GLBT Pride Month Promotions, Contests & Thanks!

We’re planning a month’s worth of promotions for GLBT Pride Month. We started the month with a huge boost, having been invited to guest host for Beth Wydle’s mailing list on Wednesday, June 6. We are also taking part for the entire month, including the themed Monday posts.


We had several contests/drawings for the Beth Wylde event. One of which will continue through-out the month. As part of a Pride Month Membership Drive, we will have a drawing on July 1st. Every member (memberships are free) who logs in (new and old) to their account on in the month of June 2012, will have a chance to win a free ebook and a key-chain size mini-flogger. (See rules below.)

We’d like to encourage our current member to both log in and check out more of the site and invite people they know to come see the site. At the end of the month we will have a drawing. (Staff are exempt from winning but authors can win, though we may also do a second drawing for non-author members.) So come check out the site. We are nearly at the 1000 mark — only a few dozen away from topping our goal for the first year of open memberships. Come help us make goal and celebrate it!

For more information on Story Excerpts, Author Interviews & More see more behind the cut:

Story Excerpts:

We have added excepts to all the story pages. So you can now go to the discussion page for any short story, novella and novel to read a bit ahead of time. We are also planning long bonus material posts. All this is gearing up toward the serialziation that will start after the site rebuild.

Interviews & Bonuses:

We are also planning to start posting weekly staff and author interviews and other bonus materials that let you have more of a peak behind the scenes at the people creating the works on the site. You can also do so by following their blogs,  chatting in forums and dropping into live chat. We’ll announce more soon.


I want to personally thank the staff and authors who helped us with the guest promo day, with less than a week’s notice. We had myself, five staff members and eleven authors creating the promotions posts, holding discusson on both the mailing list and our own chat room. It was amazing.

So, thank you: Rylan Hunter (Editor), Lon Sarver (Editor), Erika L Firanc (Production), T.M.McKee (IT), BellaCrow (Publicity),  Siolnatine (Artist), starrynight (Intern). Staff worked long hours to put it together and authors jumped right in to get all their information in and make the discussions lively. Thanks to Authors: Annabeth Leong, Madeleine SwannThirteen, Osiris BrackhausKailin MorganR.W. Whitefield, Lynn KellingNobilis Reed, E.E. Grey, Theda Black and Jack L. Pyke.

More soon,

D.M. Atkins, Publisher



To be entered into the drawing an account must meet all requirements for full, active status including:

  1. All Terms of Services requirements, including being age 18 or over and have birthdate entered into account information.
  2. Must have a valid and authenticated email address attached to the account. Non-authenticated accounts are not only inelligible, but may be removed to protect the site from possible spam. (If you have problems with the authentication process, please contact admin at forbiddenfiction dot com.)
  3. Must be in the only account registered to that user. Duplicate accounts will be deleted. Member with duplicate accounts risks both accounts being removed for violation.
  4. Authors are elligible for the drawing but staff are not.
  5. To be elligible, accounts must be logged into between June 1st and June 30th 2012. (U.S. Pacific time zone.)
  6. Winner of the drawing on July 1st must respond to email sent by within 7 days to collect prize.

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