Becoming Kerry Release Party Chatroom


Lynn Kelling Hi everyone! It’s good to be here talking about Becoming Kerry 🙂
Lon Sarver I’ll try not to derail you too much. Unless it’s funny.
Lynn Kelling Sounds good, Lon
DMA So, now that it’s time to start, welcome Lynn Kelling who is now the author of 15! published novels.
DMA In 6 1/2 years.
Lynn Kelling Thanks DM! I can’t believe it’s only 15 novels, lol
Lon Sarver Lynn has had her sleep surgically removed to accommodate her writing habits.
Lynn Kelling I’m hoping to keep up that pace, but we’ll see if my muses cooperate…
DMA Tell readers a bit about “Becoming Kerry,” Lynn.
Lon Sarver Quick! Before I think of something clever to say!
Lynn Kelling Oh boy, where to start? It’s a story about a dancer (Kerry) who has been living to please others instead of himself, who finds the love needed to blossom thanks to Irish security guard beefcake, Ewyn
Lynn Kelling Kerry goes from living with a male gender identity to embracing a genderqueer identity and female pronouns over the course of the book
Siol na Tine *sneaks in and finds a chair in the front row*
Lynn Kelling But it’s hard to sum up this book in a single sentence. There’s a lot going on. Loss. Dealing with homophobia and transphobia. Trying to find acceptance from family. Exploring a relationship with a specific power dynamic in place. But it all weaves together
Lynn Kelling It took some work to balance it all. That’s what I really focused on in editing, was making sure the pieces all fit harmoniously
Lynn Kelling Yeah, this book breaks new ground for me and my work, but in a way that’s been really fulfilling to me. I’m just proud of how it turned out and have been really encouraged by the reviews so far
Siol na Tine Was any particular element more challenging to balance than the others?
Lynn Kelling For sure, Siol. The loss aspect was a huge deal for me to juggle. At first, I was putting too much of my own emotion into it, so I had to pull back a lot. And figuring out exactly how much of Kerry’s relationship with ex Jamie was another big hurdle to clear.
Lynn Kelling We wound up scooting the beginning of the book forward and back a few times before finding the right jumping off point.
Siol na Tine I would have thought pouring your own emotion into it would be the right thing to do? They always say “write what you know”. How do you know how much to put in?
Lon Sarver It was one of those things where we ended up having to cut some powerful stuff, not because it wasn’t good, but because there were too many good threads going on, and they were getting in each other’s way.
DMA I think the rewrite in chronological order helped give Jamie (Kerry’s ex) more depth but then it needed to start with Kerry’s new life.
Lynn Kelling In the earliest drafts, I had Kerry being more upset, more frequently. Pulling back to a more stoic place made sense in retrospect. At the time, I was immediately dealing with the sudden loss of my brother, so my own grief was interfering. It was the right call for sure now that I look back.
Lon Sarver One of the audience expectations of romance-y novels is that there’s a Designated Couple. Starting with Jamie/Kerry was powerful enough that it seemed to establish them as the DC, and when it switched to Ewyn/Kerry, it was a rough transition.
Lynn Kelling I agree, Lon. I wanted to honor what was happening with Jamie and Kerry but it didn’t fit in the Kerry/Ewyn story arc.
Siol na Tine Oh no! *hugs* Lynn
Lon Sarver The arc the readers expect would be J&K are In Love, they hit a break, E comes into K’s life, becoming the Interloper in the Designated Couple, and somehow Ewyn has to be pushed out so J&K can be happily ever after.
Lon Sarver Which wasn’t true to either Jamie or Kerry as characters.
DMA It’s an odd place to be as a publisher to see that the personal tragedy hit you after you had already turned in the manuscript to us. I knew that was going to really hit you when you came back to it.
Lynn Kelling Thanks, Siol *hugs* It was very surreal
Lynn Kelling I don’t know, I still think it was really good for me to write about grief while I was grieving. It was super cathartic and helped me process things. Sometimes in RL people aren’t comfortable talking about loss, so it gave me the ability to really dive into it in a controlled way.
Siol na Tine Yeah, I think most people just don’t know how to handle loss, either within themselves, or especially in others.
DMA Reader’s might not realize you had already written that both MC had those personal losses before your own came.
Lynn Kelling But I do blame my inability to figure out what was *off* with the story to the grieving process stuff. It slowed me down a bit.
DMA I never worried that you couldn’t do it. Just worried we would be asking too much of you since I knew it would really be fresh still.
Lynn Kelling Yep, the character deaths were already in place before everything went down with me. Which was weird. It didn’t make me sadder or anything. It was like part of me knew what was coming and set things up so I’d have a way to kind of fight my way through the emotions. It was good. I’m actually really thankful it went down that way.
DMA Writing can be its own magic and a form of therapy for many of us.
Siol na Tine 🙂
Lynn Kelling I also loved having a platform to explore the reality of losing someone. So many people are scared of it, but it’s actually can be a really human and beautiful experience.
DMA Want to give readers their first taste of the story?
Lynn Kelling Sure! I can dive in with the scene were Kerry and Ewyn first meet. It takes place in the gay club, Blaze, where Kerry dances and Ewyn works security.
Lynn Kelling Though watching gay sex online got him off during uncomfortable dry spells, like the one he was currently experiencing, Kerry wasn’t used to being attracted to guys he encountered face-to-face. Most didn’t do anything for him, and as far as it went with the ones who did turn him on, it was an instinct he’d conditioned himself to bury. So, as soon as he became aware of his attraction to the guard, Kerry felt hugely embarrassed, and instantly tried to push the feelings down.

