Hush Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hush Blog Tour

Come find out more about the exciting new story in the The Manse universe, Hush by Lynn Kelling. Join us April 15-20 as we share rousing sneak peeks into this exciting new book. Enter drawing for a giveaway of an ebook!



Society of Masters Timeline

Welcome to The Society of Masters — a shared world collection featuring the works of Lynn Kelling and Jack L. Pyke. In case you were wondering what the set would look like if  you put them in the order in which they happen, here is the updated list:       Loving the Master by Lynn Kelling (novel) Escape by Lynn Kelling (short) Expected Lies by Lynn Kelling (short) Divine Surrender by Lynn Kelling (short) Learning from the Master by Lynn Kelling (short) Between Here and There by Lynn Kelling (short) Trick and Truth by Lynn Kelling (short) Never Happened by Lynn Kelling (short) Deliver Us by Lynn Kelling (novel) Don’t… by Jack L. Pyke (novel) Pleasures of Paradise by Lynn Kelling (short) From Temptation […]

Release Party Chat Log – Bare

User Message D.M. Atkins Welcome Lynn, we’re always happy to chat with you and hear more about your wonderful stories. Lynn Kelling Thanks! I’m happy to be here. Lynn Kelling I’ve got my traditional glass of blackberry brandy and bowl of candy to fuel me during the chat. Lon Sarver Well, that’s good. Wouldn’t want the readers to think you were chained in the dungeons under ForbiddenFiction corporate towers with nothing but a laptop. Lon Sarver The dungeons are for staff use only, after all. D.M. Atkins Wonderful. I’ve my tea – the alcohol is later. Lon Sarver Hell with later. *takes Emergency BatBar out of his utility belt* Lynn Kelling I’m always up for exploring or lurking in a good dungeon Maria Thompson Hi […]

Review Recap for Bare

Bare by Lynn Kelling Review recap of Bare. ~* 5 Stars from On Top Down Under Book Reviews *~ “There is a lot of heart and soul in the words of bare. It is as its name suggests, a stripped open piece of writing. It’s also sexually charged, but with good reason.” *** ~* Review from The Blogger Girls *~ “While this has a definite dark theme to it, in the grand scheme of Ms. Kelling’s work, it really was much lighter and sweeter than I originally anticipated. I enjoyed the dynamic of their relationship and the emotional aspects that were understandably present. If you’re looking for a BDSM story that’s a little different, with feels and emotions, be sure to give this one a try.” *** ~* 5 Stars from MM […]

Bare Blog Tour & Giveaway


Join the blog tour featuring Lynn Kelling’s novel, “Bare,” get exclusive behind the scenes material on this highly anticipated novel, and other bonus material! Participate in the blog tour for a chance to win free books!