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Cover for Slow Surrenderby Olivia Stone

Drag is high drama, self-expression, and re-invention. It’s irreverent and playful, but also seriously transgresses and subverts gender boundaries. It’s artificial and honest at the same time, an art form made up of so many beautiful contradictions.

It’s also the setting for Slow Surrender, my contribution to the Bring the Love anthology. The story centers on Lucas Walker, a professional drag queen who is beautiful, quick-witted and exudes self-confidence on stage with his genderfuck style of drag. Through a mutual friend, Lucas meets Connor, a carpenter who is recently out of the closet and new to the area. Connor has never met anyone quite like Lucas before and is both drawn to him and terrified of the intense way Lucas makes him feel. Lucas is used to people not being able to handle him, but with Connor, he may have met his match.

They discover that they’re both incredibly turned on by Lucas using his powerful femme persona to dominate Connor in the bedroom. The sex is deliciously kinky with a blend of roughness and tenderness in the way they relate to each other. While Lucas is strong and aggressive with Connor, there’s something very tender about honoring someone’s deepest desires and meeting the needs they’ve been afraid to even express.

The story also includes a colorful cast of characters and fun, backstage drag bar shenanigans. As someone who has done a lot of performance in the past (including a stint as a drag king), I was really excited to set a romance in the wonderful world of drag. It was a joy to come up with the various drag personas, outfits, and performances. I hope you’ll enjoy getting immersed in these characters and their world as much as I enjoyed bringing them to life.

At its heart, Slow Surrender is about two people overcoming their hangups to forge a real connection with each other. Drag is a means of self-acceptance for both of them because when you open yourself up to who you really are, you also open yourself up to love. In the wise words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

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