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D.M. Atkins Join us this Thursday, Sept. 22, (8-10 EST, 5-7 PST) for a Release Party and Author Chat, celebrating “You Complicate Me” by Alicia Wag. There will be excerpts, chat with author, and a chance to enter the giveaway for a free ebook.
D.M. Atkins Setting up the room, putting out the cookies. Who brought cookies this time?
D.M. Atkins Sadly, it looks like no one brought cookies this time, but thankfully Alicia Wage (with Lon’s help) has brought us some fun excerpts to share.
Lon Sarver Maybe Alicia can get Lilah to bring muffins?
Alicia Wag Profiteroles, her favorite.
Lon Sarver Fair enough
D.M. Atkins So, welcome folks to the online Release Party for “You Complicate Me” by Alicia Wag. Throughout the chat there will be excerpts from the book. In addition, participating gets you the option of another entry into the ebook giveaway which you enter on the blog tour page.
D.M. Atkins I’m your host and the publisher at We’re joined today by author Alicia Wag and the editor for “You Complicate Me” Lon Sarver.
Lon Sarver You want this book. You need it. You just don’t yet know how much. It will change your life forever. And I’m not just saying that because I edited it. I also get points on the back end. 😉
Alicia Wag Hi All, excited for the chat. Thanks, Lon!
Siol na Tine I can provide virtual cookies, does that help?
Maria Thompson Hello, I’m Maria and an intern for ForbiddenFiction. This is an amazing book and you won’t be able to put it down!
Siol na Tine Oh, hey scrolling, sorry!
Lon Sarver Do we have to turn cookies on in our browsers for that?
Lon Sarver And, given context, do we want to know how to turn cookies on?
Alicia Wag Cookies are fine as long as there’s chocolate.
Siol na Tine So, uh, yeah, I’m the art director, Siol na Tine 😀
Lon Sarver Go under Security Settings to Cookies and select Chocolate. That should do it.
Siol na Tine *Snerk*
D.M. Atkins Alicia, tell us a bit about the book, please?
Lon Sarver yeah, I’m running out of cookie riffs.
Alicia Wag The book follows two young women, best friends. One is about to get married, one doesn’t think she’ll ever get married. Complications ensue.
Lon Sarver Sexy, sexy complications.
Alicia Wag And quite a variety of them.
Lon Sarver I can’t believe it’s set in a hotel and we don’t have a room-switching bedroom farce scene…
D.M. Atkins Tell us more about the complications…
Siol na Tine Our favorite kind!
Alicia Wag Oh, a room switching scene might have been fun. Maybe for the sequel.
Alicia Wag As for the complications, Annemarie’s fiance gets cold feet and all hell breaks loose for Annemarie.
Alicia Wag In the form of a very attractive hotel guest.
Lon Sarver Who is named Richard. Can’t tell the players without the scorecard.
Alicia Wag The fiance is Richard. The hotel guest is Zachary Link.
Siol na Tine It’s a poly novel, we’re gonna need a scorecard… Or maybe I should make up a flow chart… 😉
Alicia Wag Right. Annemarie starts a relationship with Zachary Link, who becomes her mentor of sorts in the realm of polyamory.
Lon Sarver Lilah, on the other hand, is swimming in poly lovers.
Alicia Wag Indeed. There’s her co-worker in the kitchen, Jenn (Lilah is the hotel’s head pastry chef), Iona, a famous rock star. It goes on.
D.M. Atkins Folks want to see our first teaser?
Lon Sarver But Lilah falls for a monogamous guy…
Alicia Wag But he’s a hot monogamous guy.
Siol na Tine I haven’t read the novel, it might help to have the blurb first?
Ana It sounds complicated, but in a good and interesting way. I don’t think I’ve ever read a polyamory book
Lon Sarver They’re all hot. It’s an erotic romance novel.
D.M. Atkins So, Lon has come of the teasers ready. Give us the first!
Alicia Wag Thanks, Ana. The relationships get complicated, like life, but that’s what makes it interesting.
Lon Sarver This is a good one to start with. Alicia manages to be clear for those unfamiliar with poly without being either preachy or lecture-y.
D.M. Atkins Annemarie Fitch has it all. She has a great job at The Sentinel, the swankiest hotel in town, and is about to marry her sexy fiance, Richard Samson. Everything is perfect until Richard suddenly gets cold feet, saying he needs time to think. Perhaps Richard is distracted from their wedding plans by Lilah, Annemarie’s carefree, bisexual, polyamorous best friend.

When a distressingly attractive record company executive named Zachary Link starts hitting on her, Annemarie finds herself torn between temptations and suspicions. The ring on Zach’s finger has Annemarie contemplating unexplored alternatives. Lilah is similarly torn, feeling guilty drawn towards Richard, and inexplicably attracted to the shy baker, Chad, who works in her pastry kitchen at the Sentinel.

