Release Part Chat Log – Haven’s Fall

D.M. Atkins Today, 8-10 PM EST (5-7 PST) we’ll be hosting an online chat with Elizabeth Schechter, celebrating the release of HAVEN’S FALL (Rebel Mage, book 2). Come join us for the conversation and enter to win a free ebook.
Lon Sarver *sets up chairs, pours out GriffinChow*
D.M. Atkins GriffinChow?
D.M. Atkins LOL
Elizabeth A. Schechter What’s in GriffinChow? Is it gf?
D.M. Atkins Hi folks. We’re setting up and will start soon. Welcome.
Lon Sarver That depends on what the animal ate before we chucked it in the woodchipper.
Siol na Tine Well of course Griffin Food is GF!
Elizabeth A. Schechter I mentioned to someone that I was going to make struffoli this year, and she thought I was making them for the party tonight. Ummm… no. That would make my laptop sticky, and not in a good way.
Lon Sarver That’s not what the HDMI port is for!
Elizabeth A. Schechter No. As much as I’d like to share struffoli with you guys, the teleport isn’t working yet.
Siol na Tine I would not be surprised if you can get little make-n-bake ovens that run off the USB port…
Lon Sarver Easy-Bake 3D bio-Printers!
Siol na Tine Not what I meant, but suuuuuure.
Siol na Tine I don’t want to know what gets used for the raw “ink”…
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’ve seen 3D pancake printers. Why not?
Lon Sarver Remember, kids, don’t synthesize the building blocks of life without your parent’s supervision!
D.M. Atkins In case anyone didn’t know we’re a bunch of geeks here… grins.
Lon Sarver Moo hoo ha ha ha
Siol na Tine Shhhh, don’t TELL them!!
Lon Sarver To be clear, neither wood-chippers nor 3D printers appear in the book we’re here to discuss.
Lon Sarver Griffons do, however.
D.M. Atkins But Griffins do.
D.M. Atkins Yep
Elizabeth A. Schechter Yup. And they don’t eat pancakes. Which totally sounda like a kids book.
D.M. Atkins Which this definitely is Not.
Elizabeth A. Schechter If you give a gryphon a pancake, they’re going to look at you funny. Then they’ll eat you. The end.
Siol na Tine “Griffons Don’t Eat Pancakes, and other stories”
Siol na Tine …. Now I want to illustrate that childrens book…
Lon Sarver How would they flip the pancakes?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Right. If I’m that punchy at 8PM, I need more tea
Siol na Tine TEA DAMMIT!
D.M. Atkins Belly laugh so hard Jamie (cat) moved off in annoyance.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Same way they turn pages. Magic.
Lon Sarver Not oppressed human slaves? Or is that a spoiler?
Siol na Tine Why would Griffins bother making pancakes they don’t eat? That’s what humanoids are for…
Lon Sarver “Monkey-boy! You, with the thumbs!”
Siol na Tine Wait, Griffons are cats??
Lon Sarver They use humaniods to make pancakes they won’t eat?
Elizabeth A. Schechter That is one of the eternal questions of children’s entertainment. I’m making a list — things like “Why do merchildren need to call the fire department to get a mercat out of a tree? And why do they even HAVE a fire department?”
Siol na Tine It’s been clearly stated that Griffons don’t eat pancakes…
Lon Sarver ‘Cause if it’s burning underwater, it’s clearly a job for professionals.
D.M. Atkins What about waffles?
Siol na Tine Hey, things burn under water, just… not the same things that burn up here, that’s all
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oppressed human slaves? Ummm… nope. None of that in this book.
Lon Sarver Waffles do not burn underwater.
Siol na Tine Waffles are for Donkeys
Lon Sarver Which also do not burn underwater.
Siol na Tine That was clearly established by Dreamworks
Lon Sarver Dreamworks does burn underwater. No idea why.
Elizabeth A. Schechter My favorite “That makes absolutely NO sense” recently is from Cars. Which I have seen WAY too many times.
D.M. Atkins Okay, folks, it’s time to “officially” start the Release Party chat for HAVEN’S FALL. Welcome back Elizabeth. It’s always fun to chat with you.
Siol na Tine Phosphorus? Or was it Magnesium…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Hi, there! I’m probably going to be a bit punchy, because tea, darn it.
D.M. Atkins Good tea I hope. Tea here too.
Lon Sarver Why, in Cars, is everything designed for humans, even though there are none in the world? Is the Cars series a sort of children’s book sequel to Maximum Overdrive?
Siol na Tine *Goes to Google thin
Lon Sarver Okay, settling down into professional mode.
Siol na Tine *Goes to Google “things that burn underwater”*
Elizabeth A. Schechter Ummm… I think Magnesium burns underwater. And sodium explodes.
D.M. Atkins So tell us about Haven’s Fall. From your dedication (thank you) I get the idea that you didn’t intend to write a trilogy. So tell us about that…
Elizabeth A. Schechter (what does a minivan need with a mattress????)
Elizabeth A. Schechter Right. Professional.
Siol na Tine (It helps with the acid reflux??)
Lon Sarver Prevention of rug burns?
Lon Sarver Um. Professional. Right. *puts editor hat on*
Siol na Tine *Glances at DMA* *Clears throat* Right. Right. Sorry.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I didn’t intend to write a trilogy, no.
Lon Sarver Trilogy crept up on you when you weren’t looking.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I got mugged by plot bunnies, and they made me go and commit trilogy.
D.M. Atkins Did I send plot bunnies again?
Lon Sarver Yes, you did.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which I usually can spell. Half a minute while I go put the kettle on.
Lon Sarver Naughty publisher!
D.M. Atkins (Our house is called “Rabbit Warren” after all.)
Siol na Tine I get mugged by plot bunnies in my sleep but I don’t get trilogies out of them. Some people are just… just… AUTHORS
