Murín Piper


Murín Piper is a British erotic fiction writer, who has been writing ever since she can remember. Her first ever attempt at a novel was a who-dunnit she started when she was seven. For the record, she still doesn’t know who did it. Since then she has written for her own enjoyment and over a variety of genres. She moved into erotic fiction while she was studying psychology and took an interest in psycho-sexual behaviour and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Stories by Murín Piper

  • Touched by Fire Cover for Touched by Fireby Murín Piper

    Rome sleeps, and the temple of Vesta tends to its fires in the night. It is time sweet Marcia was introduced to what truly kept the flames alive within the Vestal Virgins. Under the cover of darkness and in the glow of the fires, Aemilia and Licinia teach her what it really means to submit wholly to the goddess Vesta—and to them. (F/F)