Not A Joke – Site Redesign Meeting

It sounds like a set up for a joke.

What do these have in common?

5 people in the living room (and another on IM),
5 laptops in the room and a server backing up in the next,
2 large dry-erase white boards with assorted colored pens,
2 cats (chasing each other around and doing “kitten boxing”),
and two extra large pizzas (for us, not the cats, really),
for 8+ hours…

That about sums up yesterday’s staff project meeting to work on site redesign. We have a draft with the three large stages of rebuild. Next we find a web developer capable of actually implementing it. We need some pretty sophisticated coding done in Drupal 7 for both sites (and a third in design now). This one is the old Drupal 6 platform and only does a tenth of what we need.

Thanks to Erika, TM, Lon, Siolnatine, and virtual-Rylan for their work Sunday.  (And the massive work they do every day.)

If you know any really fantastic Drupal 7 web developers, send them our way. We are taking bids on the project.

When it’s done, you will be amazed. Truly. Publishing hasn’t been done like this before!


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  1. #1 On further consideration of
    Submitted by Erika L Firanc on Mon, 04/30/2012 – 4:49pm

    On further consideration of the amount of effort this will take, I vote that we skip the site redesign in favor of creating a handful of skins to give the current site customizable appearances. I’ll work on the “hippie orgy” skin with the rainbow flowers and naked longhaired people cavorting in fields.

    #2 No chains?
    Submitted by D.M. Atkins on Mon, 04/30/2012 – 5:05pm

    I don’t want to give up my hot chains and hard bodies skin… but I want that too. Mmm, as usual, I want both. Or all. Everything, dammit!

    Maybe we just skip the virtual skins and go for the real thing. Time for an orgy instead of a staff meeting?

    Sigh, back on my head, oh, I mean, back to work now…

    #3 If the next staff meeting
    Submitted by Rylan Hunter on Mon, 04/30/2012 – 5:32pm

    If the next staff meeting develops into an orgy and I’m only there on IM again, it could get ugly.


    #4 We can wait.
    Submitted by Erika L Firanc on Mon, 04/30/2012 – 6:54pm

    Then we’ll have to hold off on the actual orgy until you can be there, and work on getting text orgies more available.

    #5 Wait, there’s a difference
    Submitted by Siolnatine on Mon, 04/30/2012 – 11:52pm

    Wait, there’s a difference between hippies and hot people with chains? I must hang out with the wrong kind of hippies…

    Just let me know when the next staff orgy is scheduled, and I’m SO there!


    #6 Orgies aside…
    Submitted by Annabeth Leong on Thu, 05/03/2012 – 8:30am

    I’ll try to clear my head from all this talk of staff orgies and respond to the idea of a redesign… ­čśÇ

    I truly cannot wait to see what’s in store. The ideas I’ve glimpsed so far from the way the contracts are worded have always excited me. Good luck, everyone!


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