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Matthew Nadelhaft is originally from New York but has lived in Edinburgh since the re-election of George W. Bush. He graduated from the Napier University Creative Writing MA Program and was the editor for Edinburgh spoken-word/storytelling group Illicit Ink. His short fiction has been published in An Electric Tragedy, Blood and Lullabies, The Reader’s Digest 100-Word Story Competition, Desire Magazine, and Zombies Ain’t Funny. He studied anthropology, worked as a freelance journalist, co-edited the book America Under Construction: Boundaries and Identities in Popular Culture and published many articles and papers. He was a reviewer for Tangent and TangentOnline and has designed several boardgames, including the internet-hit “Oh No, There Goes Tokyo!” and an award-winning adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining." He is now bald after twenty years without a haircut.

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Stories by Matthew Nadelhaft

  • Geppetto Falls Off the Wagon Cover for Geppetto Falls Off the Wagonby Matthew Nadelhaft

    The great woodcutter Geppetto, envious of his creation Pinocchio’s wild sex life, builds himself a female companion while on an alcohol-fueled bender. She comes to life hot and willing and Geppetto gets the ultimate sexual experience. (M/F)

  • In Irons Cover for In Ironsby Matthew Nadelhaft

    Death and pain are constant companions in a life lived by the sword, whether on land or on sea. Love, on the other hand, is rare. So when Laulri, a hardened, meets the legendary pirate Sheliegh in a waterfront dive and offers her a drink, the last thing he expected from her was a tale demonstrating just how rare—and how dangerous—love can be. (M/F)

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