Lilah isn’t used to hesitating about her desires, but Chad is monogamous, and Richard is, well, Richard. Is she ready to give up her other lovers if either of them return her interest? What if they both do?! Annemarie and Lilah find themselves understanding each other more, as their lives and lovers grow ever more complicated. (F/M, F/F)

D.M. Atkins Does that help?
Lon Sarver Forgive the rough cuts, folks. We’re breaking in a new chat service.
D.M. Atkins And not only is this book sexy, it makes me hungry for the food in it…
Alicia Wag Lilah is an excellent pastry chef.
Siol na Tine Oooh, I loves me some food porn…
Alicia Wag Me, too!
Lon Sarver So, do we want the excerpt that’s story with some sexy, or the one that’s sexy with some story?
Alicia Wag I say let’s dive in with some sexy.
Maria Thompson I agree! We should start with sexy.
Alicia Wag Maybe we can meet Annemarie and Richard, get a sense of where their sex life is at…
Lon Sarver OK….
Ana Yes please
Lon Sarver Apparently, my instant gratification was not what Richard had in mind. He took his hand away and cradled my breasts in his palm, grabbing the lube in my night table drawer and slathering them up. Then he squeezed them around his erection, making a warm, moist tunnel for sliding in and out. As he fucked my breasts, I watched the tip of his erection slip out of my cleavage then disappear back down. We’d done this before, but never like this, never when I was bound and helpless. It made seeing it so different. I felt a battle raging inside me, the part that wanted to be in charge against the part that knew that letting this moment happen would be exquisite. That part had never really expressed itself before. Why it was coming out now I didn’t really know, except that it had something to do with this new, strange, intense Richard. “You like to see that, baby?” Richard asked.

His words made me gush again. “Yes,” I cried.

He backed up, sliding his erection along my belly, brushing my reddish blonde bush and the tip of my clitoris with it before sitting cross-legged between my parted legs. He placed his fingers on my mound, pulling it open to completely expose my clitoris, looking into my sex like he was examining it. One finger teased my nub lightly. “I’ve never seen you so swollen,” he said. I closed my eyes and let myself concentrate on nothing but the feel of Richard’s fingers finally probing me. “That’s right,” he said. “Just let go.”

A low buzz sounded, and something firm yet flexible was applied between my legs. I opened my eyes and watched as Richard slipped the purple toy inside me, resting the little vibrating ears on my clitoris. He started fucking me with the vibrator, sliding it deep inside me. I came after two thrusts, bucking and banging against Richard’s hand, making animal noises of intense pleasure and release. He left the vibrator buzzing inside me and reached up to hug me tight, and as he kissed my face, I was shocked to realize I had drooled. Richard didn’t seem to care, just licked it off and continued to lick lower, along my neck, down my belly toward my throbbing sex.

“I want to taste you like this,” he said, and began going down on me. I stiffened, taken aback by the intense sensitivity and stimulation on my spent vagina. “Relax,” he whispered. He licked me slow and gentle, and in seconds I found myself turned on again, welcoming his tongue on me, sucking me until I came again in his mouth.

I barely caught my breath before he entered me, riding me long and hard. I’d never, ever been fucked like that before—splayed, completely open, my sex drenched and puffy with pleasure.

Richard came again, inside me where I liked it, and when he trembled against me, I felt a rush of joy. His limp, sweating body lay glued to my own, and he whispered that he loved me, and we fell asleep.

