I said EMbed, not IN… oh nevermind.

by Siol na Tine

Ninja Lobster PigeonOh look, now I can embed images in my blog posts! Mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

(You can blame Lon Sarver for the Ninja Lobster Pigeons – or at least bug him for the explanation. ;p)


P.S. I went back and added illustrations to my three older posts. Whee!

P.P.S. I’m not the silliest person on the FFP staff. I’m just the worst at hiding it.




#1 I say nothing.

I act casual.

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#2 Oh FINE.

Well that’s no help at all, now is it! *Harumph*


#3 That’s totally helpful.

That’s totally helpful.  Casual allows for no one to guess at what’s going on in his head.

#4 It’s about ME

It helps HIM maybe, but it doesn’t help ME at all, dammit! And it’s ALL about ME don’t you know. 😉


#5 *THAT* I did not know.

Is there anything else I should know?  😛

#6 Um…

That the Ninja Lobster Pigeons are for sending to writers who are uncooperative with their editors?


#7 Well, yeah.

It’s what we decided to do with them.  🙂  Let’s hope that the first batch work out well.  😀


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