Lon Sarver They look just like normal people, too. You can’t tell when you’re surrounded by authors!
Elizabeth A. Schechter I never claimed to be anything but.
Elizabeth A. Schechter My tag line on most of my social media is pervy fetish writer. even in my Mom groups.
Siol na Tine I can tell when I’m surrounded by authors. It’s when there are other people in the room…
Elizabeth A. Schechter LOL!
Siol na Tine Oh… wait… those are cats…
Elizabeth A. Schechter But yes, I was coming up to the end of Counsel, and there was all this story left. All of these unanswered questions.
Siol na Tine (No, I really do have a lot of author friends, actually. Not sure why.)
Elizabeth A. Schechter Then D.M came to me and said… “So, what happens next?”
D.M. Atkins And we kept asking them…
Elizabeth A. Schechter And there might have been a contract waved at me. Works on writers like red capes on a bull.
Siol na Tine ROFLMAO
D.M. Atkins It’s such an interesting world and the characters drew me in… I’ll have to remember that trick.
Elizabeth A. Schechter So, technically, it’s all D.M’s fault.
Siol na Tine Ow ow ow ow, BRB
Lon Sarver Red capes do not work on most bulls. They can’t wear them with any style.
D.M. Atkins A lot of things are my fault, but that’s the nature of being “boss.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter as of a couple of hours ago, I’m about three chapters and a sex scene or two from being done with book 3.
D.M. Atkins In this case, it’s a happy thing at least. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
D.M. Atkins Does Snoopy dance around the room (virtually at least).
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’m curious to see what happens at the end myself. I’m so far off outline that I can’t even see it from here.
D.M. Atkins Characters develop their own ideas about the story. It’s a good sign.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Yeah, and about a third of the way into this one, I realized that one of my characters was laughing at me, and had been since book 1.
Lon Sarver Maybe there is no end. Maybe this is your Wheel of Time.
D.M. Atkins Raises eye brow. Awesome.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Bite your tongue.
Lon Sarver πŸ˜€
D.M. Atkins Evil publisher laugh.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I knew going into Haven’s Fall that there was someone pulling strings and playing puppetmaster. I knew who I *thought* it was.
Siol na Tine *Raises hand* As a reader? Please… please don’t…
Elizabeth A. Schechter I was well into book 3 when I realized that my puppetmaster was so good at it that they had hidden who they were even from ME.
D.M. Atkins Nice
Elizabeth A. Schechter No spoilers, Siol.
Lon Sarver *pulls off mask* The puppetmaster was really old man Smitthens all along!
Elizabeth A. Schechter And no “this is the plot that never ends…”
D.M. Atkins So, for those joining us who haven’t read the story. Tell folks a bit about it?
Siol na Tine No, I mean don’t do the WoT thing. I *like* closure, dammit!
Siol na Tine I also like spoilers, though… Sexy ones…
Lon Sarver Closure is for the weak! *Side-eyes George RR Martin*
Siol na Tine Awkward Lull…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Okay. In Counsel of the Wicked, we’ve got our main character, Matthias, who is an outcast in a very religious, very repressive society. In the first couple of chapters of the first book, he’s sent away to The School — nominally, a reform school for incorrigible young men. In truth, the School is a hunting ground for the religious elite, who use the pain and suffering of the boys there to fuel their magic.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Sorry. Typing!
Siol na Tine No worries, I just thought it was funny we all stopped at the same time πŸ˜‰
Elizabeth A. Schechter It was the lull in conversation where everyone is thinking about sex.
Lon Sarver We’re supposed to be talking about sex, dammit.
Siol na Tine Sorry, what? I was thinking about sex…
D.M. Atkins But now they are far away from the school in the mountains…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Now, back to the book. Matthias is discovered to be what the religious elite (the Elders) call The Perfect Sacrifice. He’s not sure what that means, other than the fact that they want to kill him. And in trying to escape the Elders, he finds that they have trapped underneath the School a young gryphon, and they’ve been feeding off his magic for years.
Elizabeth A. Schechter They escape from the School, with a gryphon’s consciousness caught in Matthias’ head. Things happen, and we get to Haven’s Fall.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which picks up a few chapters before the end of Counsel of the Wicked, from the point of view of two other characters — Tam and Linnea.
Lon Sarver Well, that’s what the road sign at the end of book one said. “20 Miles to Haven’s Fall”
D.M. Atkins Part of the ensemble of POV characters. Tricky to pull off but done well here.
Elizabeth A. Schechter 20 Miles. Beware of falling mountains.
D.M. Atkins Time for a teaser?
Elizabeth A. Schechter By the time I’m done with book 3, I’m going to have pulled out hair. Blocking these last couple of chapters might require graph paper.
D.M. Atkins Actions scenes often require a bit of life action blocking. Siol even puts interns to work in that.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Okay. Tease number one. Set-up: Tam and Linnea have been sent on to “safety” by Matthias. Linnea was injured, and she was unconscious for the trip into Haven. She wakes up with no idea of what has happened or where she is.
Lon Sarver Graph paper, minifigs…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Excerpt start:
Elizabeth A. Schechter “Tell me why,” he said quietly. “Tell me why I should trust you, ever again?”

