Meet the Wicked Staff!

Wicked FFP Staff

Meet the Wicked staff of ForbiddenFiction, through the eyes of your friendly local illustrator. I have a dubious habit of wandering the halls of the Forbidden castle sketching portraits of my fellow courtiers as they go about their business. Inexplicably, nobody seems to mind…

DMAtkins - Our resident Wicked Queen Our dear Publisher D.M. Atkins is NOT plain evil. Well okay, maybe she’s evil, but she’s definitely not plain!

The Wicked Queen sits in her throne each day, surveying her domain, and guiding all who serve here. No mere figurehead, we would be lost without the Forbidden knowledge she keeps in her book. “Publisher and Managing Editor” are merely two of countless roles she fills. Atkins is an entire Wicked court all by herself.


Erika L Firanc - Witchy WonderErika L Firanc spends most of her time conjuring ephemeral grimoires of Wicked lore out of pure ether at the Queen’s request. Luckily for the rest of us, she shares!

Without Erika’s expertise in digital formatting and production, ForbiddenFiction would not exist. She is the only person other than the Queen whose virtual fingerprints touch every single work we produce.

Rylan Hunter - Mysterious Mirror

Only the Wicked Queen knows for certain the provenance of the mysterious Rylan Hunter. All I can tell you is that distant words reach those who need them most.

I have never actually met our Senior Story Editor myself, but the Queen speaks often of her loyal conspirator. Rylan’s guidance comes from afar, through a glass, darkly. He has a particularly deft hand with realistic fiction.




Lon Sarver - Magician At Large

Lon Sarver’s esoteric knowledge and near-miraculous powers have been remarked upon by many, but are matched by very few.

Many of our authors of erotic fantasy have grown to appreciate the storytelling skills of our resident Magician and Story Editor. It seems there may be a fan club starting soon…

TM McKee - The Queen's HuntsmanSometimes the Wicked Queen has – shall we say – “a problem.” TM McKee makes sure that sort of thing never happens again.

“Troubleshooting,” he calls it. Would you like that solution delivered to you in a box or on a platter? Technically he’s not hurting anybody in the process. “They’re just computers,” he says. Suuuuuure.





StarryNight - Trooping FairyLike any good pixie or brownie, StarryNight came in, solved many problems, organized ALL the things, and then… disappeared. Will we ever see her again? We can only hope!

ForbiddenFiction’s first intern set the bar very high, and then flew right over it, transcribing the Queen’s publishing and marketing mysteries. We miss her already.

Siol na Tine - Travelling Fool (version A)Am I a fool on the road? A jack of all trades? A wandering bard? Or maybe I’m a princess in disguise?

Nah, I’m just the Staff Cover Artist and occasional technology translator. As those I have served in the past have been known to say, “You’d be surprised what Siolnatine knows.”




#1 Very Cool

You did an amazing job with the pics and I thank you for mine. Being so far away from the hub, I do feel like I’m connected to everyone through a mirror….(Skype)…but seeing it in a drawing makes it kind of exciting.


#2 You’re most welcome!

Hee! Yeah, when the idea came through for these portraits, I knew *immediately* how I wanted to portray you. Yours was actually the first portrait I drew!


#3 This is too cute!  Love it!

This is too cute!  Love it!

#4 Oh good…

Thank you! 😀


#5 Accurate Depictions

I could tell who most of the people were, even though I’ve never met them in person.  Great job!

#6 Ohh?

That actually surprises me. Neat though! -Siol

#7 Very nice

Very nice, really like the illustrations you made for each and just love the small tidbits you included on their description.


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