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Chapter 7: Purgatory

Cover for Caged JayeCaged Jaye
by Lynn Kelling

Wishing he was invisible or had any other way to avoid their stares, Jaye finally glanced up. A few of them were exchanging looks of shock. Some, instead, gained a predatory, hungry glint to their eyes.



Chapter 2: Zeus, Unbound

HerasPunishment_CvrPDFHera’s Punishment
by Natasha Neil

“Wife, you remember Leto and Io? You remember how we fought after the births of Artemis and Apollo? After I gave birth to Athena and you to Hephaestus? Remember how I flogged you and struck you with my bolts? Well, that will be nothing compared to what I will do to you for this.” He kissed her neck savagely and gripped her buttocks, but Hera did not say a word.


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