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R.W. Whitefield is an old-fashioned party girl who loves literature. She has a Bachelor's of Science in English, against all known probability, has her own open mic AND her own coven, and daily eats toast on Elmore Leonard's breakfast table.

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  • Clockwork Dolls Story Cover for Clockwork Dollsby R.W. Whitefield

    Anke can do anything with brass and steam, springs and gears. What she can’t do is cross the lines of class and propriety that keep her from declaring her love for her patron, the beautiful Lady Phoebe. Lady Phoebe has long been entertained – and stimulated—by the dancing dolls Anke has made for her, but now she must marry for the sake of duty and family. She has one last commission for Anke—to build a doll that can love her as much as Anke does. (F/F)

  • Do Virgins Taste Better? Story Cover for Do Virgins Taste Better?by R.W. Whitefield

    When the dragon kidnaps a princess, he find himself wondering if a cow would have been a better idea after all. Who knew a princess was so demanding, or so kinky? (F/M)

  • El Espectro Story Cover for El Espectroby R.W. Whitefield

    Marco was born into a ranch family in the middle of nowhere, a young gay man with no one to confide in but the endless blue sky. The only person with whom he can find any release is El Espectro, a fictional gunslinger from the pages of a pornographic pulp magazine. Marco’s fantasies about the dangerous and erotic outlaw are intense, his only comfort in isolation. Things begin to change, though, when one of the ranch hands almost intercepts the next issue of Marco’s magazine. (M/M)

  • Little Henna Hair Story Cover for Little Henna Hairby R.W. Whitefield

    “A werewolf sees a sexy redhead dancing in his nightclub, and he follows her into an alley. He doesn’t expect her to take on the big, bad wolf, but Little Henna Hair is more than able—she’s willing.”(F/M)

  • Mariella Story Cover for Mariellaby R.W. Whitefield

    Princess Mariella knows who and what she is, and has the magic to back it up. Her father, the king, insists that she be a prince, and torments her frightfully when she refuses. The final indignity he inflicts upon her is to be married the heir of a hostile kingdom, as an insult to that prince. Even so, Mariella refuses to give in, and her magic may yet save all. (Transgender, F/F, M/F)

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