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Story Cover for From the Stormby E.E. Grey

From the Storm is a short story that all stemmed from the common trope of two people caught in a blackout. It’s a classic with a twist—instead of two people who hate each other, there’s Bailey and Ian, two people who are definitely interested in doing more than flirting over bad office coffee. Still, being stuck in a hot office with no power presents its own difficulties.

This story went through several versions before it became what it is now. From Bailey’s apartment, to the office, to changing his career three times, it wasn’t always easy to figure out who he was. It’s similar to Bailey’s journey in his own life, figuring out what he wants, the contrast to Ian, who’s younger, freer, less tied down.

A classic trope turned on its ear. That’s what I hoped to achieve here, and it can be difficult to get it right. From the Storm is, on the surface, a simple story, but even in short stories, there’s often more depth, which is something I hope comes through in the telling of Bailey’s story.

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