Eve Surrey

Eve is a translator and writer living in the Catalan wine country, taking long walks amid the vineyards under the sun, dreaming of urneys and faraway lands, while trying to get her two rescue dogs not to stray too far. After living in England for many years, and graduating in Humanities with Classical Studies, she returned to Catalonia to raise her little girl close to her family. To Eve’s surprise, after more than fifteen years without writing a word of fiction, she discovered she was full of stories, bursting to come out. She intends to let them do just that, one at a time.


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    • Educating Parker by Eve Surrey

      Coming to Tuscany for a holiday and some perspective on her failing marriage, Jo expected sun, art, history, and cultured conversation, not a nineteen-year-old Apollo named Parker reminding her that she is not the sensible, decorous middle-aged woman everybody—including herself—takes her for. Jo finds many things she could learn from Parker’s zest for life and thirst for experience, but Parker has a thing or two to learn from Jo; namely, how to really satisfy a lover. As they dare each other to get bolder and wilder, there’s no telling how their affair will end.