In fact, Kerry was so distracted by trying not to react, he forgot to watch his feet in the ridiculous platform boots and tripped over some discarded, wadded up, sweaty clothes.

The hot guard caught Kerry by the arm.

“Careful. You okay?”

“Yeah. Thanks,” Kerry answered, feeling his blush spreading and overly aware of the guard’s gaze focused right on his near-naked body. There was nowhere to hide and everything was on display. “Been a long night. Not used to these shoes.”

The guard’s gaze slipped momentarily lower, to places Kerry knew he should be used to people looking, especially after hours of it. Standing so close to someone who was looking down there maybe measuring the size of his bulge made Kerry feel profoundly self-conscious, like he was under the spotlight again. Not to perform or please the crowd, only to allow some up-close-and-personal, perverse scrutiny. It embarrassed him and caused him to doubt all of the choices leading him to wear only a thong in public. {end}

DMA Good to note the difference in boundaries for dancers on and off stage.
Siol na Tine Yeah, the difference for performers when personal vs. on stage is something folks who have never done performance aren’t likely to realize
DMA Someone who performs, even erotic dancing, can be shy or at least less out-going off stage. (And usually exhausted after.)
Lon Sarver Or, worse, to assume that their on-stage boundaries are their off-stage boundaries.
DMA Nods.
Lynn Kelling Yeah, I really wanted to capture the difference in the on and off stage versions of Kerry. I think it adds a lot of intrigue and mystery to show you don’t know who someone is just because they performed for you on stage. It’s something people don’t always realize.
DMA Lynn, wanna share a bit about where the idea of Kerry came from and what he means to you?
Lynn Kelling Well, Kerry was the one piece of this puzzle that always made the most sense to me. From the start, I really felt I knew who he was, both in his cocooned stage and his butterfly stage. Being pansexual, I have always lamented the way it’s not commonly shown in popular culture when someone’s attracted to a broad spectrum of people. I wanted to show someone (Kerry) who I found really attractive and rarely shown.
Lynn Kelling I really needed Kerry as the MC to be crossing gender boundaries and challenging readers to appreciate how sexy and beautiful that is. I’d found so often that readers would shy away from MM characters who weren’t super masculine, which is something I wanted to try to fight against here.
Lynn Kelling I’m personally attracted to people like Kerry, so I just tried to capture my own perspective to lure readers in.
Lon Sarver Cool.
Lon Sarver I’m glad you did, as I find the Man’s Manly Man characters hard to take seriously, let alone be attracted to. But, then, I’m an odd duck.
Lon Sarver “quack”
Lynn Kelling Thanks Lon. It just gets to be a little tedious after a while. You kind of want something new.
Lon Sarver True, that.
DMA Did you worry how your readership would react to him?
Lon Sarver I also found it amusing that you broke the Man Who’s the Man and Man Who’s the Girl kinds of pairings by making the latter femme-identified gender queer.
Lynn Kelling I’ve read books where it seemed really obvious the character was written as a literal female, but they just switched the pronouns to make it an MM story, and those stood out as poor attempts to me. They don’t work. So I really wanted to try capturing a feminine but male bodied character in a more successful way.
Lon Sarver I’ve seen that less, more people trying to write a standard romance plot with two male characters, and not thinking about how that might change the standard plot.
