About The Nemesis Bird

by Salve Nano

Cover for The Nemesis BirdMy story in Timeless Lust, The Nemesis Bird, was unashamedly inspired by The Tales of the Arabian Nights. I’ve always loved this cycle of stories; the way the different tales weave in and out of one another, the worlds full of magical beasts and djinn where anything can happen, and the exotic richness of the language.

So when I set out to write The Nemesis Bird, I wanted to recreate some of that atmosphere but with an added erotic twist. Though, of course, The Tales of the Arabian Nights is no stranger to erotica, being a writer of BDSM and femdom stories, I wanted to put my own slant on the story and take it into areas where the author(s) of the original text could not. In fact, it was my original conception to write a series of stories with a working title along the lines of ‘The Erotic Tales of Scherazade’, but I only got around to writing the one!

My story starts with the same premise as The Tales of the Arabian Nights. Scherazade is in the palace of King Shahryar who, prior to their marriage, has married a virgin every day and had her beheaded the next morning as revenge for the unfaithfulness of his first wife. Scherazade avoids this fate by telling the King a tale so captivating that he has to keep her alive each morning to hear its end. In my story, Scherazade relates ‘The Tale of the Caliph of Ishfahan, the slave girl Sofia-al-Din Hasan, and The Nemesis Bird’.

As a side note, I love the idea of stories within stories that forms an essential part of the structure of The Tales of The Arabian Nights, and openly use this device in my own story, though nothing like as brilliantly executed as in the original.

The magical element in my story is provided by the titular ‘Nemesis Bird’, a wondrous bird, which has the ability to constantly transform the color of its feathers. The cruel, vain Caliph of Ishfahan spies this magical bird in a courtyard garden. He summons Sofia, one if his servant girls, to go there with a gilded cage and capture the bird for him. But when she sees the marvelous bird she tells her to fly away to safety. The Caliph is enraged and orders Sofia to be put into an iron cage and for his imperial guard to abuse her for forty days and forty nights as a punishment for her disobedience.

It’s at this point the BDSM theme of the story kicks in as Sofia is subjected to abuse and humiliation. This is not a story for the faint hearted! Sofia’s punishments are non-consensual and extreme. She finds herself in a psychological battle with the Captain of the Caliph’s Imperial Guard, Umar Malik, who is determined to break her spirit over the course of the forty nights

But what will befall poor Sofia after her forty day ordeal is over and she is summoned before the Caliph to be executed?

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