Imprint Images & Other Developments

by D.M. Atkins

FantasticFic_IconTextRed_600_transparentForbiddenFic_IconTextFIX_600_transparentAs we move closer to launch you’ll see more and more changes appearing on the site. For example, this week we have developed what we will probably use as our “Imprint” image on the site, ebooks and print books. Here are the two we have created thus far. These are the types of images which appear, for example, as tiny imageson the spine of the print version of the book.

I’ve spent the better part of the last week doing design work on top of the editorial and beaucratic tasks as publisher. I’ve been working with our Production Editor, Erika, on the book design templates, including the Imprints and the Colophon – the information that goes in the front of the book.

I have also designed the covers for the first four novels we expect to release. You can see previews of those covers in their thumbnail form on the Coming Soon page. Next week we hope to have the individual book pages up as well. More soon!


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