Linnea flinched. “I’m sorry”

“You drugged me,” Tam continued. “You drugged me, and you ran off with the bastard who tried to rape Matt.”

“I didn’t know he wasn’t Balthazar anymore,” Linnea said weakly.

“That makes a difference? He still tried to rape Matthias, and you not only let him go, you damn near got killed because of it. And you might have gotten Matthias and Solomon killed, too.” Tam leaned back in his chair, folding his arms over his chest. Ive been out, since yesterday. So you don’t know. Those bastards followed you, Lin.”

“Oh, no,” Linnea gasped. “Tam, where are Matthias and Solomon?”
Tam swallowed. “I don’t know. The Elders took Solomon, Lin. Matt went back for him. He sent you and me on to safety, and he went back.”

Linnea stared at him, suddenly cold. “He went back? You let him go back?”

Elizabeth A. Schechter [excerpt end.]
D.M. Atkins Like they really could have stopped him at that point.
Elizabeth A. Schechter At this point, all Tam and Lin know is that they don’t know anything.
Lon Sarver Which is the beginning of wisdom.
Lon Sarver Or the end of a PhD program
D.M. Atkins Ouch
Elizabeth A. Schechter at that point, in Counsel, Matthias was dying anyway — having a gryphon in his head was killing him slowly. So he sent his chosen family on to the safe place they’d been promised. But they’ve been sold a bill of goods.
Lon Sarver And they didn’t keep the receipt.
D.M. Atkins When you started writing, did you know you were writing erotica with a main character who is asexual and/or demisexual?
Elizabeth A. Schechter No idea. My initial outline had Matt as homosexual. Writing an ace character was not on my radar at all. And as I was writing, Matthias just wasn’t *reading* right. The more I tried to write him the way I thought he should be written, the more things flowed out my fingers that didn’t feel right.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And then he out and out says to someone, “I’m not interested in sex. I have never been interested in sex.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I went… Oh.
Lon Sarver Intractable characters strike again!
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which was closely followed by “Oh, shit.”
Lon Sarver This all happened before I got a hold of the first manuscript.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Because I had NO idea what I was doing. Quick, to the internet!
D.M. Atkins And there he was being chased by all the wrong people.
Elizabeth A. Schechter This all happened before ANYONE got the first manuscript. It was in the initial draft.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I did a lot of research. And I enlisted several ace and demi beta readers to make sure I did it right.
Elizabeth A. Schechter (And lost a couple when I gave them the trigger warnings.)
D.M. Atkins I can imagine.
D.M. Atkins In many ways, Matthais’ struggle is one most women could understand — being subjected to other men’s sexual desire.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And the only critique I’ve seen of Matt as an asexual characters is that he seems to have a lot more sexual encounters than the asexual men that the reviewer knew personally.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which means I didn’t write a caricature, I didn’t write a parody or a trope. WIN for research!
Lon Sarver Well, sure. He also had more griffons in his head that most…
D.M. Atkins Well, I doubt most of them are in the same situation….
Lon Sarver Yep.
Lon Sarver I wonder how it compares to asexual women, though? Matt is kind of The Chick in this story.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Well, yeah.
Elizabeth A. Schechter You think so? I didn’t set out for him to be.
Lon Sarver I mean, insofar as asexual women have to put up with different expectations/behavior than asexual men.
D.M. Atkins More culturally than any other reason.
Elizabeth A. Schechter He’s more the Innocent, in terms of Campbellian archetypes.
D.M. Atkins His status as outcast gives him less power than other men in his culture.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oh, I see what you mean.
Lon Sarver Few authors do. But I’ve seen a tendency in M?M romance to make one of them the designated “female lead,” because so many romance tropes call for one.
Elizabeth A. Schechter That’s like asking which chopstick is the fork.
Lon Sarver The smaller, physically weaker, less assertive partner. Matt grows out of that quickly, but still spends some time there.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I tend not to like the typical romance tropes, because they bore me to tears.
Lon Sarver Agreed
D.M. Atkins Me too.
Elizabeth A. Schechter My sister used to read romance novels (from a big name publisher). And it got to the point where I could look at the cover and call the plot-line. This one is Secret Baby. This one is Marriage of Convenience.
D.M. Atkins It’s fun seeing the playing field change in Rebel Mage. The person who would be the romantic lead in most Romance books doesn’t get that role after all.
Siol na Tine I find them hilarious, as often as not, but only if they’re not taken too seriously. But even those who avoid those obvious tropes tend to fall into that pattern instinctively because it’s really 90% of what our culture shows us.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I am a member of the Romance Writers of America, and I drive them BONKERS.
D.M. Atkins When it opens, we assume Balthazar will be “the one.”
D.M. Atkins I bet.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I entered Counsel into the RWA contests when it came out, and most of the judges thought it wasn’t a romance at all, even though it fits the “rules” of the genre.
D.M. Atkins Yes, it fits the stated rules but not the unstated.
Lon Sarver Did the judges say why?
D.M. Atkins If Balthazar and Matthias has ended up together… then it would fit the pattern they are used to seeing.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Nope. They don’t have to in the big contest. And of the comments I got in the smaller ones, one went on at length about how she liked it, and the other lectured because she objected to the standard dislcaimer in the front of the book.
Elizabeth A. Schechter disclaimer
Lon Sarver What, she wanted to believe it was all true and an exemplar of how relationships could be?
Elizabeth A. Schechter I have it somewhere. It was wild. I got the score sheet and looked at it and went “Really???”
Elizabeth A. Schechter Apparently, she thought that the disclaimer was there because we were calling Counsel a BDSM novel. Umm… REALLY????
D.M. Atkins Oh, I would like to see that.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Never mind. I’m used to being the odd duck.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’ll dig it up and send it to you.
D.M. Atkins Please. The other thing we get from reviewers is that old it has to be gay or het.
Elizabeth A. Schechter In a perfect romance novel, Balthazar would be the hero with the perfect hair on the white horse
D.M. Atkins No room for bi novels.
Elizabeth A. Schechter All of my characters are bi unless explicitly stated to be otherwise.
D.M. Atkins I am in the process of setting up a Bi Fiction group on FB.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And some that are explicitly stated to be otherwise discovered they aren’t really later in the books.
D.M. Atkins Because there isn’t one. At all.
D.M. Atkins I’d like to see room for bi books that isn’t there now.
D.M. Atkins We have quite a few now and all of them have trouble getting reviews.
Lon Sarver Bi books just need to pick a shelf and stay there. *snerk*
Elizabeth A. Schechter All of mine are like the Fantastic Flying Books of Mister Morris Lessmore…
Lon Sarver Heh
Lon Sarver It’s just an edition they’re going through.
Elizabeth A. Schechter (as an aside, I talk about children’s literature far more than would be expected for a pervy fetish writer…)
Lon Sarver Just don’t do it the other way around.
D.M. Atkins You have James L. Wolf are both in that place with bi and other gender/sexuality characters. We want to open a place for that and the only way to do it is to publish them.
Lon Sarver We need more people to write them
D.M. Atkins But more than that, we need reviewers who will read them. It’s hard to even get them noticed.
Lon Sarver So, a question I never had time to ask while editing: How conscious/deliberate was it to include some things and not others in your fantasy world. Why ray guns and flying machines, but no robots? Why griffons and no elves?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Absolutely. We had a panel on Writing the Other at Chessiecon over Thanksgiving weekend. Me (Bi), Pan woman, Lesbian, Trans man. And one token cis white male (he referred to himself that way!) General agreement that there needs to be MORE.
Lon Sarver That, too.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I could say elves are overdone, but I’d be making it up on the spot. I never thought of elves.
Lon Sarver I suppose all the bisexuals in the books are a sort of elf-like fantasy race…
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I don’t think elves are right for this world. They’re too human. The Other needed to be REALLY other.
Elizabeth A. Schechter There needed to be something VERY different. And I think in the original outline, it was dragons.
Lon Sarver And yet, the Griffons say they *aren’t* The Others of human muth.
Lon Sarver Myth
Elizabeth A. Schechter They aren’t. But we’re playing with the concept of being “other”. Of being outside the societal norms.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Matthias is other, just because he was born (as a bastard, he should have been killed at birth).
Lon Sarver Sure. I’m just wondering how much of your world’s backstory we’ll know by the ned of book three.
Siol na Tine That’s what side shorts are for ;p
Elizabeth A. Schechter Solomon is other, as a POC. Balthazar is other, because he wants nothing to do with his destined roles.
Lon Sarver I can’t help it. I’m a world building nerd.
Siol na Tine I wasn’t objecting!
Lon Sarver Huh. So the long-ago apocalypse was a religious purge?
Elizabeth A. Schechter We get more of the worldbuilding in book 3, from someone who has access to the real histories.
Lon Sarver Not that it matters to the current book…
Lon Sarver OK
Elizabeth A. Schechter No, the long ago apocalypse was an actual war.
Siol na Tine Destined roles, or assigned roles?
Lon Sarver Well, I meant a global-level-with-nukes purge of the imperfect/unfaithful
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I think it does come up in book 2.
Siol na Tine Of course… what’s the difference, on the ground…
Lon Sarver To people like The Elders, destined and assigned are pretty much the same thing.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oh, yes. It was very much a “You’re not like us, so you;re evil and bad and we will SMITE you with our righteousness.”
Lon Sarver I mean, if even the Author can’t make people fit their assigned roles…
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I promise, I wasn’t intending to write political commentary when I started this. I WASN’T.
D.M. Atkins Yeah, unfortunately, I can see that…
Lon Sarver I dunno, it was kind of baked into the original inspiration.
D.M. Atkins Who knew it would go so crazy this year?
Siol na Tine Right. Which is more or less what I was getting at. Destiny implies actual fate is involved. But if your leaders are also religious figures, how do you check their assignments against fate?
Lon Sarver The goddamn time travellers who rigged it, that’s who.
Elizabeth A. Schechter If the religious leader says you do this, than clearly it’s your destiny.
D.M. Atkins So, time for another teaser?
Lon Sarver Send a FoI request to the akashik records
Siol na Tine *Snerk*
Elizabeth A. Schechter Sure. Okay — Linnea and Tam are in Haven. And they find that Haven is stagnating. Limited population and no outside genetic material means that they are inbred and dying. Tam is encouraged to, as he puts it, “act as stud.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I had fun with this scene.
Elizabeth A. Schechter excerpt start:
Elizabeth A. Schechter “I wasn’t expecting you to be aggressive,” he asked, running his hands up and down her skirt-covered thighs.

