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    As of September 1st, 2015, we began releasing a new chapter of fiction on the site every day of the week. Weekdays are primarily be for novels and novellas, while weekends feature short stories and novellas.

    To view the schedule of the serialization and releases at ForbiddenFiction, see our CALENDAR.

    If you haven’t already, please go read along and comment on the chapters of the works being serialized as you read. It’s a good chance to read fellow author’s work and interact with each other. And it’s a good way to interact with the readers, and may tempt them to try your stories.

    Goals of serializing stories on the site are threefold:

    1. Bring more readers to the site. The enticement of free fiction brings more readers to the site, which benefits all the authors on ForbiddenFiction. We hope to create a community of readers who follow along and participate. In fact, we intend to find ways to reward participation such as monthly drawings and bonus materials.
    2. Bring more attention to the works of the authors. For readers who haven’t already tried the stories, this gives them a risk free place to take a taste. If they like what they read they can keep coming back for more, or they can use the buy it now link and get their own copy and possibly purchase other works by the author as well.
    3. Build a library of fiction that will allow ForbiddenFiction to also monetize the site itself with paid memberships. Once we have enough work in the library, we will open that option.

    Every work published with ForbiddenFiction will eventually be serialized, whether it’s one chapter or fifty. Once the last chapter (or the only chapter) is up, it is free for one week. At the end of that week, it will be moved “behind the pay-wall,” i.e. the section that will become accessible to paid members only, once paid memberships become available. This is a good chance to get folks to try your work.

    We have already been hard at work setting up the next year’s worth of serialization. Individual authors will receive (or have already) Gmail calendar invites for the serialization of their works. (Clicking yes is an acknowledgement that you got the notice.) This will allow you to be ready to help promote your story’s time in the spotlight, to share

    on social media, and to be ready to respond to potential comments from readers. Remember, we will need your help promoting your work in all forms of release. The more variety of ways you promote your work, the better your work will sell.

    What do we need from you, as an author?

    1) Support the other authors whose work is being serialized. Read, comment, share, and encourage your fans to do the same.

    2) Reread the Author Guidelines for how to participate.

    3) When it’s your turn:

    a) You will receive a Google Calendar invitation. Acknowledge the Google calendar notice.

    b) Check the chapters as they post to make sure there are no mistakes in the format etc. (Report any problems to webmaster at

    c) If you haven’t already, make sure that you have friended/liked all the social media for ForbiddenFiction with your author accounts on those sites, so we can share and tag announcements with you.

    d) Share/promote the story and each chapter as they post through your website, social media, blog, etc.

    e) When it’s the last or only chapter, let potential readers know it’s only up free for a limited time.

    f) Reply to any reasonable reader comments on the site. (See Author Guidelines for rules on this process.)

    4) Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback that will help us improve the process.

    When will your work be serialized?

    It depends on several factors. We are starting with works published in our first year (2012). We published 69 works (yes, number was accidental but funny) in 2012, for a total of 502 chapters. As of August 28, 2015, we had posted 39 chapters. That means the remaining 463 chapters of work will take an estimated 66 weeks to serialize. Then we start on the work from 2013 and so on. We may eventually change the schedule to move faster but we have to see how the full time serialization goes first before we add any more to the system.

    The order we serialize will not be exactly the same as published since chapter length, themes and pairings all matter for promotions timing. We’d ideally like something for everyone up each week. (Some heterosexual, some gay, some bi, etc.)

    This has been a long anticipated phase in our plan and we are happy to finally be able to share the stories with an even wider audience. We hope you will join us in making ForbiddenFiction an exciting and fun place to share erotic fiction!

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