The Daily Struggle

by Ariel Dalziel

In the hum drum atmosphere of my everyday life, its frequently difficult to find the time or energy to write. Its even more difficult when the stories capture my total attention. Meaning I’d better be sitting down, with at most, music on, and not be interrupted for long enough to produce words on paper. Frequently my writing process involves staring off into space and making faces to myself. There’s rarely any drool.

The reason, of course, why I write is for what goes on inside my head. Despite this  vegetative state, my thoughts more closely resemble a porno flick. Trying to remember NOT to suspend the laws of physics the way most movies do now, is probably the hardest part of my visualization process. That, and keeping track of hands. But when my mind is clear and the scene is flowing, its easy to describe what I see/hear/smell/feel/taste. I get to be the writer, director and all the actors in my stories, all at the same time.

All this only takes place when I have the time and energy to concentrate on what I’m doing. In today’s world of frantic multi-tasking and endless errands, its hard to find the space to spend even five minutes in my fantasy land. Yet, while some writers may complain about writer’s block, I have the opposite problem. I have too many ideas. There are so many projects that bubble up into my brain, its hard to pick and choose the ones I get done. Or even just the ones I want to do first.

When I started writing erotica, I wanted to create a recurring character, placed in all sorts of sexual situations, in a variety of places and times. I wanted a shapeshifter who could take different forms so that I could play with gender and body type. As a writer, it is an option, nay, an obligation, to mine history for ideas.

So I took the concept of Yggdrasil, the Norse World-Tree as a source of power and as an entity that exists on/in multiple dimensions, pulled in the fact that oak trees have both male and female flowers (plant genitalia fact #57!) slapped that together with the cutting of the tree sacred to the Druids by the Romans.

The result is a character who is immortal and driven by human emotions, but incredibly powerful and a wee bit alien. Have you talked to a tree lately? Daft buggers they are…

Then I get to ambush this character all the way through two thousand years of history, having all kinds of crazy sex. Due to an imbalance in its nature, the Tree has to feed off of human life energy to stay in human form. Fortunately it met an incubus when it was young who taught it how to feed off of sexual energy rather than just walking around killing people…

But that’s another story I mean to get to sometime soon.

I suggest that if you really want to know more about the Tree, you read my story, Beneath the Faerie Tree. Its the first published appearance of the character, though I hope to see more stories available soon. And in the meantime, I have some ideas to jot down so I don’t forget them…


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