Lon Sarver <end>
Lon Sarver Hope that had enough sexy for everyone.
Siol na Tine *fans self*
Siol na Tine Yes, I daresay it is.
Lon Sarver There are more scenes in the book, if folks need them. Buy early, buy often.
Alicia Wag That was a fun scene to write. Annemarie tends to be controlling, and Richard is trying to draw her away from that by tying her up.
Siol na Tine Sorry for the delay, I read it twice 😉
D.M. Atkins She found out it was fun to let Richard take control…
Alicia Wag Yes, she learns the joys of letting go.
Ana I have to go now, that was really good. Happy release party, I wish I could stay longer but I have some work to do. Bye
Lon Sarver Thanks for stopping in!
Siol na Tine Aww, bye Ana, thank you for coming!
Alicia Wag Thanks, Ana!
Maria Thompson Wow. I had to read it twice as well, once just wasn’t enough!
Alicia Wag We’ve learned a little (or maybe a lot) about Annemarie and Richard. The other main character, Lilah, is actually the wild one.
Lon Sarver And proud of it.
Alicia Wag Yes, but she does get in a little over her head at the rock and roll orgy.
Maria Thompson Did you enjoy writing Annemarie or Lilah’s point of view better?
Lon Sarver Well, over someone’s head, at any rate…
Siol na Tine Rock and roll orgy? Do we get a taste of that here?
Alicia Wag 🙂 Maria, I loved writing both of them. Maybe a little more Annemarie, though.
Siol na Tine I want a rock n roll orgy…
Lon Sarver No, we couldn’t get the song rights for the chat. You have to get the book for the rock orgy.
Alicia Wag It’s worth it!
D.M. Atkins She has a “back stage” experience.
Siol na Tine Mental note, get book…
Siol na Tine 😉
Siol na Tine That IS rather the point here, of course. 😀
Lon Sarver Alicia, why was Annemarie more fun to write?
Alicia Wag Lilah’s backstage experience might have been the most fun to write, actually.
Alicia Wag But I picked Annemarie because of the character development. She really evolved and changed.
D.M. Atkins Did you have a favorite band that inspired it?
Alicia Wag Actually, The Eats were inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Alicia Wag But Prado, The Eats lead singer, was just made up.
Siol na Tine Oh, that makes sense
Siol na Tine Blood Sugar Sex Magic…
Alicia Wag Yeah, I envisioned The Eats all long-haired and shirtless.
Alicia Wag And sweating, of course.
Lon Sarver Which is, sadly, not a diabetes treatment.
Siol na Tine Heh
D.M. Atkins Sounds lovely.
Alicia Wag Let’s not forget that Prado has an amazing girlfriend named Sue.
D.M. Atkins Tell us about Sue?
Lon Sarver I don’t think we’re allowed to forget that. Sue wouldn’t let us.
Alicia Wag She calls the shots in the relationship, as Lilah discovers.
Maria Thompson #NeverForgetSue
Siol na Tine ~laugh~
Alicia Wag Sue likes toys.
Siol na Tine By which Sue means band members? Or vibrators?
Lon Sarver And has fingernails that shine like justice.
Lon Sarver Yes.
Alicia Wag Both–Prado is probably her main toy. But she likes complicated contraptions.
Siol na Tine Aaaahhh, so she wears a short skirt and a looooooooong…. Jacket?
Alicia Wag When other people are in them, of course.
Lon Sarver I want to know how they hung that sling in a hotel room.
Siol na Tine Even better!
Lon Sarver She’s not wearing that much clothing.
Alicia Wag Annemarie, as Guest Relations Director, would take care of all their needs.
Lon Sarver Boris Vallejo paints a gothic femme dom.
Lon Sarver So to speak.
Alicia Wag That sounds about right, Lon.
Lon Sarver All their needs. nudge, nudge
Alicia Wag Hooks, hangers, things like that…
Alicia Wag Bowls full of condoms, a variety of flavors…
Lon Sarver “Oh, and we need to deliver another five gallon vat of crisco to room 354…”
Alicia Wag No, coconut oil.
D.M. Atkins So tell us more about how Annemarie discovers poly…
Lon Sarver She was vaccuming under the couch, and there it was!
Lon Sarver It fell out of Lilah’s pocket.
D.M. Atkins “pocket”
Alicia Wag It starts when Richard tells her he needs time to think, which coincides with Zachary Link being a hotel guest. Serendipity.
D.M. Atkins pocket
Alicia Wag Because Richard drops out of the picture, Annemarie accepts Zachary’s lunch invitation. That’s when she finds out he’s poly.
Lon Sarver Zachary has needs he wants Annemarie to take care of.
Alicia Wag She knows about poly through Lilah, but Zachary is a married person who
D.M. Atkins Did you do research on polyamory for the book?
Alicia Wag Oops, to finish my last thought–Zachary is married and poly, and that interests Annemarie. As far as research, none beyond observing real people.
Alicia Wag Although I did read “The Ethical Slut” a long time ago.
Siol na Tine That’s pretty classic, yeah.
Lon Sarver She has a lot of trouble seeing the difference between poly and cheating at first.
Alicia Wag I think that’s pretty typical. A lot of people can’t get their heads around the idea of being poly.
Lon Sarver Which is a good, and sbutle, character bit, as her best friend/roommate is very poly. So what does that say about what Annemarie thinks of Lilah?
Alicia Wag Annemarie loves Lilah but she definitely looks down on her lifestyle a little bit.
Lon Sarver Was making Annemarie sound judgmental but not too judgemental a challenge?
Maria Thompson Hm, I can now see why you liked writing Annemarie’s point of view over Lilah’s.
Alicia Wag As a controlling person, Annemarie needs to feel like she has it all together, and naturally thinks others, for the most part, don’t.
Siol na Tine There’s also a separate hurdle of, even if you accept intellectually that your poly friend isn’t cheating
Siol na Tine that doesn’t mean you don’t have the deep-seated guilt around doing it yourself
Alicia Wag Yeah, I guess I’m making Annemarie sound a little judgmental here. The thing that tempers is it seeing her vulnerability.
Alicia Wag Siol, yes, intellect and emotions are very different.
Siol na Tine You’re making her sound *real*
Siol na Tine That’s a good thing
Lon Sarver well, she is judgemental. Overcoming that is part of her arc.
Alicia Wag Judgmental, yes. But also likable. Lilah knows Annemarie judges her but she doesn’t hold it against her.
Siol na Tine Exactly
Lon Sarver That’s not what Lilah wants to hold against Annemarie. Heh heh.
Siol na Tine *rolls eyes*
Lon Sarver Well, it’s true!
Alicia Wag 🙂 Lilah has her own blind spots. She feels sexually superior to Annemarie.
Siol na Tine I believe you. You’re still cheesy
Siol na Tine <3
Alicia Wag Yes, Lilah would love to bed Annemarie but she thinks Annemarie is too much of a prude for that.
Siol na Tine Ahh, yeah, that’s a dynamic I’ve seen a lot between poly and monogamous friends
Lon Sarver Which, to start with, she is.
Alicia Wag But to end with, she isn’t!
Siol na Tine where hte Poly folks feel they’re more brave, adventurous, worldly, and the mono folks feel they’re more ethical, loyal, etc.
Lon Sarver Hence, character development.
Siol na Tine As though those are mutually exclusive options, or even accurate ones.
Alicia Wag Right. Both Annemarie and Lilah are humbled, in their own ways.
Lon Sarver One of the things I liked with this book is that there aren’t bad guys. There aren’t abusive characters or someone trying to break someone else up. All the drama comes from people trying to overcome their limits and dealing with the consequences of their decisions.
Alicia Wag I actually have a poly friend who’s married to a monogamous man. They were kind of the inspiration for Lilah and Chad.
Siol na Tine Mono-poly is seriously challenging
Alicia Wag Yes, it is, but I’ve seen it work! The sequel will focus more on that.
Siol na Tine It can, yes. It depends on why the monogamous person is monogamous, and how the poly person is poly.
Alicia Wag It’s facing the question of who you really are, I think. Chad is really monogamous.
Alicia Wag And Lilah definitely is not!
Siol na Tine So… we’ve got Lilah who is wild and poly falling for a monogamous guy. We’ve got Annemarie breaking out of monogamy when her monogamous fiance suddenly gets cold feet…

What’s up with Zach?

