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Cover for Cigarrette Burnsby E.E. Grey

Cigarette Burns is the story of a man let down in love, drowning his sorrows (and frustrations) at a local bar. A chance encounter with a stranger may lift his spirits and show him the world isn’t all bad. When it came to writing this story, I wanted to explore the pain of a breakup and the hope of a new beginning. Our main character feels as if he’s not worthy of attention, which I think we all feel at some point in our lives. Someone doesn’t always come along to make us feel better about ourselves. It’s a stroke of luck when they do.

Cigarette Burns is really about opening up to new opportunities and allowing yourself to take a chance. Maddox has to open himself up to new possibilities and not allow himself to get sucked into a pool of self-doubt that can become so pervasive after a break-up.

What I like most about Cigarette Burns is how simple a story it is, uncomplicated by too many extras that can take away from the core. It’s just a simple, easy story about moving on.

Anthologies which include this story:

Cover for Bring the Love


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