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Lucy Carroll’s self-descriptors are far longer than her name. She is a trans* woman, polyamorous, asexual, theoretically panromantic, agendered, kinky, and a long time writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, and of course erotica. Though she first got into writing erotica as a self-challenge to stretch herself as an asexual author, she has now spent over 10 years crafting erotic stories and using them in erotic play. In addition to writing literary smut, she lives in the Bay Area with her girlfriend.

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  • I See You Story Cover for I See Youby Lucy Carroll

    For years, the shape-shifter Mariss had moved among the rich and powerful, changing face and body, re-inventing identity, always seeking the most unique erotic experiences. Never appearing as the same person twice, Mariss played a dangerous game, risking exposure to the humans with each tryst. The game, and possibly Mariss' life, are put at risk when one beautiful young woman says three terrifying words: "I See You." (F/M, F/F, F/GQ)