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M.L. Caufax writes and breathes and does other necessary things in lovely Northern California. Under other names, M. L. has published poetry, reportage, and somewhat less scandalous fiction. In addition to writing smut and remaining anonymous for professional reasons, M. L.’s enthusiasms include singing, playing guitar and ukulele, experimenting in the kitchen, typography, etymology, cephalopods, social justice, live theater, old paperbacks, and puzzle-boxes.

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  • Deep Focus Cover for Deep Focusby M.L. Caufax

    The university is prestigious, selective, and remote; high on a hill in the middle of a forest, it shelters its students from the distractions of the outside world. Yet, within its walls, a man with bright blue eyes and amazing powers of persuasion is conducting a private puppet show—using real people for puppets. Zoe's first year at college takes a surprising turn when she discovers the truth!