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D.M. Atkins: If you're here for the chat with author Alicia Wage, find us at:
Anonymous2481: I'm brand new to this site. I love writing TABBOO twisted short stories though
D.M. Atkins: Welcome
Harold: Good evening 2552 and 2559
Harold: I guess it's morning here on the west coast
Harold: I'm sorry 2481 is not here
Harold: I want to write some erotic stories - based on real life experiences
D.M. Atkins: FYI folks: If you log in first, the chat will show your user name when you post.
Anonymous4568: Hi there
Anonymous4568: I am working on an erotica right now.
D.M. Atkins: For those joining us for today's author chat with Konrad Hartmann, make sure to go to the Release Party page at:
D.M. Atkins: For those joining us for today's author chat with Konrad Hartmann, make sure to go to the Release Party page at:
Anonymous8908: I have a question
Anonymous8908: I'm a writer of erotic fiction. Would this be the place to try to submit my works?
D.M. Atkins: a8908: You kind find out what we look for and how to submit work at:
Anonymous13558: Hi
Anonymous13558: Anybody talking erotic stories
Anonymous13558: Apparently not 🙂 oh well
D.M. Atkins: Setting up for the chat on Thursday and more giveaways in Dec.
D.M. Atkins: Setting up for today's online author chat with Lynn Kelling. This Release Party will celebrate the release of her latest novel, Bare! We expect to be chatting 5-7 PST, or 8-10 EST.
D.M. Atkins: If you are here for the chat, make sure you go to the Release Party page, under Community
Anonymous26934: Is it bad I found the sex scenes with Drew hot?
Anonymous29613: Hi
Anonymous29734: I was just looking for a chatroom for autors.. And the only open one was this one.
Anonymous30171: Hi peeps
Anonymous30171: Preparing a manuscript for submission. Wish me luck!
Anonymous30171: Hola!
Anonymous33217: Hello, I am an erotic novels author
D.M. Atkins: The author chat is a monthly event with each novel and/or anthology we release. There is a private chat room for authors signed with us as well, but one has to a member an logged in for those chats and member forums.
TC180: Hi people
TC180: Hi tabby
Anonymous37629: hi
D.M. Atkins: Authors here for Release Party chat, please head directly to the Author and Staff chat page. Readers, please go to the Release Party page.
R.W. Whitefield: Is this the author and staff chat or am I off base entirely?
D.M. Atkins: If you're here for the Release Party, join us on that page at:
Anonymous39019: Hi, will you guys help me with a story? i am blanking on ideas for a scene
Anonymous39019: There are 4 kid leaders, and a group of kids. Two of the leaders know how to sword fight and I want them to use that. The other two are pretty smart, and there are bunch of kids.One of the leaders used to live there, but when she was a baby so I don t know if that will help. I need a fight, because I have a character that has to die.

I want ideas for how they will get in and how the fight starts and just kind of a plan for them to get in. It should end with them and the ruler/king in a discussion. It would be cool if they ended up tied up maybe but the plan isn't over! I don't know, I'm having writers block.Thank you all!
AOBibliophile: Hi! I can't seem to find the link to my ebook library
AOBibliophile: Where can I download the ebooks I purchased? Please help! Thanks!
spanky96: I would like to try free book but I cannot figure it out what time zone are you? I am CET. And also for how long (hours) is book available when you say 5:09am free? Thank you for your kind assitance.
AlyasSmyth: just signing-up for today.
prokofiev19: larry townsend
Anonymous43531: This place is awesome!
D.M. Atkins: We are in California, so Pacific Standard Time. Any questions about sales should go through the Contact Us function.
D.M. Atkins: AOBibliophile - This site is for serialization and chat, the purchased ebooks are on our other site:
IWYR: Are we allowed to talk about our books here?
D.M. Atkins: IWYR: ForbiddenFiction doens't allow advertising of books not published through Forbidden Fiction.
Anonymous60682: Hello! Love this site.
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