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by Jack L. Pyke

It’s taken a while for the right title to settle with Don’t Book 4. I’ve had a few working titles, and no surprise that as this fourth novel is from my MI5’s director of counter-terrorism’s point of view: Gray Raoul, we went with him for a while. But after I’d seen readers stumble away from the chaos of Antidote (Book 3), it was there with how this title needed something extra to convey the exceedingly hard tone and fallout left behind from Antidote.

Titles are tricky little souls, and always become a joint venture with a publishing company: sometimes the author hits the mark, sometimes the publishing company, so you get that shared responsibility. With Don’t 4, I was getting a little too close to the script, so it was good to be able to step away and let FFP get a feel for the novel.

The double-meaning they came up with hit the mark perfectly:



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And just as a recap for this series, here’s a few reviews from the Don’t novels so far…

Don’t… (Book 1)

  • “At times I wanted to scream, other times cry, pull out my hair, anything! But I always wanted more, and more, and more. And damn it, I still want more!” 5 Stars. Kimmers. QUEERCentric Books.
  • “This is going straight on the shelf where I keep my most treasured reads, those that demand 5+ Stars… EXCELLENT!!” Monique: Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews (2013)
  • “This is psychological battering at its best.” 5 stars.  Macky. Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
  • “This book is totally and utterly spellbinding, it is genius writing and can I say that two and three in the series just get better and better.” 5 Stars. Sue. Books Laid Bare Boys
  • “…intense, dark, gritty, erotic, scary, thrilling…a hot MM with ménage and a BDSM element.  This story needs to come with a warning of not for the faint hearted but if you enjoy this type of book it doesn’t really get any better than this.” 5 Stars. Gitte. Totally Booked Blog
  • “Exceptional.”  5 Stars LisaT: Attention is Arbitrary
  • “…a white knuckle ride from start to finish!.” BARB: Live your Life Buy the Book
  • “If this society really existed, I’d be in a long line waiting to be a Master’s sub.” BookAddict: The Romance Reviews.
  • “This is the best “secret society” BDSM book I have ever read, With the most self-controlled, caring, intense, loving, and scary-as-hell Dominant EVER.”  5 Stars Sm Johnson (Author) Goodreads
  • “This book was emotional story-telling at it’s very best.” Christi Snow (Author): Smitten with Reading

And from its Honorable Mention Award at the Rainbow Awards, 2013:

  • “The intricacies of the plot were handled masterfully and each character was vividly drawn and distinct… This was a lovely surprise – it’s added to the two or three other books I count as my all-time favorite reads from my three years of judging the awards.” Melissa. Rainbow Awards 2013.

Antidote (Don’t Book 2)

  • “MIND. FUCKINGLY. BRILLIANT.” 5 Stars. LisaT: Attention is Arbitrary
  • “…wow this author has balls.” 5 Stars. Christi Snow (Author): Smitten with Reading
  • “Mean, mean Jack L. Pyke. But brilliant.” 5 Stars. SM Johnson (Author): Goodreads.
  • “This author has taken your deepest, darkest most sordid fears and put it out there… It is fucking brilliant…” 5 Stars. Caroline Brand. Prism Book Alliance
  • “It is beyond good, it is incredible..” 5 Stars. Tootsie:  Condit & Friends Read Books
  • “I never thought that Don’t… could be equalled, how wrong was I? …Brilliant… truly fucking amazing!!!!” 5 Stars. Monique: Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
  • “Pyke… her writing is wonderful. I adore it. I admittedly am not even the hugest BDSM fan on the planet, but when Pyke writes it, it feels like it’s right up my alley.” 5 Stars. Natasha: Boy Meets Boy Reviews

And from Don’t… and its Honorable Mention Award and making Finalist at the Rainbow Awards, 2014:

  • “Yes, this book is brutal, and painfully so, but the brutality is never glamorized. The intensity of emotion in this book is raw and honest. The main characters made me care deeply for their plight, although the antagonists were also well-drawn and not cardboard cutouts. Overall, an impressive story that gripped me from the beginning and makes me want to read the other books in the series.” Honorable Rainbow Mention Award, Rainbow Awards 2014

Breakdown (Don’t Book 3)

  • Macky: “Bravo and Encore!”
  • Monique: “Yep… I think we are in total agreement my friend, with not only Breakdown but the series as a whole so far. Outstanding… Just Fucking Peachy!” 5 stars, Macky and Monique (double review): Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
  • “I think I may have said before that you were a masterful storyteller. I just didn’t understand how much of one you truly are.” 5 Stars. Tootsie: M/M Good Book Reviews 
  • “Overall Impression: It was amazing!” 5 Stars. Justjenbo: The Blog-ger Girls
  • “So, here’s the deal, the brilliance of this book is that Jack L. Pyke puts you inside Jack’s head, inside the mind-fuck and literally inside his intense psychosis.” 5 Stars. LisaT: Attention is Arbitrary
  • “Another brilliant book in this series and some more dark, dark writing from Jack L. Pyke. As always I have been left wanting more….” 5 Stars. Caroline: Prism Book Alliance 

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