DMA And it was also interesting that you created the more “man’s man” type character in Kerry’s ex, a TransMan.
Lynn Kelling Yeah, I’ve seen that too, Lon.
Lon Sarver There’s a whole gender studies paper lurking in this novel.
DMA In an odd but wonderful coincidence, you and Elizabeth A Schechter both turned in works with a secondary character who is FTM.
DMA Which will publish a month apart.
Elizabeth A. Schechter <hiding in the corner>
Lynn Kelling DM, I enjoyed that about Jamie. It’s why it was hard for me to cut scenes where the dynamic of him being the man’s man to Kerry’s femme genderqueer. I really loved exploring those.
Lon Sarver *turns spotlight on Liz*
Lon Sarver Ooops. *swings back to Lynn*
Elizabeth A. Schechter It’s not my night. It’s Lynn’s night. Point that thing at Lynn!
Lynn Kelling lol, that’s so cool, Liz! I’m glad to hear it.
DMA Yeah, Liz’s “Where Home LiesRebel Mage, Book 3, will be out next month.
Lon Sarver Just trying to encourage y’all to compare notes…
Lon Sarver Insofar as we can without having to sound the SPOILER ALERT siren
Lynn Kelling I’ll definitely check that out. And I’m totally up for note-comparing too!
Elizabeth A. Schechter The notes where I was absolutely freaking terrified that I wrote the character wrong? Those notes?
Lon Sarver Heh
Siol na Tine Those are totally relevant notes
DMA Yeah, and you both did a brilliant job on the trans characters. For those who don’t know, I’m GQ and am part of the SF Bay Area LGBT community.
Lynn Kelling I hear you, Elizabeth. It was really important to me to honor the reality of living as trans and what that feels like. It’s something I really didn’t want to get wrong.
Siol na Tine I know a lot of people, myself included, balk when we want to have our projects be more overtly inclusive, but don’t want to step on any toes when we go to actively work those details in
Lon Sarver It’s easy to get things wrong without realizing it.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I’m actually working in another window, trying to find a tumblr post of mine from a few years ago where one of my most trusted beta readers told me I was not allowed to write a FTM character until I could do it without fetishizing her or making a mockery of the whole thing.
Elizabeth A. Schechter I had posted an idea, and MG told me no. Flat out no. Don’t do that. Bad Liz. No biscuit.
DMA Wow. Makes sense but hard to hear. You did well. If it helps you understand my POV, I did my dissertation research with FTM life history and community participation.
Lynn Kelling It can be so valuable to get input from others when delving into territory that can easily offend, but I don’t think that should hold us back from trying to include those characters in stories, either. They need to be there too.
Elizabeth A. Schechter nodnod. I just thought of it today. And I’ll have to get back with MG and tell them that I really do appreciate being stopped before I committed bad fiction.
DMA Nods
DMA Lynn, do you have another teaser for us?
Lynn Kelling I do. I found one with Jamie in it that I can share.
DMA Yeah!
Lynn Kelling It’s the morning after Kerry and Ewyn’s first sexual encounter. Kerry is just waking up and mistakes Ewyn for Jamie at first.
Lynn Kelling As Kerry slowly woke, he realized he was in his bed and he wasn’t alone. Someone else moved around in the tiny studio apartment, opening drawers in the kitchen, setting something on the stove, each of their steps causing floorboards to creak. It felt familiar, tapping into memories of the old routines of many other sleepy mornings. The weight of loneliness he’d carried for months lifted. Hope sparked.

