D.L. Uhlrich


D.L. Uhlrich is the author of several erotic short stories published on various websites. Although she’s only recently taken up writing, according her to mother, she’s been making up stories since she could talk. She enjoys music, reading and the arts. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University. She resides in Northeast Kansas with her husband and children.

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Stories by D.L. Uhlrich

  • Lost in Her Eyes Covers for Lost in Her Eyesby D.L. Uhlrich

    Harper is once again a single woman and plans to stay that way. However, her best friend, Darry is determined to end her solitude with the help of Bishop Makris. But can Bishop help Harper learn to trust again? (F/M)

  • Wishes in Her Eyes Cover for Wishes in Her Eyesby D.L. Uhlrich

    For Harper, forty is not so fabulous. Sure she’s got a great friend and a good life in a big city, but being single and slightly plus-sized are downers to her day. At least she gets to spend her working hours staring at gorgeous Stone Masterson, the man of her dreams. Will a chance encounter make them more than co-workers? (F/M)

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