Holiday Surge and a New Year

by D.M. Atkins

Bring it on 2012! is starting the year off with a burst of energy…

Who knew that the week after Christmas would be a peak week for my job as publisher? I had thought that the New Year would bring fresh submissions, especially with several of the collection calls closing in the next couple weeks. I had even thought it would be very nice if some of our authors use the holiday time off work (if they have it) to work on their stories.

Yet, we have been getting two new submissions a day since Christmas. (The week before Christmas was fairly quiet, with only one all week.)  Not only that, a number of our writers have been following through with their rewriters and production work such as account profiles, content labels and so on. All told, that has meant a very busy week for me.

Congratulations to the seven authors I’ve sent new contracts to this week. I really look forward to working with you.

Thank you to our current authors who are helping us develop their work to publish – revising stories, writing profiles and  getting us all the supplementary information we need to publish.

Thank you to my staff for the hard work they have been doing:

Thank you to Rylan Hunter who has been using holiday time to edit both new work and revisions. Rylan’s amazing insights into the craft of storytelling and steady support of authors always amazes me.

Thank you to Erika L Franc who has devoted a number of days sitting here working through design work and evenings spent on researching everything from copyright laws to type fonts and disclaimers. She has a fantastic combination of creativity and dedication to the getting details right.

Thank you to my family and friends who support me, allowing me the time and flexibility to do this job I love.

Can you feel the electricity in the air? The heat from the stories on the verge of coming?

I can.


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