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Nobilis Reed is the most prolific erotica podcaster in the known universe. In addition to publishing scores of stories in audio form, he has published two novels, a bunch of novellas, and has edited several anthologies.

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Stories by Nobilis Reed

  • Black Paint Story Cover for Black Paintby Nobilis Reed

    Master Tholnauer, an alchemist by trade, is used to submitting his art to the service of the nobility, for which he is well paid. He is also used to serving the nobility’s more exotic needs with discretion, enhancing the natural endowments of a lord or lady with his magical black paint. For this, he is paid very well. However, he is not used to remaining after his artistry is done, and assisting lusty noble ladies quite this directly. (F/M, F/F, F/F/M)

  • Elf Esteem Story Cover for Elf Esteem by Nobilis Reed

    When you’re the only lesbian bondage slut in town, finding a partner isn’t easy, especially when you’ve just broken up. But sometimes all it takes is a little magic to get back into the game. (F/F)

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