A Little Night Swimming – Excerpt

Cover for A Little Night SwimmingA Little Night Swimming by Mina Kelly

Becky knows better than to be trapped by the tide at night, but it’s funny how a bottle of cheap vodka can overcome an entire upbringingby the sea. She grew up with all the myths, too, but when her cute rescuer invites her into deep waters for a swim it’s notso much the mer as the maid that makes Becky hesitate. (F/F)

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She swallowed and pushed away from the rock beneath her feet. Treading water now, she let the rocking of the waves pull her closer to Sheaar. Becky was a strong swimmer, like anyone who grew up beside the sea, though a little voice at the back of her head was screaming at her now. The thing was, it wasn’t the little voice that warned her against doing dangerous things, no. It wasn’t the voice that could cut through any drunken haze when she was considering climbing that wall or jumping that gap or swimming in that water. It sounded a lot more like the little voice that warned her against doing unfeminine things, that warned her not to dwell on certain dreams and not to spend time with certain girls.

It definitely didn’t like this girl, that was for certain.

Sheaar took Becky’s arm and pulled her closer. She had no fear of drowning in the night. Becky looked for gills, but the rise and fall of the waves told her not to bother. Sheaar was a mammal. Six nipples stood out brown against her torso. Not six breasts, or at least not six large ones, but Becky wanted to put her hands to them and compare them with her own. Let Sheaar do the same. Not sexually, she told the little voice. Experimentally.


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