Lon Sarver So the question becomes “Is Chad just monogamous, or monogamous and jealous?”
Alicia Wag Also, monogamous doesn’t mean Chad is boring or prudish. He’s not!
Siol na Tine Ahh, that too!
Alicia Wag Of course he’ll be jealous. He’s human!
Siol na Tine Which is a lesson for Lilah, it sounds like, because she equates those at first.
D.M. Atkins I’m one of those non-monogamous people. I tried monogamy for nine months. It was a piaster. I kept the promise but both me and the guy were miserable. He never trusted me and I felt like I was in a prison.
Alicia Wag Zach is a poly guy who likes to have a small number of stable, committed relationships.
Lon Sarver Not being jealous doesn’t make one inhuman. Except maybe in the comic book sense. But I know folks who rarely or never feel jealous.
Alicia Wag The prison thing is how Lilah will ultimately feel with Chad.
Siol na Tine Eh, not necessarily, or at least not in the possessive classical sense. I ended up poly because I realized very quickly that I cared more about being left out of the information loop than about my partners having other partners.
Alicia Wag You’re right, Lon. There are some people who don’t get jealous. Chad won’t be one of them, but neither will he be out of control jealous.
Siol na Tine That’s the key thing, isn’t it. Does jealousy prompt controlling possessiveness, or just fretting, or what?
D.M. Atkins Ahh, do I sense a sequel?
Lon Sarver Good. Keeping it at a reasonable level of drama is a good thing.
Lon Sarver More a soap musical than a soap opera.
Alicia Wag Yes to the sequel. In a sense, Lilah’s story is just beginning at the end of ‘You Complicate Me.’
Siol na Tine Hmm… I gotta get back on the book title wagon…
D.M. Atkins I look forward to seeing what happens with Lilah.
Lon Sarver WE could only fit so many character arcs into one book. We didn’t want to break the ebook printer. Or the back of the mail carrier who had to deliver print copies. We’re not George RR Martin.
Alicia Wag Me, too! Annemarie’s sister is going to move in with Lilah, now that Annemarie has her own place with new hubby Richard.
Siol na Tine So are we gonna sneak a peek of Lilah and Chad, or Zach and Annemarie?
Lon Sarver Preferences?
Siol na Tine Embrace the power of AND!
Alicia Wag Lilah and Chad.
Siol na Tine (This IS a poly book, after all ;p)
Lon Sarver WE did Annemarie last time. How about Lilah this time?
Alicia Wag Yes!
Maria Thompson Yay
Lon Sarver It was just my good luck that Chad was so responsible. When I arrived at the kitchen, he was there, standing by the door reading a tattered copy of Anna Karenina. He barely looked up as I approached, quietly, watching his thick, layered hair fall over his eyes as he peered down at the pages. “Hi, Chad,” I said softly, slipping the key into the lock.

“Hey,” he answered, without looking up. He folded the page over and put the paperback into the canvas bag slung over his shoulder, then gave me his full attention. “How goes it, Lilah?” The reddish tinge of his lips made them look extremely yummy. He had great teeth, straight and white, and the most incredible dimple in his right cheek. I got a warm feeling inside, thinking about tasting that rosy mouth, and dipping my tongue into the little cavern his dimple made.

“I’m great,” I said, communicating more with my eyes than my voice. I loved to flirt, and Chad was the best subject I’d found in ages.

“Excellent,” he whispered, answering with a twinkle in his brown eyes. We’d been doing this for awhile. It was great fun, but I thought it was time to move on to the next stage, and my antenna told me Chad was right there with me. The timing may not have been perfect, what with Annemarie’s imminent crisis, Richard about to lean on me hard, Jenn’s upcoming invitation to join her with Iona, and hordes of entertainment professionals and wannabes about to converge on the hotel. But, hey. It was important to strike when the iron was hot, and judging by Chad’s eyes, he was flaming. I smiled at him, parting my lips just a tad. The steam coming off Chad was practically visible. Yeah, he was ready.

We stepped into the kitchen and I turned on the overhead lights. Chad slipped by me, brushing against my backside as he went. In my mind, I said, You just did that so I could feel your hard-on. I smiled at him as I stepped into the lounge and quickly changed into my cooking clothes. When I came back into the kitchen, Chad was getting ready to put on his hair net. I pulled mine out of my pocket and joined him. Who’d have thought putting hair nets on could be sexy? But it was, as both of us languidly tucked our unruly locks into the stretchy, web-like structures. Then we looked at each other and laughed, because hair nets sure don’t look sexy.

