Bring the Love Release Party Chatroom

Part twp of a three part interview with most of the authors whose work is included in Bring the Love anthology. Question: How directly do you like to engage with real-world issues affecting gay men in your fiction?



About Slow Surrender

Cover for Slow Surrenderby Olivia Stone

Drag is high drama, self-expression, and re-invention. It’s irreverent and playful, but also seriously transgresses and subverts gender boundaries. It’s artificial and honest at the same time, an art form made up of so many beautiful contradictions.



About Between Here and There

Cover for Between Here and Thereby Lynn Kelling

This bittersweet short is a prequel to my novel, Whatever the Cost—which is the story of a friendship between Liam and Jacen, two high-end prostitutes, that transforms into much more. I wrote the short after the novel was published, to rewind the clock and take a look into the life of the main character, Liam, back when he was just a bright-eyed, optimistic teen recently aged out of foster care and living on his own with friends for the first time.



About Private Security

Cover for Private Securityby P.L. Ripley

I had been working at a university and noticed the interaction between the students. College aged people generally make lifelong friendships. The people I was friends with then, are still my closest friends.



About Designated Driver

Cover for Designated Driverby Julian Keys

For a short while in my young adult years, I roomed with a second-cousin and, one night, he came home from a party drunk. He talked incessantly as I tried to wrangle him into bed, making very little sense. The next morning, my hung-over cousin related back to me the conversation we’d had as he remembered it. What he thought he’d said, as compared to what he’d actually said, made me laugh.



About Greasy Boy

Cover for Greasy Boyby P.L. Ripley

The idea for Greasy Boy came to me at a time when I was often traveling the road for the job I had at the time. I stopped into a small gas station on the outskirts of nowhere. it was a full service station and the attendant on duty was one of the most handsome young men I had ever seen, Immediately my mind went into fantasy mode.


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