“Do you mind?” Clara asked, resting her hands on his now-bare stomach. “I didn’t think.”

“No, it’s all right,” Tam assured her. “I like it. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

She giggled. “Because I’m so small?”

“Because almost no one here is aggressive,” Tam answered. “I wasn’t expecting you to get rough.”

Her grin widened. “Do you like that?”

Tam propped himself up on his elbows. “I like it when a woman takes charge, if that’s what you’re asking.”

She laughed, a low, alluring chuckle. “Oh, I can take charge.” She sat back, looking around the grotto. “If I’d known, I’d have been better prepared. Let me see. I’ll be back in a moment. Take off your clothes.” She got back to her feet, her skirts falling around her ankles as she ducked back underneath the vines and disappeared. By the time Tam was undressed, she was back, carrying a long dowel and a bag. She stopped when she saw him, and drew in a deep breath.

“Oh, I am going to enjoy this,” she murmured. Clara brought the dowel and the bag over to the bench and knelt down, turning the bag over and spilling cords onto the ground. She picked up one and measured it between her hands, then looked up at Tam. “Now, come sit on the end of the bench, then lie down.”

Intrigued, and finding himself far more eager than he’d expected, Tam went to the stone bench and sat down. The stone was rough against his skin, and he rubbed his hands on his bare legs before reclining. Clara nodded and picked up the dowel. “Now, don’t move,” she said, tying a piece of cord to one end of the dowel. Tam turned his head to watch as she took the dowel and ran it underneath the bench, then snugged it up against his arms, right into the bend of his elbows. She leaned over him, her body pressed against his as she drew the cord across him and tied it off

Elizabeth A. Schechter “That’s nice,” she murmured, straightening up. She picked up another length of cord did something out of Tam’s line of sight, he was pretty sure he knew what when he felt something tighten around his wrist. Then she leaned over him again, drawing his other wrist up and tying the other end of the cord to it. “What do you think?” she asked as she stooped, taking up another piece of cord.

Tam tried to move, straining against the cords and the wooden dowel. He couldn’t lower his hands from his sides, and he couldn’t sit up. “Well, looks like you’ve got me,” he quipped, feeling his pulse hammering in his throat. “What are you going to do with me now?”

Clara stretched the cord between her hands. “I’m not done.” She knelt once more, and Tam felt the cord wrapping around his ankle, then a strong tug, pulling his foot off the ground. He tensed, off-balance and suddenly nervous, as Clara tied the end of the cord off to the dowel.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Feel a bit like I’m going to fall off the bench,” Tam answered.

“I won’t let you fall,” Clara cooed. She leaned down and kissed him, then showed him another length of cord. “But I’m not leaving you unfinished, either.”

