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The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Cover for A Special Occasionby Julian Keys

The impetus behind this story came about when I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of erotic tales about a white couple’s sexual encounter with a black man. The sex in these typically involved the husband/boyfriend watching his wife/girlfriend make love to the other man, or joining in to give her pleasure. The most interesting thing about these stories was that they were often written by married men. A lot of married men, it seemed, had fantasies of watching their wife with another man.

This had me, on the one hand, wanting to get into the minds of such husbands, but also to switch around the usual, cliché set up. How about an African-American couple’s sexual encounter with a white man?

Intriguing. Still, I didn’t think that this story was going to be anything unique or different. A sexual romp. Standard, run-of-the-mill fare with only the switch in color, as it were, as the twist. As I started to create the characters, however, something happened. The couple informed me that while I may not see anything exceptional in this encounter, they did. They were, in fact, excited, nervous, thrilled. They’d never done like this, and they were not taking it for granted.

And then the white stranger let me know that he, too, was eager to make this a unique event.

In short, the more I warmed to these charters, the warmer they got. The husband and wife were not, I realized, a generic couple but fierce lovers, proud, tender and happy to indulge each other. The stranger, I learned, was a true gentleman with a sunny attitude in spite of many disappointments. These three made sure I understood that this kind of meet-up was momentous. One-of-a-kind. Life changing. All the more so because they viewed each other as remarkable.

At which point, I finally got it. This was A Special Occasion. That set the tone for the story from then on. A common event made uncommon, an ordinary evening made extraordinary. All because the participants were not going to be satisfied with anything less. They wanted it to be special, and they were going to make sure it was.

And isn’t that the very definition of “special.” Not what happens, but how we see it and experience it. This little tale may not have started off all that special, but it became so, to me at least and certainly to the characters. I hope you will find it special as well.

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