Cuts So Deep

Cover for Cuts So DeepCuts So Deep
by Alicia Cameron

Long before Jere found himself trapped in a slave state as the new master to a horribly abused slave, it was his relationship with an older man that set him on that path. A wealthy doctor and Jere’s former professor, Matthias likes to play kinky games and Jere is always willing to go along. This time Matthias wants to play with knives and what starts out as twisted fun soon takes a turn that Jere isn’t prepared for which excites him… almost as much as it scares him. (M/M)



Consoling Psyche

Cover for Consoling PsycheConsoling Psyche
by James L. Wolf

Leah had been looking forward to a weekend at the hot springs. When her boyfriend broke up with her via text message, it ruined the mood for the trip. In fact, it felt like the end of the world. So, when Leah had fled to the top of a mountain path, the last thing she’d wanted or expected to find was a strange man offering her consolation. He was all wrong—but maybe wrong in just the right way. (F/M)



Sugar Cravings

Cover for Sugar Cravingsby Madeleine Swann

“‘I know you’re dangerous,’ he said as he stroked her hair. ‘I shouldn’t be here. But there’s something about you, about your smell.’”


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