Elizabeth A. Schechter excerpt end
Elizabeth A. Schechter Now, that scene was not in the original manuscript. But DM and Lon both said “We need another sex scene. Maybe something with Tam?”
D.M. Atkins And he is a POV character, the only one who hadn’t gotten screen time fun yet.
Lon Sarver The poor boy was so lonely
Lon Sarver Being Matt’s wingman was not a very good deal
Siol na Tine … I’m a bad person
D.M. Atkins I like Tam and it was fun to see him develop more in this book.
Lon Sarver Why?
Siol na Tine My brain just thought “Putting the B back in BDSM” where B stands for “breeder”…
Elizabeth A. Schechter LOL!!!
Lon Sarver LOL
Siol na Tine “Hey, nice sperm count. Wanna fuck?”
Elizabeth A. Schechter Tam is fun. Tam is where you get the most author intrusion. He says what I’m thinking.
D.M. Atkins No wonder I like him. Grins.
Siol na Tine ooohhh time to go back and re-read everything Tam says!
Lon Sarver Well, he also serves as a reader voice for when the reader is really wanting to say, “WTF, characters?”
Elizabeth A. Schechter And, of course, because I like him, I treat him like hell later on. πŸ˜‰ You always can tell who my favorite characters are — they get treated the worst.
Elizabeth A. Schechter As i said, he says what I’m thinking. πŸ˜‰
D.M. Atkins Being a main character means signing up for the curse of “interesting life.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter True.
Lon Sarver Otherwise the book would be really boring
Elizabeth A. Schechter Tam really doesn’t like being considered breeding stock, either. He finds it deeply uncomfortable.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And after this little interlude with Clara, he tells everyone he’s going to be celibate for a while.
Lon Sarver Well, he finds the concept uncomfortable. The work is pretty comfortable, if demanding.
D.M. Atkins I would imagine so. Haven isn’t at all what they were hoping for.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which works about as well for him as one might expect.
Elizabeth A. Schechter You know how you say something, and the gods or the fates or the flying spaghetti monster laughs and goes “Ya think so?”
Lon Sarver OK, who’s thinking about sex now?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Yeah, that happens to Tam.
D.M. Atkins Well, Tam is cute…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Tam is a lot of fun. He’s very uncomplicated at the start of it.
D.M. Atkins I was just wondering… does every place Matthais goes get destroyed?
Siol na Tine lol
Elizabeth A. Schechter Not EVERY place. Just most of them.
Lon Sarver Depends on what he had for lunch…
Siol na Tine Duuuuuude
Elizabeth A. Schechter Do you want me to run that excerpt? The Haven one?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Or is that spoilery?
D.M. Atkins What is your favorite scene in Haven’s Fall?
D.M. Atkins We can be spoilery here….
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’ve got a couple. The shaving scene is top of my list, though.
D.M. Atkins Awww
Elizabeth A. Schechter Matt learning magic from Melora, and the discussion of plumbing. πŸ˜‰
Siol na Tine Shaving scene….?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Matt and Sol in the ruins, and the aftermath. That was GOOD to write. I didn’t prep an excerpt of that one, though.
D.M. Atkins Also, baby gryffins are cute.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Yes, Midnight is fun.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oh, that sounded like a cue. I do have the shaving scene excerpt. πŸ˜‰ Let me grab it.
Siol na Tine Ooooohhhhh πŸ˜‰
D.M. Atkins Is that young griffin modeled after your son?
D.M. Atkins Cool, another teaser.
Elizabeth A. Schechter When he was younger, yes. Midnight is about six or so, in human years.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Okay. Setup — Matt and Solomon finally reach Haven. They’re getting cleaned up, and Solomon volunteers to shave Matthias’ beard.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Excerpt start:
Elizabeth A. Schechter “If you need to tell me anything, tap my arm,” Solomon said. “Don’t move otherwise. I don’t want to slip and cut you.”

“That’s why I haven’t done this myself,” Matthias answered. “I’d feel like an idiot to have come this far, then cut my own throat shaving.”

Solomon grinned, then took Matthias chin in one hand, turning his head. Matthias felt the blade against his cheek, cold in the heat of the room. It scraped over his skin, leaving a chill in its wake. He shivered and closed his eyes.

“It’s all right, Matt-love,” Solomon crooned softly. “I’ve got you.”

Matthias swallowed but didn’t answer, not wanting to do anything that might make Solomon’s hands slip. The knife kept moving, coming closer to his jaw, slow scraping that left his skin tingling. The knife moved away, and he heard splashing.

“Turn your head,” Solomon said. “And tip back. Like this.”

Matthias felt his head being turned to the left, his chin raised, baring his throat to the blade. The sudden vulnerability made him shudder violently; Solomon’s hands fell away at once.


Matthias swallowed, looking at Solomon. “I’m all right. Just”


“Yeah.” Matthias nodded, wrapping his arms around himself.

“I won’t hurt you.” Solomon leaned in and kissed him again. “But I’ve got to finish this now. You’re not even half done.”

Matthias reached up and touched Solomon’s cheek, then spread his arms and turned his head again. He held as still as he could, letting Solomon work, moving him the way he needed, finishing the right side of his throat before moving on to the left side of his face, then the left side of his throat.

“Almost done,” Solomon said cheerfully, taking the blade away. “Now look at me. I need to get your lip and your chin. Relax, love. You’re going to shatter if I blow on you too hard.”

Elizabeth A. Schechter Matthias realized Solomon was right, and took a deep breath as he tried to force himself to relax. “It’s not what I was expecting,” he said.

“What were you expecting?” Solomon asked, washing the knife off once again.

Matthias thought about it, then laughed. “I don’t know. Not this. What now?”

“Now, you hold still,” Solomon warned Matthias, and went to work on his face. It was strange, having Solomon pulling his upper lip down so he could shave off the mustache, then pulling his lower lip up to get his chin. Then he went to work under Matthias’ chin, again pulling the skin tight and guiding the sharp blade over Matthias’ naked throat, working carefully around the scar there. Eventually, the knife stopped moving, then fell away. In the quiet room, over the soft sound of the waterfall, Matthias could hear Solomon’s breathing, fast, and shallow. He dared to move his head, and saw Solomon watching him, his mouth slightly open, his eyes half-lidded. And as he moved, he brushed against Solomon’s erect cock.

“You’re aroused?” Matthias whispered, shocked. “By this?”

