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Ilya, self-appointed protector of his Croatian coastal town, hates Nikolai, the one man who has never bent to his will. Meanwhile, the gods—Perun the Thunderer and Veles the dragon god of the underworld—do combat in ancient times. Ilya and Nikolai discover the battles of old may not be so far in the past, and that each of them may be closer to the gods than they could have imagined. (M/M) Serialized Fiction: This story will be posted to read, free of charge, at the rate of one chapter per week until complete. For a complete schedule check out the Calendar. Check our section on How It Works. Readers are encouraged to comment on each chapter. Discussions are welcome and should follow the Forum Rules, with […]

Chapter 5: Storm

Cover for Gods Among Menby Jacqueline Brocker

“But the sex was never like it had been with Ilya. Because unlike the others to whom he’d happily given himself over to be dominated, he wanted to beat Ilya at this game.”


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