Alicia Wag This is so typical of Lilah and Chad’s budding relationship. A lot of flirting. Lilah is impatient for more, but Chad isn’t.
Lon Sarver Lilah actually acts more like a stereotypical guy in this book. Lusty, aggressive, avoiding commitment…
Alicia Wag It does seem that way, doesn’t it?
Siol na Tine I know plenty of real poly women like that, though.
Lon Sarver Chad’s more “The Chick” here. It’s a kind-of reversal of the usual light-romance setup.
Alicia Wag I like the idea of eradicating that stereotype.
Lon Sarver I wouldn’t get dates, otherwise…
Siol na Tine LOL
Siol na Tine I don’t know that commitment phobic helps you there
Alicia Wag That’s one of the great things about poly–freedom. No boxes.
Lon Sarver Or at least the freedom to draw your own limits.
Siol na Tine Weeeeelll no societally defined boxes. Boundaries are still relevant.
Alicia Wag Yes, it’s also true about poly that boundaries are very important. That’s Annemarie and Richard’s upcoming challenge.
Alicia Wag Never a dull moment!
Siol na Tine Perfect!
Lon Sarver It’s everybody’s upcoming challenge.
D.M. Atkins And I like that the book shows that you can be both romantic and poly! It’s a weird thing I’ve heard from romance readers who thing poly is “not romantic.”
Alicia Wag Yup, which is why Annemarie and Lilah are relevant!
Siol na Tine Yeah, but it’s refreshing to hear of a poly novel that doesn’t make polyamory look like a panacea or hell, with nothing in between.
Lon Sarver Chad and Lilah are going to be careening off of each other’s boundaries.
Alicia Wag Annemarie and Zachary definitely experience classic romance.
Alicia Wag Poly is a challenge, but it can be a rewarding lifestyle.
Lon Sarver And not just in the toaster ovens for converts way.
Alicia Wag Lilah is less romance-oriented, until she meets Chad.
Lon Sarver I don’t know that she’s romance oriented, but she’s definately Chad oriented.
Alicia Wag Even falling in love can’t take away the fact that she’s poly to the bone, however.
D.M. Atkins I have converted folks. But I got a microwave.
Maria Thompson Who wouldn’t be? Chad sounds dreamy
Siol na Tine LOL whut?
Alicia Wag Chad is definitely dreamy. And he’s also a good cook. So is Zach, come to think of it.
Lon Sarver She got a really tiny wave. Less motion than a queen wave.
Siol na Tine I think so much depends on what romance means to a person. Romantic behavior vs. romantic situation vs. something else…
Alicia Wag So true. Romantic is in the eye of the observer…or experiencer…
Lon Sarver And in the eye of the reader. Or the marketing department is fired.
Siol na Tine I think a lot of monogamous people feel the One True Love aspect is core to romantic feelings, so re-framing romance as being about behavior towards each other, rather than the situation one is in, or exclusivity or whatever, is a challenge to those assumptions.
Alicia Wag It’s hard for me to imagine people thinking poly folks aren’t romantic.
Alicia Wag Yes, the soul mate thing.
Siol na Tine There’s *some* room for challeging that in fandom already, shifting One True Love into Meant To Be for triads and other tight groups, but there’s still the idea of creating a tiny Us vs. The World underlying it.

Poly as you’re describing Lilah having doesn’t go that way.

Lon Sarver For people who think that love/romance is when your whole emotional world narrows to just you and your special other, the idea of more than one specail other does not compute.
Alicia Wag Right. Poly for Lilah is about pleasure.
Siol na Tine Even for those who accept it’s possible to have a triad, still have that narrowing of focus aspect. If the narrowing of focus isn’t permanent, it’s not real, or something…
D.M. Atkins To believe in only one person who can fulfill all your dreams. That leaves you ruined if you loose them or never find them. And it takes choice away.
Lon Sarver Everything for Lilah is about pleasure.
Alicia Wag I think that makes Lilah a good role model.
Alicia Wag Most people I know need more pleasure in their lives.
Maria Thompson LOL
Lon Sarver Though one wonders how she gets the bathroom cleaned. Does she strap vibrators to the toilet brush?
Alicia Wag I don’t think she cleans the bathroom. Annemarie does that.
Siol na Tine … I think we may have gotten lost somewhere…
Lon Sarver Hmm. What if Annemarie makes her do it. There’s a d/s scene…
Alicia Wag Lilah could never clean it to Annemarie’s standards. Although now that Annemarie is moving out, not sure what’s going to happen to the bathroom.
Lon Sarver The grout mold becomes sentient and gives relationship advice?
Alicia Wag Nope, not going sci/fi.
Maria Thompson Lol, maybe Lilah will start cleaning the bathroom?
Siol na Tine Uh, guys? Can we not? I mean, your kink is okay too, I guess, but…
Maria Thompson Will we find out who cleans the bathroom in the sequel?
Siol na Tine I like kitchens a lot more than bathrooms…
Lon Sarver OK.
Alicia Wag Probably not. There will definitely be kitchens, though. Lilah works in one!
Alicia Wag Losing Annemarie as a roommate is going to be hard on Lilah. I think she’s more emotionally attached to Annemarie than she realizes.
Siol na Tine Or she does, but has been trying not to think about it.
Lon Sarver So, another excerpt? Annemarie/Zach romance?
Alicia Wag Yes, I think that’s right. Lilah’s obsession with pleasure is partly connected to avoidance.
D.M. Atkins Yes
Alicia Wag Sounds good, Lon!
Siol na Tine I’ve totally been there! If Annemarie is effectively Lilah’s primary partner, emotionally, I can see Lilah ultimately wanting to get back into the household with her and Richard and trying to sort out if she can bring Chad with her, etc.
Lon Sarver [begin]

“You look a little flushed.” His smile held more amusement than concern, but that was fine. To my surprise, I was starting to feel relaxed. It was as though leaving the scheduled, bustling grind of the city allowed me to worry less about making sure everything happened in a particular way.Or maybe it had something to do with the other night’s sex session with Richard. It had been in the back of my mind ever since it happened. We had done things I thought I would never allow in bed, and yet the thrill I felt each time I thought of them—the feel of the scarves holding me fast, Lilah’s vibrator, the sight of Richard’s erection smushed between my breasts—well, the thrill was palpable. It sizzled between my legs, tingled and warmed my belly, and caught my breath. I even enjoyed the tiny kernel of shame that welled up. Instead of making me shrink inside, it felt conspiratorial and good. Suddenly I remembered the line that Richard sang into my ear: Wild woman/I know you are in there/come out and play dirty/I need you to take that dare. Had he just wished, or had he known? And why in heaven’s name did he leave just as it was beginning to happen?

