Judge Not – Excerpt

Cover for Judge NotJudge Not by Kailin Morgan

Matt is gay, but has given up love rather than accept it. Hiding from himself as well as the rest of the world, he works hard and goes home alone. Until one night he doesn’t make it home. He steps into the underworld of the Earl’s Court where he will be punished for his mistakes—and maybe get a second chance. (M/M)

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Matt stared at the next tile. This one had a man, his arms chained above his head, a masked man between his knees. The kneeling man had what seemed to be a phallus protruding from his mask. Two men stood to either side, holding ropes that attached to the standing person’s ankles.

Matt glanced at tile after tile. Each one showed varying images of people in bondage, some showed figures being disciplined, yet others depicted various carnal acts that had Matt’s blood swirling heatedly through his veins, his cock swelling with interest.

The sound of footsteps approaching along the passageway had Matt leaping backwards away from the wall, straightening his shirt, fingers tugging at the knot of his tie. He pulled his jacket around himself, trying to disguise the evidence of his excitement. He took several steps towards the oncoming footsteps. A man came into view, tall and slender, walking swiftly towards him. There was something unusual about him but before Matt could think about it the man was speaking.

“There you are.” He reached out for Matt, fingers closing hard around one of his wrists before Matt could think to move away. Matt stared at the man, eyes wide, as he suddenly turned and started back along the passageway, almost towing Matt behind him. Matt stumbled along behind for a couple of steps before he pulled back as hard as he could.

“What? Who are you? And where are you taking me? And man, let go of my hand! If you just point me in the direction of the exit, I’ll see myself out.”


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