Had Jamie come back?

In a minute, he thought, I’ll smell the burnt toast and start laughing. Jamie will curse and make some rambling excuses for the horrible cooking, then start laughing with me. He’ll come kiss my cheek and say, ‘Up and at ‘em, soldier,’ just to give me a reason to curse back at him and keep laughing.

Whatever we’d been arguing about will be forgotten.

I’ll roll over and catch his scent on the other pillow, equal parts Old Spice, cheap cologne, and coconut body wash.

At any moment he’ll start singing Three Little Birds, almost too low to hear, but right on key.

The more Kerry woke up, the more he realized it was just a dream. {end}

DMA I love that you don’t fall into the trap of turning the ex into the bad guy as the reason he left. Sometimes people grow apart. It doesn’t mean that they can’t still care about each other. You did such an wonderful job showing that.
Lon Sarver Yeah
Siol na Tine Oh thank goodness! I get so tired of that trope
Lynn Kelling Thanks DM
Lon Sarver It’s a consequence of the One True Pair trope, I think.
Siol na Tine I’m friends with almost all of my exes! It’s just exhausting having every TV, movie, and book romance be like “if you broke up it’s because one of you is evil!”
DMA It’s also a critical time for young adults, they have to grow and so relationships of that age are especially difficult to keep and stay healthy.
Lynn Kelling I really relate to that part of Kerry that is so sure that if they just can change this one part of themselves to make the other person happy, everything will be fixed. It’s a tragic character flaw and never, ever works.
Siol na Tine “Well then, I guess it’s me, ’cause it’s clearly not them!”
Siol na Tine Ouch, a very common mistake younger folks make, especially
Siol na Tine In their first relationships
Lynn Kelling Agreed, Siol.
Siol na Tine I think… it’s a product of fairy tales and rom coms telling us that relationships work by default, and not working is an error code
DMA The other thing you did that is hard to get in the world of m/m romance is two bisexual leads!
Siol na Tine rather than, gods forbid, relationships requiring *effort*
Siol na Tine Specifically, M/M? Is it easier to find two bisexual leads in other pairing trends?
Siol na Tine Well, I guess in F/F for male gaze, probably…
DMA Yeah, unfortunately, bi characters are rate, and male characters even more so.
Lynn Kelling I’m so proud of my bi MCs! I relate to them both, lol. The more the merrier…
DMA *rare
Lon Sarver Bisexuality introduces an ambiguity into a genre which is mostly enjoyed for its capacity to project certainty onto a frighteningly uncertain aspect of human life.
DMA And as recent as ten years ago, publishers (not us) were still insisting on changing characters to either gay or straight.
Lon Sarver See also the whole one true pair/true love is forever trope.
Siol na Tine *Bangs head against a wall carefully selected for its convenient padding*
Lon Sarver People want their romances to tell them that true love is forever, and unambiguous, and survives all challenges.
DMA This isn’t the first time you’ve had bi characters, but many skip over that fact.
Lon Sarver Having a bi character introduces the perception that there’s always potential for one of the MCs to find their partner somehow lacking
Lon Sarver And thus, undercuts the “no, these boys are together forever” vibe
Lon Sarver Because, as we all know, bisexuals are depraved, evil sluts.
Lon Sarver strokes Evil Spock berard*
Elizabeth A. Schechter You rang?
DMA Lynn, you recently talked about your own orientation in a blog. Could you tell us about that here?
Lynn Kelling I love bi characters. I always kind of default to having my characters be bi and non-binary but then I make myself let go and allow the story to dictate what’s needed.