Elizabeth A. Schechter [Excerpt end.]
Siol na Tine Well why wouldn’t he be? πŸ˜‰
Elizabeth A. Schechter I really, really like this scene. πŸ˜‰
D.M. Atkins Yeah, that’s sweet. Solomon really loves taking care of him.
Lon Sarver He knows what kind of novel he’s in.
Elizabeth A. Schechter You can say that, and I can say that, but to Matthias, this is all new.
D.M. Atkins Yeah, he was alone for so long. He’s not used to letting anyone take care of him.
Elizabeth A. Schechter So he doesn’t know what someone else is going to find enticing.
Siol na Tine *Nod*
Lon Sarver caretaking fetish is totally a thing
D.M. Atkins yes
Lon Sarver …or so I’ve heard
Elizabeth A. Schechter And this happens several times between Sol and Matt — Matthias doesn’t understand or misreads something that makes perfect sense to Solomon.
D.M. Atkins I do like the fandom moniker hurt/comfort for these kinds of stories.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Sol very much is a caretaker, toward everyone. It becomes an important part of his persona in this book.
D.M. Atkins A bit spoilery, but I do love watching Matt change and become more of a leader.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I don’t think anyone was more surprised than Matt when THAT happened.
D.M. Atkins And a good part of leadership is knowing how to accept help.
Elizabeth A. Schechter He does grow up, which is good, because he was starting to annoy me. And that led to the Hamilton email. πŸ˜‰
Lon Sarver Gracefully
D.M. Atkins Grins
D.M. Atkins One of Lon’s job is often helping authors get their characters to “grow the fuck up.”
Lon Sarver Heh. No, you can’t kill off [REDACTED] in book three. Not even if [REDACTED] happens to [REDACTED]
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which, now that I said it, I need to explain it. I’m a Hamilton geek. So, after reading the Hamiltome, I sent this wild email off to DM and Lon.
Lon Sarver Oh, yes.
Lon Sarver Some authors require more under-butt-fire than others for that.
Elizabeth A. Schechter “Hey, can I kill of Matt and Sol? I can do it about five chapters before the end of the book, and have the rest of it be “who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”
Lon Sarver Not untill after I can buy up shares in Amalgamated Pitchforks and Torches.
D.M. Atkins And we talked you off that cliff.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’m totally going to do it as Β  bit of stunt writing. Just to see how it would have turned out.
Elizabeth A. Schechter “Alternate ending. But what if THIS is what really happened?”
Elizabeth A. Schechter You know, like in Clue?
Lon Sarver They all did it
D.M. Atkins That will be an interesting read too.
Siol na Tine If they die in a spectacularly romantic way, and there’s an obvious tribute in the wake, fans might not lynch anybody for it…
Lon Sarver No, but the reviewers would.
Siol na Tine … I don’t often get to put dead bodies on the cover… ;p
Lon Sarver “Where’s my HEA, penmonkey? I woant my HEA!!!!”
D.M. Atkins But it would automatically take it out of the Romance genre by current rules.
Elizabeth A. Schechter “And they named the baby Matthias.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter No, I wouldn’t do that. It’s corny.
Siol na Tine *Pictures the third book with a very worried Sol holding an unconcious Matt, and wonders how true that will be…*
D.M. Atkins Yes that.
Lon Sarver And they named the baby Matthias, and there was a great hue and cry of “Oh, no, not again!”
Elizabeth A. Schechter It could still be an HEA if we turned the focus to one of the OTHER romantic pairings.
Lon Sarver Not at thre-quarters of the way through the final book.
Lon Sarver Unless you don’t want it to be the final book…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Yeah. This is me, breaknig the genre rules again.
Lon Sarver *creepy whisper*wheel of time*/creepy whisper*
Elizabeth A. Schechter NOPE!
Siol na Tine *Swats Lon* STOP THAT
Elizabeth A. Schechter I have WAYY too many plotbunnies that want their airtime to stay in this world for longer than a trilogy.
D.M. Atkins Don’t encourage him Sol.
Lon Sarver It’s my job!
Elizabeth A. Schechter I want to go play with my BDSM vampires now.
Siol na Tine *Snerk*
Lon Sarver You could fit them in.
D.M. Atkins OH, we get BDSM vampires next?
Siol na Tine I can find better uses for that kind of encouragement, if he gets too into it…
Lon Sarver Somewhere down the coast…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Once I develop it. It’s an idea and a short story right now.
Lon Sarver Just don’t make them sparkle, for the love of Bob…
Siol na Tine Ok, now I want a scene where they end up sparkly because someone dumped a bucket of glitter on them
Siol na Tine Only to find it was glitter *washed in holy water* AAAAAAAAAAUGH!
Elizabeth A. Schechter The short story came about because the idea popped into my head and wouldn’t get out and I NEEDED to work on Haven’s Fall. So I made a deal with my muse — it would leave me alone to finish Haven if I wrote this one short thing.
D.M. Atkins I was actually wondering if there would ever be more of the characters from Infernal Machine…
Elizabeth A. Schechter There’s a vague idea of a novel set in a steampunk Russian Revolution.
Elizabeth A. Schechter But that requires a LOT of research that I haven’t started.
D.M. Atkins That sounds fun.
D.M. Atkins So many fun ideas.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Because the Tsarina who likes Aritificers is Tsarina Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II
D.M. Atkins *sneakily opens the cage and lets loose the bunnies”
Siol na Tine ooh, there was a whole thing about… wait, you don’t mean mine
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which leaves me wondering about Rasputin in a steampunk world and that sounds like fun. ;-0
Lon Sarver Well, you could combine the steampunk Russian revolution with the BDSM vampires, with Rasputin as the master vampire, forcing Trotsky and Stalin to realize their forbidden love…
D.M. Atkins o.O
Lon Sarver Because as we all know from romance novels and fan fiction, no one hates each other that much without it being love in disguise…
Elizabeth A. Schechter But that’s down the line — I have a couple of half finished things that got put on the shelf for Rebel Mage, and those are first. Then an outline for the vampires.
Siol na Tine The lost princess Anastasia is a SPARK?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Which will NOT be happening in the Russian REvolution. It’s Romantic Suspense. At least right now it is.
D.M. Atkins Cool
Lon Sarver The lost princess Anastasia is a vampire slayer with a steam-powered stake gun…
Siol na Tine Wait, the vampires are in the same world with the steampunk Russian revolution??
Lon Sarver Of course, the whole thing is a stealth commentary on where Communism went wrong.
D.M. Atkins You’ve let Lon go on this one…
Lon Sarver And international banking.
Siol na Tine Holy water in the steamworks… Clockwork crossbow…
Lon Sarver Vampirism=Capitalism, just like in real life.
D.M. Atkins You know that scene in Buffy where Anya keeps summoning bunnies… Yes, that’s what it’s like here.
Elizabeth A. Schechter That’s a bit too Girl Genius.
Siol na Tine What would happen to a vampire if you captured it and tattooed a crucifix into its skin…?
Siol na Tine At what point would it become torture directly…?
Lon Sarver The ink has colloidial silver in it.
Elizabeth A. Schechter There is a fantastic thread on Tumblr about Jewish vampires and keeping kosher while drinking blood.
Siol na Tine I thought silver was for werewolves…?
Lon Sarver I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a Rabbi at this hour?
Siol na Tine By definition keeping Kosher precludes drinking blood, no?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Exactly. UNLESS you have no choice. If you have to drink it to survive, then the rules of kashrut do not apply. Someone actually went and asked their Rabbi this!!!!
Lon Sarver Specifically in reference to Jewish vampires?
Elizabeth A. Schechter This is why I write fantasy adn science fiction. I get to play with ideas like “Jewish vampires keeping kosher.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter Specifically in reference to Jewish vampires.
Siol na Tine Oohh, the bacon cheeseburger exception! You’re right!
Elizabeth A. Schechter I have the thread bookmarked, Lon. I’ll send it to you.
D.M. Atkins I love you guys.
Lon Sarver Heh
Siol na Tine Now I wonder if Batya was in that conversation… it’s totally a conversation she’d have…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Tumblr is also where I saw the thread on why Walmart is a vampire company, and employs only vampires. That’s why tehre are no windows, it’s open all night, and tehre’s a greeter at the door.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I love Tumblr.
Lon Sarver So, we’re agreed. Jewish steampunk communist vampires caught between the Nazis and the Tsars…
D.M. Atkins I’d buy that.
Siol na Tine Not only vampires. They also employ fae
Lon Sarver The crossover potential with Lovers in Arms…
Siol na Tine Wait, what? Aren’t the Nazis kinda late for that?
Lon Sarver Nah, the Fae are from England. Originally from Ireland, but there’s no work in Ireland, even for the Fae…
Elizabeth A. Schechter Umm…. Nie mój cyrk, nie moje maΓ…β€špy
Lon Sarver Well, the Nazis we all know about are. But the Secret Occult Nazis for whom Hitler was just a public front go back a long ways.
Lon Sarver Why, yes, I get my historical knowledge from Robert Anton Wilson and Hellboy comics. Why do you ask?
Elizabeth A. Schechter In other words, that’s not the book I’m writing. That’s the one YOU are writing.
D.M. Atkins So, what we have a finale teaser for Haven’s Fall?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Do we want the Haven scene?
Elizabeth A. Schechter since I already mentioned it?
Lon Sarver Heh. If I could make my anxiety back down long enough to finish a story without getting too drunk to type, I wouldn’t be an editor…
Siol na Tine Those who can, do, those who can’t, drink?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Some of us drink and do.
Siol na Tine Yes, please save us from Lon’s plotbunnies, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth A. Schechter So. Haven scene? Firestorm scene?
Siol na Tine … do we have to pick just one…?
D.M. Atkins Yes
Siol na Tine Can we not has?
Elizabeth A. Schechter Embrace the power of and?
Siol na Tine *pouts*
D.M. Atkins And
D.M. Atkins we can have both…
Siol na Tine Yaaaay!
Siol na Tine *sits attentively on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT of Elizabeth*
Elizabeth A. Schechter Okay. Firestorm scene first. Set scene — Linnea and Tam are out in Haven on their first night there. They are with Ilane, a healer introduced in Counsel.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Linnea, being a Finder (someone who can sense and see magic) is sensing something.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Excerpt start:
Elizabeth A. Schechter “Anything like what?” Tam asked, stopping. He looked around. “What is it?”

