Independence Days Sale!


Independence Days Sale

From Independence Holidays to the recent United State’s Supreme Court ruling assuring Marriage Equality (!!!), we can’t help but want to keep celebrating with you by offering an 11% discount on all of our ebooks when you check out at Fantastic Fiction Publishing.

Here in California, summer is coming into full swing, festivities of independence, equality, and sunshine is spreading to every corner. Now is the perfect time to grab a books, lay back in the sun, and enjoy tempting words, hot off the forbidden press. Take a well deserved pause to plunge into the seductive, enticing world of your choosing that will leave you craving for a cool breeze.

With revolutionary steps being made, over 20 countries celebrating their independence and four new upcoming releases, fireworks will be exploding on and off the pages!

Fantastic Fiction Publishing’s July 2015 sale is provided as a coupon in your cart at checkout. Once you have chosen your purchases, simply click the coupon there to activate the discount.


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