“Annemarie.” Zach’s voice broke my reverie, and I happily came back to the present.

“Wow,” I said. “This is fantastic.” Zach pulled the Lexus off the road, and drove through a wooded setting on a dirt path.

He parked in an unpaved lot, and we both got out of the car. “Come on,” he said, holding out the hand without the picnic basket.

I took it, reveling in its size and strength, the way it gripped my own with surety yet softness. I couldn’t help but compare it to Richard’s whose hand was more urgent and more yielding to me. The comparisons didn’t detract from either man. I found them both wonderful.

We walked in silence for a few minutes. There were wildflowers on the path, curved pink blossoms rounded as though taking a bow and tiny blooms of bright yellow that reminded me of twinkling starlight. Nothing was more prominent than the green, lush and growing all around us on the ground, on bushes, and on trees, all manner and shapes and sizes of leaves and grass and weeds. It shaded and cooled us as we walked, creating a magical interplay of light and shadow that made me feel like I was in a storybook.

Lon Sarver [end]
Lon Sarver Just so you know the book isn’t all sweaty sex.
Alicia Wag Obviously, since we’ve been talking so much about relationships!
Siol na Tine Wait, lush greenery isn’t sex? 😉
Alicia Wag Good point!
Lon Sarver Not for everyone, love.
Lon Sarver Regardless of whether or not they have wood.
Siol na Tine *Sings* “I’m too sexy for my stamen, too sexy for my stamen…”
Alicia Wag Meeting Zach is really what saves Annemarie’s life.
Siol na Tine Right, sorry, carry on!
Siol na Tine Hey Alicia, does anybody ever give Annemarie nicknames?
Alicia Wag She does embrace polyamory, but she would never have done it without the example of Zach and Joanne.
Lon Sarver Well, it saves her relationship, at least.
Alicia Wag No nicknames for Annemarie. Maybe eventually. If anyone would do it, it would be Iona.
Alicia Wag Iona is Jenn’s new girlfriend. Jenn is Lilah’s co-worker in the kitchen, and they have a sexual relationship.
Lon Sarver No one else would dare. Annemarie has a wicked Eyebrow Raise of Doom.
Lon Sarver Or at least I imagine she does. No one has seen it, and lived.
Siol na Tine Ahhhh. I can imagine people calling her “Boss” though, even if they don’t work for her. 😉
Alicia Wag True. And Annemarie would hate a nickname. But Iona wouldn’t care about that. And she’d make Annemarie like it, too.
D.M. Atkins I’m a fan of Iona/Jenn/Lilah!
Alicia Wag Me, too. Iona is one of my favorite characters.
Siol na Tine Annemarie kinda reminds me of my sister, except I don’t want to see the sex scenes then… nevermind!
Alicia Wag Uh oh…
D.M. Atkins Maybe you could write a short story about Iona… I’m curious about them.
Lon Sarver WE don’t actually get much of Iona, except for a couple of sex scenes.
Siol na Tine What does Iona do?
Alicia Wag I like the idea of a short story with Iona.
Lon Sarver It might be interesting to see Annemarie take Iona on as a model of a new way to be a control freak.
Alicia Wag That would actually be healthy. Iona is definitely a top but she’s actually a lot more laid back in life than Annemarie.
Lon Sarver WE don’t get to see that side of her in You Complicate Me, though.
Alicia Wag Iona, you mean? True, but it’s definitely there. You’ll have to read about it in the short story.
D.M. Atkins Iona or Jenn would definitely have a new POV.
Alicia Wag Iona is just naturally powerful, I think.
Lon Sarver Only if you submit it.
Alicia Wag Eventually!
D.M. Atkins Alicia, it’s on my wish list now!
Alicia Wag OK, I’ll remember that. Ironically, one of tne of the hardest things for me to write in the book was the Lilah/Chad relationship.
Siol na Tine An Iona/Jen story sounds ideal 🙂
Alicia Wag I say ironic because it’s the most traditional relationship in the book.
Lon Sarver Oh, I dunno. A training story where Iona shows Annemarie the way of a Control Jedi, all Yoda-like…
D.M. Atkins Yes
Siol na Tine Well, if your own real life point of reference isn’t particularly traditional, writing one that is *Without* falling into stereotypes, is challenging.
Alicia Wag I think the Iona story will be back story on Iona and how she came to be who she is.
Lon Sarver She was bitten by a radioactive dominant…
Alicia Wag Lon, you really want the sci-fi, don’t you?
Lon Sarver Nah, I just like bouncing off the gonzo wall now and again.
D.M. Atkins Great. One of the things I really appreciate about “You Complicate Me” is that it takes the “women’s gaze” and works with the difference ways women experience pleasure and relationships.
Alicia Wag Seriously, Iona wasn’t in the book more because she is a side character in Annemarie’s and Lilah’s stories. But I do find he fascinating.
Siol na Tine Lon does love Sci Fi, but he’ll have to cope with not all authors writing it. 😉
Lon Sarver Not all authors should write it. Including some who have published it.
Siol na Tine That’s part of why I was asking after an Iona/Jen story – so that the focus can re-center on characters we see but don’t know so well.
Alicia Wag The “women’s gaze” is really important to me, so I appreciate you saying that.
Siol na Tine Yes! Thank you!
D.M. Atkins Even many of the female characters POV submitted to us still “feel” like “male gaze” and I was happy to see this really was “female gaze.”
Alicia Wag One of the things I love about writing is getting surprised by characters. I think Iona would surprise me. I might be a little scared of her, though, not unlike Annemarie and Lilah!
D.M. Atkins Sometimes writing characters who scare us can be both a challenge and an amazing experience.
Alicia Wag Thanks, that means a lot to me!
Alicia Wag Yes, one of the things that makes it all worth it.
Alicia Wag I think Sue could get her own story, too.
Alicia Wag She’s also a little intimidating.
Lon Sarver Heh. Literary cage match! Sue vs. Iona!
Alicia Wag Now there’s a challenge.
D.M. Atkins I also really like it when authors build worlds (not just scifi but in this one) that are linked through multiple stories.
Alicia Wag That’s one of my favorite things to do. Oh, the interrelatedness of everything.
D.M. Atkins Yes
Siol na Tine Sue? Who is Sue?
Alicia Wag She’s the girlfriend of Prado, who’s the lead singer in the rock band.
Siol na Tine I really do need that flow chart, don’t I…
Siol na Tine Ah! Right!
Alicia Wag Were you here when we talked about the orgy?
Lon Sarver Distracted by the sexy.
Alicia Wag It happens.
Lon Sarver Speaking of, I have a Jen/Lilah excerpt ready to go, if y’all want it.
Alicia Wag Sounds good!
Lon Sarver [begin] My phone buzzed with a text from Jenn, asking whether I had time for tea. Jenn was my best employee in the kitchen, a great friend, and a woman of many talents. I knew exactly what tea time meant, and I definitely had time for it, especially after my somewhat unsatisfying encounter with Sharada.It was a five minute bus ride to Jenn’s, and when I arrived, she was wearing nothing but my favorite orange cock. I fell on my knees before it and took it in my mouth, sucking it, pulling and pushing it to stimulate Jenn’s bare mound and clit. “That’s it, baby,” she moaned. “Just like that.”I stood, tore off my clothes and kissed Jenn hard, feeling our tits rub against each other and the cock tickle my pussy.

