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P.L. Ripley (1968-2017) was a born storyteller weaving worlds since he could first express what he saw in his head. Fascinated with human sexuality, erotic fiction was a natural place for him to explore the connection between sexual excitement and our emotional responses to it. He lived near Bangor, Maine with his partner of twenty-four years. Writing was a very important part of Ripley's life, and he was as delighted to publish his works with us as we were to work with him.

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  • A Little Push Cover for A Little Push V2by P.L. Ripley

    What do you do when the dead rise? What do you say to the love of your life when he comes back to you from the grave? How do you apologize for killing him? Jesse knows and he also knows that love never dies. (M/M)

  • Bridging Obsessions Story Cover for Bridging Obsessionsby P.L. Ripley

    Clyde is living a life that is not his own in rural Maine: he is controlled by fear and his older brother’s violent rage. He passes time by smoking pot and having anonymous sex with men at rest areas. Then he meets Evan. Clyde must find the strength in himself to stand on his own feet and become a man worthy of Evan’s affections. (M/M)

  • Greasy Boy Story Cover for Greasy Boyby P.L. Ripley

    For Simon, sex had always been clean, gentle and safe. Now a chance encounter in a gas station bathroom gives Simon the opportunity to see what he has been missing. That is, if he can overcome his fear to delve into a greasy stranger through a glory hole. (M/M)

  • House Breaking Story Cover for House Breakingby P.L. Ripley

    When brothers Kevin and Jesse break into the old Victorian during a blizzard, aiming to steal whatever they could find, they didn't think the owner was home. Or that he would have a fully functional dungeon in the basement—one with which Kevin and Jesse would become intimately familiar as the owner taught them a lesson about good boundaries.(M/M/M)

  • Private Security Story Cover for Private Securityby P.L. Ripley

    Ryan has been fantasizing about his best friend, Justin ever since he started working nights as a security guard. He puts it down to exhaustion and his lack of time to spend with his girlfriend, Jennifer. But, when he catches Justin in the middle of a theft, he begins to reevaluate if he wants these fantasies to remain just fantasies or bring them to life. (M/M)

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