Lynn Kelling I only came out… I think it was last year? Because I grew up knowing it wouldn’t be accepted by my family. And I had bigger problems to deal with them than that, so I let it go for a long time and just shared that with my romantic partners. I didn’t even tell friends. So, it was a huge weight off my shoulders to just say it and own it. It’s exhausting to keep something that big to yourself for almost 40 years!
DMA Yeah to coming out and moving on with cherishing yourself!
Siol na Tine Grok!
Siol na Tine Some of my family is more accepting than others.
Lynn Kelling My first crushes were ALL female. But I didn’t tell anyone that. When you know, no one is going to “get it”, it’s not even tempting to be honest. So, I really feel for people who struggle with that.
Siol na Tine Yup.
Lynn Kelling And being someone who’s attracted to non-binary folks, I love being able to try capturing that in my writing, especially since there’s so many voices in our society that are spreading fear and hate for that group in particular. They need more love.
DMA I came of age in a place & time when telling anyone would have gotten me killed. But my first relationships were “same sex.” And when I did out myself publicly it was sort of by accident. Secret keeping isn’t something that comes naturally to me.
Siol na Tine I mean, … It’s always tempting to me to be honest. But scary, too, y’know? What if, in my honesty, I’m accidentally lying somehow? That I’m not really queer enough? I know a lot of people struggle with that one, too.
DMA Kerry’s home life made it dangerous as well. He had to get away to even consider going there.
Lynn Kelling I hear you, Siol. For me, because I was also attracted to men, it made it easier to ignore the rest. It made me feel more normal and safer, but then I do/did feel that maybe that makes me less queer too.
Siol na Tine That’s intense. Makes it harder to even know what’s true, when the truth is dangerous.
Lynn Kelling And yeah, that did feed into how I wrote Kerry too, and how he handles his family’s discrimination. He goes naturally into survival mode, sacrificing his own happiness to avoid unwanted attention.
DMA Oh, Becoming Kerry is also nominated for the Rainbow Book Awards. We donated the entry fees this year to BiNet USA.
Lynn Kelling Yay! Glad to hear it, DM.
DMA Another excerpt?
Lynn Kelling Sure, let me see what I have…
Elizabeth A. Schechter I need to head out. Gnite, all!
DMA Night, Liz.
Lon Sarver G’night!
Lynn Kelling Goodnight! Thanks for stopping by, Liz!
Elizabeth A. Schechter Let me know when my night is, okay? Congrats, Lynn!!!!
Lynn Kelling Okay, this excerpt is from Ewyn’s POV, in a moment when he’s really seeing Kerry’s true self.
Lynn Kelling Kerry stood in the hall, hugging himself with one arm and biting the end of his thumb. His lovely lavender eyes were wide with alarm and exhaustion. Already, now that Ewyn was really looking, and especially because of the light gray kilt that hung from Kerry’s narrow hips, he could see it. How Kerry had edged over a line cleanly separating one gender from another. More than that, he’d done it without even realizing it. There was a soft beauty about him, a demure, submissive charm that belonged to the female, yet it was Kerry’s too. Hadn’t that been what had drawn Ewyn to Kerry in the first place?

It brought out fierce, protective instincts in Ewyn, making him want to stand between Kerry and the world trying to deny all of his softer qualities.

Ewyn hadn’t loved as he knew he could. There had always been, with each relationship, something held back out of duty or reluctance born of worry that not all was as it should be. Standing there, in the cramped hall beside Kerry, Ewyn was afraid. Because he felt it, how easily his need for Kerry and emotional investment in protecting him could cause him to fall, especially with how much Kerry seemed to need the protection and attention, and how there wasn’t any ground to crash onto. Ewyn would just tumble down, down, down, forever.

And that meant the fear would never go either. He would never be able to stop shielding Kerry once he started.