“Get down,” Jenn hissed, and I lay on the floor and opened my legs. I was so primed that the air on my clit felt stimulating, but it was nothing compared to Jenn’s fingers gently brushing my swollen lips. “So ready,” she said. I moaned affirmatively as she played with me lightly, teasingly. “You want me to fuck you?” I moaned again and Jenn said, “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, baby,” I said. “Fuck me, please.”

“What was that?” Jenn whispered, shoving a finger into my hole. “What?”

“Fuck me,” I said, louder, grabbing the back of Jenn’s neck to pull her toward me. “Fuck me now.”

I felt the orange cock fill me up, slowly. “Like this?” said Jenn, withdrawing the cock and slipping it in again, inch by inch. I settled back and closed my eyes, letting myself feel every moment of the cock moving in and out of me in excruciatingly blissful slow motion, grabbing a nip at Jenn’s tits every time she lowered her body enough for them to be in proximity of my mouth.

She was feeling it, too, moaning along with me, and picking up speed. “Yes,” I said as she moved faster. “Fuck me like that.” The pounding was excruciatingly satisfying, but suddenly Jenn stopped and yelled for me to turn over.

I did, and she took me from behind, slapping my ass cheeks with every thrust, grabbing them and squeezing when she came. After collapsing on me for a second, she gently turned me over, slipped a finger inside me, and nursed my pussy with her mouth until I exploded.

