Red and the Wolf – Excerpt

Cover for Red and the WolfRed and the Wolf by Kailin Morgan

Aidan is content. He’s got a good job, nice house and is comfortable in the small town—far away from anyone who knows his secrets. Yet, he feels the prickle of something stalking him. It doesn’t help when a stranger starts insinuating his way into Aidan’s life. Newcomer Seth is attractive in a way that stirs something in Aidan he had thought long buried. Can he keep his secret and continue in his solitary life or will events conspire against him to drag the truth into the light and change everything? (M/M)

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Seth held out a hand and Aidan blinked at the long fingers, desperate to discover how they felt wrapped around his own, stroking his overheating flesh, but also sure that it was a very bad idea. Instead, he thrust one of the bottles he was carrying towards the extended hand.

“Nice to meet you, Seth.” Aidan coughed and tried not to blush at the squeak in his words. He’d never been this instantly attracted to another man. He coughed again and continued in a lower register, “Didn’t I see you before? The other day?”

“Yeah, in town, just trying to find my way around.” Seth’s voice was deep, drawling, and Aidan shifted from foot to foot. Jeff only had the recliner and the long couch Seth was currently sprawled out on. Seth patted at the other end of the couch.

“Sit down, man. I don’t bite. Well, not unless you ask real nice.” He grinned again, dark and dangerous and Aidan had the sudden feeling that he should really just turn around and leave. He shrugged off the disturbing thought and made his way around the coffee table Jeff had carved from a fallen tree a couple of years back, perching on the edge of the cushion at the other end of the couch.

Jeff stared at him, eyebrows raising in slight confusion before he shrugged, appearing to dismiss Aidan’s odd behaviour. Aidan knew he needed to relax before Jeff decided to open his big mouth. The man lived out on his own, with only trees and birds to talk to; tact was not his strong suit. So he edged back further, resting his elbows on his knees, fingers wrapped around the chilled glass neck of his beer bottle. He stared with unseeing eyes at the pre-game show, searching his mind desperately for something to say.


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