Elizabeth Spritz

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Elizabeth indulges in writing erotic fiction in a variety of genres for her friends. She enjoys writing to read aloud at parties to open minded people and sharing her work on the internet. She has written for online erotic magazines and websites.

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  • Pangea Cover for Pangeaby Elizabeth Spritz

    Submissive Tia agrees to meet her arrogant Master Seth at an abandoned house in the woods for kinky outdoor sex. When she discovers a seductive faun called Pangea in the house she finds his charm irresistible. Tia is compelled to chase the faun into the woods. Pangea introduces her to the Sapphic mermaids of the river and his slave and lover The Stag of Artemis, a mythical man under his control. Can Tia find the strength from her encounters to face up to her bullying lover Seth?


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