Sensual Showers – Excerpt

Cover for Sensual ShowersSensual Showersby Alicia Cameron

When Sy and Sascha first met, they performed sex acts for the entertainment of the guards. Now, they only have each other to please. With some time alone, they decide to shower together again.

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It was a while before we were called, exactly half of our hallway ordered to walk to one end where the communal showers were. It wasn’t much different than the re-education centers, but still, it had been a long time since I was forced to be naked and wet in front of a group of complete goddamned strangers. Still, I followed the lead of everyone else and stripped off my jumpsuit, tossing it into a bin as we walked by. Sy was behind me, close enough that I could feel him, and it comforted me, despite the fact that we had just met.

There were soap dispensers next to each nozzle, and after dousing myself quickly, I reached for some soap, only to have Sy grab my hand and shake his head fiercely at me. I looked confused, then glanced around, trying to figure out what I had done wrong.

It became clear very quickly.

Of the slaves who were paired up, only one of the pair reached for the soap, and it wasn’t the submissive ones. My assumptions were confirmed as Sy reached around me, dispensed a handful of soap, and started working it over my body. I looked up at him, ready to die of embarrassment. I fought with myself, wanting to beg him to stop, to just let me be dirty. Somehow, the intimacy of the act was more horrifying than the blowjob the guards forced me to perform on him the night before, more invasive than the way Sy had rutted against me yesterday, claiming me as his own and offering me protection from the other detainees.

“Go with it, Sascha,” he whispered, pressing his face into my neck, I assumed, to avoid drawing attention.
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