Backlash Reviews & Book Tour Roundup

Behind the Scene thanks.

by Jack L. Pyke

Cover for BacklashI’m just going to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s helped over the past 9 days with the Backlash, Behind the Scene Book Tour. All the reviewing blogs who hosted, all the reviewing blogs who ARCed, ForbiddenFiction for the Rafflecopter and chat, all the people who shared and helped get the word out. To Monique and Siol for getting the banners done, to the people who work behind the scene with me to get the work out—right through to everyone who came to the chat—you’re all fickin’ awesome!

Backlash has collected some stunning reviews over the past 9 days, and just for a roundup, and to also say a huge thanks to my editor, Rylan Hunter, and also to the stunning Lynn Kelling for allowing me to use her boys from the Deliver Us series:

“Have you been paying attention? I mean really paying attention? I’ll bet you thought you knew things. I’ll bet you thought you knew where this was going. You didn’t.” 5 stars, Lisa. Attention is Arbitrary

“Bringing Martin back – against all advice not to – was a pivotal point move. Even he doesn’t know what information he holds but wow… Jack Pyke you continue to wow me with such intricately placed and planned plots that just have me sitting back shaking my head with astonishment and AWE.” 5 stars, Kathy. KathyMac Reviews

“This book (and the entire series) continues to hold the spot at the tippy top of my all-time favorite list. If you love things on the darker side, love watching your characters go through hell and fight their way back, love highly emotional and gut-wrenching stories, you should move this series right to the top of your list. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would not hesitate to do so.”  5 stars, JustJen. The Blogger Girls

“For anyone who has followed this series you know how inarguably excruciating Antidote was. So here comes the shocker: Backlash is worse. Not in the same psychological aspect. More so in the overall personal, heartfelt tone of it. Like looking deep into someone’s soul.” 5 stars, Kimmer’s. Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter

“I’m not sure what to say about Jack L Pyke’s writing except that her mind must actually be a rather scary place. In Backlash she has brought together so many parts of the story, ones in which we would have never known held any relevance, and tied them all up to give us a very clever plot. I feel like I read the first three books partially blind, didn’t retain all of the important parts, and then had them all chucked back at me in this one. Honestly, the way it all comes together and is all intertwined is pure bloody genius,” 5 stars, Caroline. Prism Book Alliance.

“The book was a total heartbreaker and by the end I wanted to hurt someone. 5 out of 5 totally deserved stars.” 5 stars, Sue. Books Laid Bare Boys.

“I am used to picking up a book from Jack Pyke and mentally preparing myself for her unique brand of writing that in all honesty, is all consuming…and believe me, I have devoured each and every one her books, even though she twists a knife in my gut with words that cause me actual physical pain, truth I tell you, I’m left emotionally drained to the point of exhaustion, but at the same time exhilarated at the utter genius of her craft. She is without doubt the master of the ‘mind fuck’ and dark, erotic, psychological thriller within this genre and the Don’t series, is, in my humble opinion, an incredible example of how to get it right!” 4 Stars, Monique. Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

“Let me just say, my jaw dropped at the end of the book. I was sad and surprised (though I did manage a laugh as well), but it left me with hope – and not just the hope that Jack L. Pyke is furiously writing book 5 as we speak — but the hope that these men have finally found the trust and comfort with each other that they need to move forward and become whole again. “ 4.5 Stars. Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

“The Re-Read is already made (because it was so, so damn good)…. Highly Recommended…. My favorite series ever.
” 5 stars, Katerina. From Germany.

“Some parts were highly emotional and tore at my heart. I really dug that scene around the 30% mark. It’s proof that such an erotically-charged and off-the-charts steamy scene can be intensely beautiful and genuine in spite of it being intentionally ‘flawed.’ I truly wish more authors would have the courage to pursue that path and would come off that lane of fast sex and magic cocks that heal everything in no time flat.” 4 stars, Baba. Goodreads

Thank you, as ever, to you, the readers, who continue to stay with the Don’t  lads throughout all of this! It’s humbling to have you along for the ride!

Jack. Xxx

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