Centurions, brothels, orgies – inspired by the stories of these ancient cultures.

Southern Queer – Erotic stories of being queer (GLBT) in the American deep south. (Y’all need to get them in!)

Turning Tricksters – Erotic stories of Trickster Gods and Naughty Fey. Give us Coyote, Loki, Puck, Eris, Pombagira and more.

Bending the Bard – Erotic tales inspired by William Shakespeare. Take the stage, take it further. A look behind the scenes of one of Shakespeare’s stories? A modern interpretation? An alternate universe where Romeo falls in love with Tibalt? A story of the players from

A Slave’s Desire – Erotic stories of slaves and masters.

Zero-G Spot – Erotic encounters in space. Pushing the limits out of our world.

Monstrous Desire Erotic stories of monsters. Desire beyond beauty. Tales of desire where at least one participant would viewed as a monster to most.

Undying Passions – Erotic stories of immortals. Those who live forever – aliens, angels/demons, gods/goddesses – cursed and blessed.

Seeking Submission – Erotic stories of submissives actively seeking their pleasure.

Carnal Carnivals – Erotic tales of fairs, carnivals and festivals – Mardi Gras, Renaissance, Folsom, Pride, Oktoberfest, more.

Midsummer Nights – Erotic stories of summer nights. Sometimes it’s just too hot to sleep. Naughty summer vacations? Steamy nights in the open? Wet waters? Skinny dipping? Sports events that get too sweaty? Camping trips that get wild? Make the summer hot.

She’s Boss Erotic stories of dominant women. Lesbian, bi or straight – give us stories of women who take charge of their pleasure.

Wicked Fairy Tales – Erotic, edgy fairy tales.  Naught tales from Grimms, Anderson and more. What kind of services did Cinderella give her stepmother and sisters? Did the prince do more than kiss Sleeping Beauty? What happened once Rapunzel pulled him into her tower? (One anthology already in print. See follow up anthology, Into the Wicked Woods.)

Rawhide – Leather, lassos and spurs! Erotic tales with the bad men and women of the West. Cattle rustlers, gunslingers, salon halls and brothels, stage coaches, cowboys/girls, bank heists and jail breaks, corrupt sheriffs and hangings. Give us those old Western tropes with a sexy twist.

Down Below – Erotic stories underground – caves, caverns, tunnels, catacombs, tombs and dungeons. Take us deep – lost in a cave, sex in a tomb, kept in a dungeon. Show us dirty things in the dark.

Privates Eyes and Naughty Dicks – Erotic stories of private detectives. From Sherlock Holmes to the modern detective with computers – private detectives are hot.

Mind Over Body – Erotic tales of mind control – spells, technology, anything that leaves the person in another’s control.

Going Down in History – Erotic stories of historical figures. Take on Napoleon, Belle Star, Lincoln, Buddha, or Catherine the Great? Give us sexy stories with famous, notable or infamous men and women in history.

Striking a Chord – Erotic tales of rock stars, jazz players or other musicians.

Clandestine Desires – Erotic illicit meetings, masquerades and other secret affairs.

Spring Rites – Erotic tales of spring – melting thaws, rising sap, May revelry and exhilarating hunts.

Taken – Erotic stories  of abductions and kidnapping. Held hostage, sold into prostitution, stripping to survive?

Modified for Pleasure – Erotic tales of tattoos, piercing, scars and other body modifications.

Taking Flight – Erotic tales of beings with wings – angels, demons, fairies, dragons, cyborgs & more.

Saucy Chaucer – Erotic tales from the works of Chaucer.

Daring Dickens – Erotic stories from the worlds of Charles Dickens.

Wells of Desire – Erotic stories from the worlds of H.G. Wells.

Jewels from JulesErotic stories from the worlds of Jules Verne.

Desk Job – Erotic explorations of unbalanced power in the workplace, from the traditional boss/secretary to modern politician/intern. (One anthology already in print.)

Divine Desires – Erotic tales inspired by the pagan myths. Bring us those gods, goddesses, heroes and priestesses of old.

Strange Desires – Fantastic tales of extreme appetites–sexual and otherwise.

Touched by Death – Erotic tales of those who have died and those they left behind.

Bi Magic – Sexy fantasy stories focusing on characters who go both ways.

Under the Lash – Erotic tales of the whip, and those who love it.

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