Review Recap for Double Heat!

It’s taken me longer than usual to get this post compiled, but I’m very happy to be able to announce that Loving the Master AND Caged Jaye are both finished with edits and moved through to Production. I’ll announce release dates as soon as I can, but we’re aiming for winter.

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In the meantime, here’s what reviewers had to say about Double Heat (Twin Ties 3)

~* 5 Stars from the Novel Approach *~

“All in all, this story stopped being about twincest, stopped being about anything taboo. It’s about the love these four men have for each other. It’s about healing and getting back that self-worth, to finally move on, to love and be loved back. It’s about never being alone. I can’t wait for the next book.” – Lynn, The Novel Approach


~* 5 Stars from Love Bytes Reviews *~

“These books…just DAMN!! …For those who don’t mind delving into something different and something darker…this is a really great series. I really applaud the author for taking the chance and writing about a love that isn’t the “norm”. That falls outside of what some people find that they can handle. I applaud the Publishing house that allows author’s and readers the chance to explore things that fall outside the box. I look forward to the next installment.” – Roberta, Love Bytes Reviews


~* 5 Stars from Hearts on Fire Reviews *~

“This is one of the best series I’ve read and I longingly wait for the next installment. Highly recommended!!!”


~* Advance Review from Agony Tate *~

“This book was heartbreaking and devastating. It was perfect, absolutely perfect… I really didn’t appreciate the first two books until I read the third. I didn’t see where this story was going or how much the vastly different tones of each book spoke to the mindsets of the foursome. I didn’t see how you could gage where these people were in their lives, minds and relationships by the sex… This stops being a story about twins and incest and sex, it stops being about the taboo, and starts being about survival and anchoring and love. Things that Books 1 and Book 2 kept telling us, and book 3 showed us… Read this book. You must read this book. Get the first two, pre-order book 3. DO IT!” – Agony Tate


~* 5 Stars from The Blogger Girls *~

“I love this series. Who knew I could not only read a double taboo book, but actually freaking love it? Maybe it had more to do with the realism the author brings to the story, and the many, many feels, but I love this series and highly recommend it to everyone, even those who normally steer clear of taboo or twincest.” – Susan Sixty-Five


~* 4.25 Stars from Joyfully Jay Reviews *~

“It was masterfully written […] This book, and this series, is one I definitely recommend you pick up.” – Kris, Joyfully Jay Reviews


~* 4 Stars from Prism Book Alliance *~

“I think one thing you can be assured of in a Lynn Kelling book is that she doesn’t pull punches.” – Caroline

“I mean, it is SUPER HOT” – Jessewave

Thank you so much to all of the reviewers for their time and feedback! It is much appreciated.


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