“I’m not sure,” Linnea repeated. “It’s like summer lightning. You know how you can feel it, sometimes?” She turned a slow circle, looking around. What was it? Then she stopped. “Tam? What direction am I facing? I’m all turned around.”

It was Ilane who answered. “East. You’re facing east.”

“That can’t be east,” Tam said. “Not with the sunset.”

“That’s not the sunset,” Linnea said, feeling every hair on her arms rising. “That’s magic.” She turned and looked at Tam. “That’s Matthias.”

“That can’t be!”

As Tam uttered the words, fire sprang over the mountains, a solid sheet of it that fractured into individual ribbons before cascading down over the peaks and into Haven. Linnea could hear screaming from behind her, could hear people running.

“What has he done?” Tam gasped. He came up behind Linnea, his voice loud in her ear. “What is this?”

“I don’t know,” Linnea answered. “But it’s coming here.” Without knowing how, she knew that this was what had been tugging at her. That one of those ribbons was coming for her.

“We need to get out of the streets,” Ilane said. “Is he trying to destroy us?”

“No,” Linnea said, her voice firm. One of the fiery ribbons dove straight down, separating from the others as if it was targeting something. The others streaked on overhead and past them. “This won’t destroy anything it’s not supposed to.”

“Lin, we’re still getting out of the street,” Tam said. “Come on. Back to the house.” He took her arm, starting to pull her along. She shook her head and pulled away.

“Go inside, Tam,” she said, watching the fire. “This”I asked you, if you thought he’d forgive me.” She nodded at the fire coming toward them. “I’ll know in a minute. Go inside.”


Elizabeth A. Schechter She shook her head and walked forward, eyes never leaving the approaching fire. She could hear it now, feel it calling her. Behind her, she heard Tam call her name. Then the fire met her, surrounded her with heat that didn’t, for the moment, burn. She could see Matthias” magic in the fire, darker than she was used to, the feel of it very different. She could feel pain and something else fueling it as it rushed through her, seeking something. Whatever it was the fire sought wasn’t within her, and between one heartbeat and the next, it was gone, spiraling up to vanish into the air. Linnea staggered back, and felt hands catching her.