But wasn’t it already too late? {end}

DMA Lynn, tell us a bit about where Ewyn the character came from?
Lynn Kelling Hmm, I do think Ewyn was kind of inspired by my husband. He’s a good guy who kind of gets hurt because he’s a good guy, but he can’t seem to let that stop him. He honestly just wants to do the right thing, but life conspires against him in painful ways. Because Kerry was surrounded by so many military types, I wanted to give him a solider of his own, who’d put himself between Kerry and harm without a thought, even if it was too little too late or even unwanted.
DMA Yeah, there’s so much going on that’s hurting Kerry, we really needed someone in his corner. And Ewyn becomes a kind of stand in for the reader, someone who will do what we can’t. And his mother, gosh, I loved her.
Lynn Kelling For the record, hubby is also super Irish and broad-shouldered and has a second-degree black belt, so he can kick plenty of ass, lol. He’s also been known to stand up for the little guy when no one else would dream of doing so.
DMA Awww, glad you have him in YOUR corner.
Lon Sarver 🙂
Lynn Kelling I’m glad for him too!
Lynn Kelling Oh, I loved Erin, Ewyn’s mum. She came out of nowhere but I’m so happy she did.
DMA And how easily she embarrasses Ewyn was so funny.
Lynn Kelling I actually have an Erin excerpt if you’d like me to share it!
DMA Sure!
Siol na Tine d’aw! <3
Lynn Kelling Okay, this is obviously the introduction scene, so I’ll just let it speak for itself.
Lynn Kelling He went to open the bedroom door. A short, plump and curvy fifty-something woman stood on the other side, her hands on her hips. She had a cloud of curly light brown hair around her head and dark brown eyes. The resemblance was hysterically obvious. Kerry’s heart ached with affection to see it.

“Mum, this is Kerry. Kerry, my mum, Erin Garrity.”

“Oh Ewyn, he’s just lovely, isn’t he?” Erin said fondly, giving Kerry a smile and coming over. She took his hand, giving it a pat. “It’s so nice to meet the young man who’s stolen my boy’s heart. He really is done for. I can tell.”

“I really don’t want to be a bother,” Kerry started.

“Nonsense,” she scolded. “Ewyn may call me a fusser when he thinks I’m not listening.“


“But he will always be just as much of a fusser, in his own special ways.” She gave him a deceptively sweet smile from over her shoulder.

“I think I love you already, Ms. Garrity,” Kerry chuckled, seeing Ewyn’s mortification as he lingered over by the door with his hand over his mouth. {end}

DMA Yep, both fussers.
DMA I am so glad this book is getting the great reviews it deserves. You may break your own record for 5 star reviews.
Lynn Kelling Oh, that would be wonderful! I’m just glad to see people enjoying it. Couldn’t ask for more.
DMA So, what do readers have to look forward to… I know we have one work in progress here and several more you are still working on…
Lynn Kelling Yeah, I’ve got two MMM stories in the works. It’s been interesting to play the boys off of each other in different ways.
DMA Want to tell us about each, maybe a teaser or two?
Lynn Kelling “Life From Nothing” is the one you have, and it’s more of a love triangle that shifts into a triad. It takes place at a halfway home for LGBT youth, and I had a lot of fun with the supporting cast in that one. Everyone comes from a tough childhood but are just kind of flourishing in the found family they have in each other.
Siol na Tine Erin reminds me of my ex’s Mom. He’s Scottish, so she has this brogue, and would just raise an eyebrow at him when he was being silly. 😉
Siol na Tine Does the love triangle turn into a V triad or a full triangle triad?
Siol na Tine Or would that be spoilers…
Lynn Kelling I’d say full triangle.
Siol na Tine Yay!
DMA LOL, we have a love of triads around here…
Siol na Tine Not sure why I’m cheering… *laugh* I guess because so many literary and fandom V triads are portrayed as really just the edges accommodating the middle while tolerating each other.
Siol na Tine Which is very not my experience of actual Vs
Lynn Kelling The main character is teenage Eris who is basically just surviving when we first meet him. He’s been homeless for years. he was arrested. he trusts no one. He’s just trying to find tools to get by moment to moment because he’s being pursued by his abusers. I have a scene between him and Jude, who runs the house, that shows Eris’s mindset a bit.
Siol na Tine Hm! Eris as a guy’s name! Interesting! Is it chosen or given?
Siol na Tine Eris… Jude… ….
Siol na Tine Okay what are the other names?
Lynn Kelling lol, the other is Quinn, from the triad.
Siol na Tine (Not-so-secretly hoping it’s a halfway house full of young adults named after trickster gods!)
DMA Send us off with a glimpse?
Siol na Tine Snert, missed it by THAT much! ;p
Lynn Kelling When Jude lifted the now-empty duffel bag Eris had brought his things in, he revealed a pile of food. Eris’s sacred stash. Some was in boxes, bags, and cans. Other items were wrapped in tissue and paper towels. There were rolls, soup, rice, cereal, toast, and half a peanut butter sandwich. There were also a couple of bars of soap and a half-empty tube of toothpaste.

