Review Recap for Bare

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by Lynn Kelling

Review recap of Bare.

~* 5 Stars from On Top Down Under Book Reviews *~

“There is a lot of heart and soul in the words of bare. It is as its name suggests, a stripped open piece of writing. It’s also sexually charged, but with good reason.”


~* Review from The Blogger Girls *~

“While this has a definite dark theme to it, in the grand scheme of Ms. Kelling’s work, it really was much lighter and sweeter than I originally anticipated. I enjoyed the dynamic of their relationship and the emotional aspects that were understandably present. If you’re looking for a BDSM story that’s a little different, with feels and emotions, be sure to give this one a try.”


~* 5 Stars from MM Book Escape *~

“Lynn Kelling is a fabulous storyteller and that is so apparent with this story. The details and descriptions will pull you in and  hold you hostage through the whole story. This is a very sexual and highly erotic story. Adam and Ev are in a very passionate and expressive relationship and they are pulled to each other constantly. They get down to the very basics, the raw and dirty, hungry and possessive, love between two men and it’s a beautiful story.”


~* 5 Hearts from Hearts on Fire Reviews *~

“I loved every second of this incredible book… I’m not quite sure how she manages it, but just when I think she can’t possibly produce a new book that will take the place of one of hers that was already a favorite, it happens. Gorgeous book to go along with a gorgeous cover and highly, highly recommended!!!”


~* 4.5 Stars from Gay Book Reviews *~

“The writing is suberb. Kelling is an author with a unique ability to make the reader meander through the character’s dark mind until light shines through. I can’t explain how she does it but it gets me every time.”


~* 5 Stars from The Novel Approach *~

“At its heart, this is a love story. It may be, probably is, my favorite from this author because we get a real character driven plot in this book. Lynn Kelling has done a great job creating a story which revolves around and is pushed forward by her MCs.”


~* 5 Stars from Prism Book Alliance *~

“There are dark undertones about Ev’s past that Adam must break down to stand any chance of a future. Lynn’s writing as always flows and delivers the story perfectly. The master/slave element fitted perfectly and wasn’t overly heavy but definitely right for their dynamics. This one was a total hit with me.”


~* 5 Stars from The Dark Arts *~

“Lynn Kelling did an excellent job with this one, and like always with her books, I was left wanting more.”


~* 5 Stars from Sinfully Sexy *~

“There is such beauty in this story and in Lynn Kelling’s words. The pictures she paints through Adam’s brush were so clear in my mind and added so much to the storytelling. This was a softer side to her writing that I have glimpsed in the past, but is on full display here.”


~* 5 Stars from Wicked Reads *~

“Even though I know that some of the most sensual scenes in romances can occur while a couple is fully dressed and not even within arm’s reach of one another, the way in which Kelling brings Adam’s theme of masculine vulnerability to life on the pages made those scenes far more intimate than I would have expected… I loved Bare and look forward to reading more of Kelling’s work.”


~* 4.5 Stars from Joyfully Jay *~

“There’s such passion and intensity and a really thought-provoking story that’s wrapped within very hot and sexy packaging… I really enjoyed this story and it’s a book that just sucked me in from the very beginning.”


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