Lon Sarver [end]
Lon Sarver There you go.
Alicia Wag That epitomizes Jenn and Lilah’s relationship, but things change when Iona enters the picture.
D.M. Atkins Definitely like that dynamic too.
Siol na Tine Lilah is Jenn’s boss?
Lon Sarver I wonder how much Iona/Jen contributed to Lilah’s feeling all right to commit to Chad? As if she knew Jen was in good hands (and other parts)?
Alicia Wag Yes, Lilah is Jenn’s boss but they’re also good friends.
Alicia Wag Iona entering the picture definitely affected Lilah’s relationship with Chad. Suddenly, everybody had someone.
Lon Sarver I think the next book would have to touch on the perils of workplace romance. Especially with Lilah’s current and ex (who she broke up with for the current) in the same kitchen.
Alicia Wag That’s true, Lon.
Siol na Tine Ouch, yeah.
D.M. Atkins Might be interesting to see if it affected their work relationships too. Hidden power dynamics.
Alicia Wag I’ll have to think about all that!
Lon Sarver I can easily see Jen thinking friendly teasing and harmless flirting, and Chad getting defensive
Siol na Tine … I’m… suddenly picturing Jenn harassing Chad with stories about her experiences with Lilah in a “can I have some if we let you watch?” way…
Alicia Wag Oh, these are all interesting scenarios.
Alicia Wag Chad has definitely noticed something is going on between Jenn and Lilah.
Lon Sarver Or if Jen things Lilah has made a horrible mistake and feels she has to save Lilah from the dread chains of monogamy.
Siol na Tine Not at everyday work, but if a work-related party involves alcohol, or such
D.M. Atkins We are definitely story enablers…
Siol na Tine *looks innocent*
Alicia Wag Well, Jenn has kind of gone head over heels for Iona.
Lon Sarver That’s “Plot Bunny Breeders,” thanks.
Alicia Wag Jenn and Iona won’t have a traditional monogamous relationship but Jenn has certainly found a primary.
Siol na Tine “P
Siol na Tine Hmm, that’s odd…
Lon Sarver That should be Plot Bunny
Alicia Wag I like story enablers…
Lon Sarver I live with an author! I can’t help it!
Siol na Tine Yeah, my dreams in particular are kind of a plot bunny farm. But I don’t think you need that kind of help ;p
Alicia Wag Turning the plots into books is the trick…
Siol na Tine Can I just say, I hate this version of the stick-out-tongue smiley? Oy.
Alicia Wag I don’t think Jenn would be so horrified by Lilah falling for someone, she just can’t believe it’s Chad.
Lon Sarver Plot bunnies are easy. Making them jump through hoops and stack into pyramids and fight lions, that’s hard.
Alicia Wag Chad is so good, and Lilah is so bad.
Lon Sarver re:Jen/Chad Yeah, and that “I can’t believe it” is what made me think Jen would think it was a mistake
Siol na Tine I’m more wondering if Jenn would wish for having Lilah back as a lover enough to push Chad about it in a moment of compromised self-control
Siol na Tine Like, come on, it’s Lilah. You can’t have fallen for her and NOT fallen for her wildness. You MUST want her wildness…
Alicia Wag Lon, I see that. Jenn is transitioning to letting Iona call the shots as far as lovers, but Iona does like Lilah…
Alicia Wag Yes, it’s true, Chad did fall for her partly because of her wildness. That’s one of the things he’s going to have to face when it turns out Lilah can’t be happy if she’s monogamous. It should help him deal with it, actually.
D.M. Atkins My sister uses the metaphor of cars. Don’t get a sports car and then not expect people to admire it.
Siol na Tine But will he want to be directly involved? Will they end up with rules like she can have other lovers only with him, or such?
Lon Sarver Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.
Alicia Wag That’s a good metaphor.
Maria Thompson Lol nice metaphor
Siol na Tine Those kinds of rules drive me nuts in real life, but I see people go through them on the way to settling out pretty often.
Alicia Wag The rules will have to be figured out.
Maria Thompson Is that something you’re going to write about in the future? Lilah and Chad?
D.M. Atkins Yeah, the “don’t fall in love” rule. Yeah, THAT works. *sneers*
Alicia Wag Yeah, it’s kind of like trial and error in a lot of ways.
Lon Sarver Sometimes by not knowing they need a given rule until they break it the first time…
Alicia Wag Maria, yes, definitely. As I mentioned earlier, the end of ‘You Complicate Me’ is really just the beginning for Lilah and Chad.
Alicia Wag ‘Don’t fall in love’ is an IMPOSSIBLE rule!
Siol na Tine Totally, but oh so common! Augh!
Alicia Wag Lilah, for instance. It was her own personal unspoken rule, but then she met Chad.
Maria Thompson I agree with Alicia, that’s a hard rule to abide by
Siol na Tine Not just hard. IT presumes we choose our emotions, rather than requiring that we be responsible for our behaviors. That’s not functional
D.M. Atkins Today began our “Bisexual Visibility Day” promotion which includes “You Complicate Me.” It will be nice to see folks having an option of reading romance that embraces polyamory.
Lon Sarver In general, “Don’t feel <blank>” is a pretty hopeless rule. “Don’t act on <blank>” is more reasonable.
Siol na Tine Lilah is the kind of person who needs the “Bi Poly Switch: I’m not indecisive, I’m greedy!” pin 😉
D.M. Atkins Yes
Alicia Wag I agree! More models for different ways of being.
Alicia Wag Poor Lilah.
D.M. Atkins It’s fun to put our characters through hell. That’s an author’s job!
Alicia Wag Yes, it is fun, and rewarding, too!
Lon Sarver Drive them up a tree. Then throw rocks. Then set the tree on fire. Then the wolves attack…
Maria Thompson As a reader, it’s exciting, scary, and fun to see characters go through hell.
D.M. Atkins Yeah Lon.
Siol na Tine Then watch them learn to fly?
Alicia Wag The struggle makes them interesting. And real.
D.M. Atkins So, Alicia, I guess your work is just getting started then. LOL
Alicia Wag Siol, hopefully! Some won’t make it, though…
Lon Sarver does bouncing count?
D.M. Atkins What’s next?
Maria Thompson Yes, I felt Annemarie was a real person going through real experiences.
Siol na Tine I’m sorry folks, I need to cut out a little early. Thank you, Alicia, for the exciting stories!
Alicia Wag What’s next for me? Short stories about Iona and Sue, Lilah and Chad’s next chapter, and Richard and Annemarie’s trials and tribulations settling into a poly marriage.
Alicia Wag Thanks, Siol!
Maria Thompson Thank you Alicia for this amazing story! I can’t wait for what’s next 🙂
Alicia Wag Thanks, Maria!
D.M. Atkins Sounds great. And I’m sure readers who loved this book will be looking forward to those.
Alicia Wag Thanks so much, everyone!
D.M. Atkins Thank you everyone for joining us tonight. This log will be available as a page for those who missed it.
Lon Sarver Thanks, all!
D.M. Atkins Make sure to check out, “You Complicate Me” and the accompanying blog posts about the book!
D.M. Atkins New month’s chat will be with Konrad Hartmann, celebrating the release of his erotic horror anthology, “Dangerous Urges.”

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