Release Party

Elizabeth A. Schechter: We're unicorns.
D.M. Atkins: Oh, James L. Wolf's "Edge of a Knife," in the "Flame Cycle" series is currently set for March release.
Lon Sarver: Maybe that's why I can't see my reflection in the mirror.
D.M. Atkins: Bi and transgender themes in Wolf's series.
Lon Sarver: Stupid biphobic mirrors.
D.M. Atkins: Lon, Vampire, remember?
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Vampire unicorns?
Lon Sarver: Shhhh! It's a secret!
D.M. Atkins: Oops.
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Vampire unicorn shapeshifters. Sounds like something Harlequin would come out with.
Lon Sarver: They're supposed to think editors only metaphorically drain authors dry...
R.W. Whitefield: Vampicorns. It's a little better than the half-elf, half-angel, half-demon character I played against in high school D&D.
D.M. Atkins: Please post about Of Passion and Steam on your social media, link back to story page and/or blog tour. We're giving away both a print and an ebook in drawings.
Lon Sarver: I think I've seen that My Little Pony fanfic...
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Your characters was three halves?
R.W. Whitefield: My best friend's. She couldn't do math...
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Don't be like me. I plain forgot the book came out.
D.M. Atkins: Why not? We already have a staff mascost who is The Ninja Lobster Pidgeon, and his sidekick/lover, Robin the Bird Wonder.
Lon Sarver: Hey, NLP is half pigeon, half lobster, and all ninja!
KJ Kabza: Dany, do FFP authors get a discount on ordering print copies?
R.W. Whitefield: Sounds delicious.
D.M. Atkins: Yes. First one is free. All others are 25% off.
KJ Kabza: Awesome. Thanks!
D.M. Atkins: And if you have unpaid royalties, we can take it out of that.
D.M. Atkins: You have to use the link Siol provided earlier to order them directly from us for the discount.
KJ Kabza: Er... I don't think I have that link?
D.M. Atkins: Then CreateSpace will drop ship them to you directly.
Elizabeth A. Schechter: KJ, it's in the staff chat.
D.M. Atkins: It's in the section of Author & Staff Only forum under "How do get a copy of my book?"
KJ Kabza: Ah! Thanks, I see it now. Sorry for my confusion.
D.M. Atkins: Lots of other important info in that forum too.
D.M. Atkins: KJ, the website has had three incarnations since you first came on board, so I can understand.
Lon Sarver: OK, folks. This has been fun.
Lon Sarver: I have important research I need to go do.
D.M. Atkins: I really wanted to thank everyone for coming out tonight. And, even more importantly, for your amazing stories.
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Thanks, DM!
R.W. Whitefield: Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂
KJ Kabza: You're welcome! I'm so glad FFP has stuck it out. You do good work.
Elizabeth A. Schechter: I need to go fall down now. Mornings start early here.
Lon Sarver: A survey of pillow softness...
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Oh, you, too?
Lon Sarver: Thanks, everyone!
D.M. Atkins: Oh, and feel free to join us on other author chats as it's always more fun with more of us here.
Elizabeth A. Schechter: Gnite, all!
KJ Kabza: Goodnight!
D.M. Atkins: Yeah, this is our 5th anniversary next month.
R.W. Whitefield: G'night!
D.M. Atkins: We set up the first website in 2011 and began publishing on Feb. 11, 2012.
D.M. Atkins: Night all!
KJ Kabza: And here's to many more years. Until next time!
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