“Linnea?” Tam demanded, spinning her around. “Are you all right? What was that?”

Linnea looked up, watching as the rest of the fires followed the one that had sought her out. From somewhere in the distance, she could hear shouting, and alarm bells. “Matthias. He sent those. They were looking for something. I don’t know what. I couldn’t tell. But I didn’t have it.”

Elizabeth A. Schechter [excerpt end.]
Elizabeth A. Schechter Now, if you’ve read Counsel, you know what that was.
Lon Sarver The Fourth of July celebration in Haven!
Elizabeth A. Schechter And if you haven’t read Counsel, that’s not too much of a spoiler.
D.M. Atkins That was a well done twist.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Independence Day of a different sort, maybe.
Lon Sarver [spoilers]Matt’s first attempt at lighting a campfire with magic.[/spoilers]
D.M. Atkins Unexpected repercussions.
Siol na Tine Really cool.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And it becomes important later. More I won’t say. This is the last excerpt, and it’s the reason DM asked me if everyplace Matt goes ends up destroyed.
D.M. Atkins Yep
Siol na Tine *snerk*
Lon Sarver Short answer: Yes
Elizabeth A. Schechter This one was a bit cathartic to write, speaking as a New Yorker.
Siol na Tine And the previous one wasn’t??
Lon Sarver In book three, it’s revealed that Matt is actually an ancient weapon of mass destruction, and is being manipulated into visiting everyplace the Master villian hates…
D.M. Atkins Ahhh
Siol na Tine Sorry, I meant the previous one wasn’t what prompted DM’s question, not asking if the previous one was cathartic.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Set scene: Matthias and several other people are in a sled (a personal sized transport), going from one side of Haven to the other.)
Elizabeth A. Schechter Excerpt start:
Elizabeth A. Schechter Matthias looked out over the city, hearing something that sounded like a distant rumble of thunder. “There’s that storm,” he murmured.

“Can’t be,” Solomon said. “There isn’t a cloud in the sky.”

Matthias looked up to see dazzling blue overhead. “Then what was that?”

“Melora!” Tam yelped.

“I see it!” Melora shouted. The sled banked hard, and Matthias grabbed at the side of the craft, staring at the plume of smoke that had appeared over the Mage School. There was a second, louder rumble, and more smoke. Matthias could see Melora’s face in profile, and he watched as all the color drained from her cheeks. He looked back toward the towers, toward the thick smoke that now hid most of the closest one from view. Something looked wrong. The tower looked uneven. Suddenly, the air around them was bitterly cold.

“Creators,” Matthias gasped. The top of the tower tipped to the side, its movement slow enough to seem like an illusion. Until it became clear that it wasn’t an illusion, wasn’t a trick of the light and smoke, as the tower teetered, hung for a moment as if suspended by a thread and a breath, then toppled. Pieces rained down onto the streets below, and Matthias was certain he heard screaming”

“Matt!” Tam shouted. “Matt, hide us! Now!”

It took Matthias a moment to shake off the shock and understand what Tam meant, then cast the spell, wrapping it around the entire sled. The effort made his head spin, and he squeezed his eyes closed and held tightly onto his seat.

“Go back,” he gasped. “Dancer. Midnight and Linnea. We can’t leave them.”

Elizabeth A. Schechter “Already going,” Melora called. But when she turned the craft back toward the gryphon quarter, there was more smoke, and flames leaping high over the roofs. The sled stopped, and they hovered in place for a moment. “I– I can’t reach Dancer!” Melora called. “I can’t tell if it’s a block or We’re getting out of here. I know a place we can hide.” The sled banked again, heading toward the mountain peaks.

“Hide? Wait. No” Matthias stared. “No, we have to find them!”

“Try and reach them!” Melora called. “Tell Dancer we’re going into the mountains. She’ll be able to find us.”


It’s too dangerous!” Melora looked back at him, and the sight of tears streaming down her face was enough to silence him. He closed his eyes and nodded, then turned inward and started calling for Dancer, for Midnight.

There was no answer.

Elizabeth A. Schechter excerpt end
D.M. Atkins See, destroys everything.
D.M. Atkins I love this story and am looking forward to reading book three.
Lon Sarver I’m still sorry we didn’t get to use the gag about matthias having a huge pipe
Elizabeth A. Schechter And that image of the tower hanging by a thread and a breath is what I remember every time I think of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Hence the catharsis.
Lon Sarver Yeah
D.M. Atkins Well, we’re reaching the end of the Release Party. I want to congratulate Elizabeth on breaking those boundaries in such a good way. It will be interesting to see how the awards people react this year too.
Elizabeth A. Schechter That joke never seemed to fit in. Melora wouldn’t make it, and Matt wouldn’t get the humor behind it.
Elizabeth A. Schechter It’s been fun.
Lon Sarver Oh, I understand *why*
Lon Sarver It has.
Lon Sarver Goodnight, all.
Elizabeth A. Schechter And I have NO idea what the contest judges will think. This one isn’t as dark as Counsel, so maybe they’ll actually think it’s a romance this time.
D.M. Atkins We are also having a one day give away of Counsel of the Wicked at part of our Yule 12 days.
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oh, we are?
D.M. Atkins [link src=””]
Elizabeth A. Schechter Cool. If anyone wants it signed, let me know. πŸ˜‰
Siol na Tine Yep. You’re the kickoff!
D.M. Atkins It was in the December newsletter and recently posted on the site.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I have had my head buried in either DC information or this manuscript. I don’t think I read the newsletter.
D.M. Atkins Yes, the giveaway is for ebooks not print.
Siol na Tine Can you sign an ebook? Things I don’t know…
Elizabeth A. Schechter I have authorgraph. Signed ebooks.
Lon Sarver We could tip a scan of her signature into the ebook.
D.M. Atkins There is also an ebook and print copies of Haven’s Fall being given away as part of the Blog Tour. It closes tomorrow so there is still time to sign up.
D.M. Atkins Our next Author Chat will be in January for the anthology, “Passion and Steam.”
Elizabeth A. Schechter Oh, I’ll be in that one!
D.M. Atkins Yes!

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