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Why read?

Cover for Fogotten Godsby Ariel Dalziel

Well I have two new stories going up on the site, Forgotten Gods and Dragon’s Surrender, and I’m working hard on what is coming next. More stories featuring my Tree character (Beneath the Faerie Tree), certainly. I find that the better I come to know the character, the more I want to do with them. In 2016 I’m hoping to complete the origin story, set 60 C.E. But I’m also doing a longer contemporary piece. Which brings me to the theme of this blog entry: Why do people read stories?

I read stories to be someone else, to learn new things, experience ideas I would never have happened upon by myself. The written word is a way of communicating thoughts across time and space. I suppose its because I’m always curious about how and why when I observe the world around myself. My favorite part of TV as a child? Mr Roger’s and his old school version of “How It’s Made” and wondering what the aliens would look like next on Star Trek.

But other people with so many other backgrounds read stories. I know people in the office who read novels for pleasure. I’ve never asked them why though. Do other people love to discover new creatures and clever solutions to universal problems? And where do the stories here at ForbiddenFiction fall? Yes, they all contain explicit sexual content and thus fall under the category of erotica, but I have yet to read a story on this site that doesn’t also make me question some assumption I’ve made or touch me. Emotionally. Wait…I’m just gonna abandon that train of thought before the dirty jokes pile up too bad.

So instead this posting becomes an open question to readers: Why do you read these stories, or really, stories at all?


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