Heart hammering in his chest, mouth going dry, skin pebbling, Eris knew what came next.

He’d be asked to collect his things and go. Or the police would be notified that he’d stolen again, and he’d go to prison rather than juvie. In both scenarios, he wouldn’t be allowed to take the stash. He’d starve again. He’d have nothing. His panic mounted, and he began to hyperventilate, the breath wheezing from him as was unable to draw in oxygen.

“Hey, hey,” Jude frowned, sitting beside Eris, who was rocking on the mattress. One hand clasped the side of Eris’s face. The other grasped his shoulder, stilling him. Eris bit down on the end of his thumb, his eyes unfocused. “I just want to understand why you’re doing this. I’m not going to yell. This involves no one else. Just me and you.”

It took a while for this to sink in and for Eris to get it together even a little, but Jude was patient and he showed no sign of leaving.

The trouble was that Eris had no way to explain. There was nothing in him that could make sense of what he’d been doing. He just knew it had to be done. {end}

Lynn Kelling In case it’s not clear there, Eris was taking supplies from the house and hiding them in his room in case he needed to bolt for his own safety. Jude’s trying to help him see he doesn’t have to run anymore.
DMA Awww
DMA That’s sad and beautiful.
Siol na Tine It wasn’t clear *where* he was stealing from, but it was clear that he was hoarding for survival’s sake, yes.
Siol na Tine At least, it was clear to *me*, especially paired with the panic attack
Siol na Tine (Which, by the way, nicely vivid portrayal of the panic attack!)
Lynn Kelling Eris was directly inspired by a bunch of real-life abuse survivors whose stories I heard. There’s such a desperation for simple help in them. I wanted to give him a home to finally feel safe and peaceful in.
Lynn Kelling (Thanks, Siol!)
Siol na Tine *Nod* He sounds like several people I know.
Lynn Kelling Which is why it was fun to give him not only Jude to connect to, but Quinn too. A wealth of riches. Too many men, not enough time!
DMA Yes, and also putting some focus on the way the system so often fails.
DMA Thank you for chatting with us today. I can’t wait to see what you bring us next time.
Siol na Tine Aww, over so soon?
Lynn Kelling Absolutely. I’ve found that the when the system fails people like Eris, it’s the connections they make and found family that create the most difference.
DMA Yeah, it so much fun to talk with Lynn but chat is officially over. Next up will be Elizabeth A. Schechter next month.
Lynn Kelling Wow, it flew by! Thank you to everyone for being here!
DMA Thank you, Lynn, I can’t wait to read more.
Siol na Tine Good to chat with you again, Lynn!
Lynn Kelling Thanks, Siol, DM & Lon! Great to chat with you all too!
Lon Sarver G’night
DMA Sweet Dreams all.



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