That About Covers It

by Siol na Tine

Hello! I’m Siol na Tine. I originally came to ForbiddenFiction because Lon Sarver and D.M. Atkins are friends of mine, and kept mentioning their new project involving editing lots of sexy stories.

Now I must admit, I knew almost nothing about erotica before I came here. I hadn’t been in the habit of reading it much unless I came across it by accident or a friend referred me to a particularly enjoyable story. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the art form, it’s just that I hadn’t thought to go looking for it. But it’s quite frankly impossible to know D.M. Atkins and not learn more about human sexuality than you ever realized you didn’t know before. She is, after all, an expert in the subject from several intriguing angles.

So when she started showing me the covers she was working on for FFP, I was naturally quite interested. Being an artist, I have all kinds of opinions about graphic composition, and a decent hand at Photoshop, so I started helping out here and there as I could. Then one day she expressed frustration to me about the distressing lack of six-breasted, short-haired, mammalian mermaids available for professional use, and I offered to modify a drawing I had made several years before of a two-breasted, ambiguous-haired, mammalian mermaid.

Cover for A Little Night SwimmingAfter much editing, the final image became the cover for Mina Kelly’s A Little Night Swimming.

Since then I’ve enjoyed drawing a pleasing variety of tangled objects, from snakes to tree-root-like horns and of course any number of human limbs. So far my friend-turned-boss has been particularly kind, giving me stories with folkloric content to play with. I particularly enjoyed getting to do a bit of research on the gods of Mongolian Shamanism for Annabeth Leong’s In the Death of Winter.Cover for In the Death of Winter

Next up: A flamboyant fairy (and I do mean fairy) godmother, and a mysterious lupine masked man. I love my work!


P.S. Hopefully future posts will include embeded images of what I’m working on lately. In the meantime, you can always find what I’ve uploaded to my FFP Flickr gallery, including larger versions of the covers I’ve already completed. Enjoy!

[Edited to add] P.P.S. Oh, look, I can embed images now! Wheee! They’re still all over in my gallery, of course.


#1 Great pun and thanks for the covers

That about covers it — hah.

I have been so gratified to see your work. I’d wondered if you were the one who did In the Death of Winter. I noticed right away that the bound postulate actually looked Mongolian, which made me really happy.

I’m glad you’ve made a Flickr gallery, because I’d been wanting to see all your covers in one place.

Thanks for the amazing art! You’ve done covers that I’m so proud to post.

#2 Ooh! It worked!

Ooh! She did come across as Mongolian, I’m so glad! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to convey that with the blindfold covering most of her face.

I used to go to an online world called Second Life for an art outlet for a while (just as time consuming, but I don’t have to store anything in my craft room! Woo!) I got so tired of always seeing the same bodies, skins, faces, so I ended up focusing a lot of attention on seeing if I could effectively use the in-world human modeling system to create clearly ethnic avatars. It was a lot of fun, and really drove home to me how wide a variety of faces and body types there really are in the world.

It’s frankly much easier to do with a 3D modeling system than a pencil in my hand, though. Heh.


#3 Avatars

I have a similar reaction to virtual worlds and video games. I tend to notice how terribly thin everyone is. I had a Second Life avatar for a while and gave her a relatively full figure. Anytime I went anywhere, I was struck at how much bigger I was than everyone else — and I felt I’d made her sort of medium sized in terms of what I observe in the world.

I also try to make my characters clearly ethnic in some way. I often go for something that looks like an African-Asian mix, which I’m pretty good at getting from the sliders. But then I’ll look at fan screen grabs and videos from the game and notice how they’re usually so different from the way my character looks.

And I don’t think I’d get anywhere at all with a freehand drawing — I definitely only have a chance when using a system already designed for noobs like me. 🙂

By the way, it was totally fun to see your sketches of FFP staff. It was great to put faces to the people I’ve been e-mailing!

#4 Haha! Yes!I tended to hang

Haha! Yes!

I tended to hang out in the fantasy worlds with the fairies and dragons and mermaids and other creatures, so my merely being an odd-sized human didn’t seem outlandish. And yet, I can only recall seeing one, maybe two other humanoid characters who weren’t quite thin, whether tall or petite.


#5 Hello

Just thought I’d add to the welcome and the thanks. I noticed that you were the one responsible for one of my covers too, which was almost what I was imagining at one point. It’s very dark and gritty.

And you’re also getting another one – I can’t wait to see what you come up with for that story. It’s always amazing when you have such a clear idea in your head and then someone else on the other side of the world produces something and you go…’Yeah. that’s what I thought too’

I love the staff sketches, you’ve captured them really well.

#6 I wish I could take all the

I wish I could take all the credit, but the cover for Underneath It All was one that D.M. Atkins and I designed together. She told me what y’all were picturing, and I did my best to make it happen for you.

I’ve already had a whole lot of fun with the cover for the next story I’ve got from you, but it turns out my first attempt was, uh… well perhaps too true to the setting. I need to blog about that particular learning experience next. ;p

I am really hoping you like my depiction of our flamboyant friend when I find a more suitable arrangement! 😀



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