Naked in the Sun

Cover for Naked in the SunAuthor: Dorla Moorehouse

Andy has spent the last year nursing his partner, Daniel, through an illness that left Daniel completely blind. Andy has been nothing but gentle, considerate, and careful with Daniel, who’s depressed and frustrated with the situation. Exactly which aspects of the situation frustrate him the most comes as something of a surprise when Daniel drags him off into the bushes for some fun in the sun. (M/M)

Genres: , , ,
 Lon Sarver
Production Editor(s): Erika L Firanc
Cover Designer(s): Siol na Tine
Cover Art Credit(s): Photo by Grigoriev Ruslan at Shutterstock.
Proofreader(s): Todd Michaels
Length: Short Story
Word Count: 2,400
Chapter(s): 1
Publication Date: (Day-Month-Year) 11-03-2014
Serialization Date: (Day-Month-Year) 28-05-2017
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