Claryssa Berg

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Claryssa Berg is a Norwegian writer of smutty fairy tales of various kinds, who has been published in English since 2004. When she is not twisting myths and ravaging fairy tales, she lives a quiet life in a smallish city in the middle of Norway, together with her son and her cat.

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Stories by Claryssa Berg

  • Deep Water Grave Cover for Deep Water Graveby Claryssa Berg

    Diana is fascinated by the stories about dead sailors who are said to enter the bodies of huge, black cormorants and visit the living in that guise. One night she is visited by one of the dead men–who has come borrow her warmth. (F/M)

  • Demon in the Well Cover for Demon in the Wellby Claryssa Berg

    Clara inherits her old aunts’ house and with it the responsibility to feed “the demon” in the well. Clara doesn’t believe in demons, or witches, or magic of any kind—until she drops her pearl necklace into the well and, to her astonishment, a voice from the deep says that she can have them back if he can eat by her table and sleep in her bed. (F/M)

  • Milk Cover for Milkby Claryssa Berg

    In the mirror lives a secret the Wicked Queen cherishes above all else. Snow White is an apple begging to be devoured. In order to save the one, the Queen must rule the other, body and soul. (F/F & F/M)

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