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Catherine King has written erotic fiction, both original and fan works, for over a decade, and specializes in erotica with sci-fi or historical themes. She is especially interested in exploring the erotic possibilities of alien cultures, body transformation, and artificial intelligence in her work. When she’s not writing, Catherine works for a local charity in northern Thailand, and can usually be found wobbling her way from street market to street market on her beloved hand-me-down red motorcycle.

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Stories by Catherine King

  • Wingman Cover for Wingmanby Catherine King

    A dangerous experiment turned Sam Wilson into a winged super-soldier. His transformation also had an unexpected side effect: an erotic sensitivity more intense than he could have ever imagined. As Sam struggles to make a difference on the front lines, and to come to terms with his new form, he also finds himself torn between two men. Can Sam confess his feelings to his best friend and long-time crush–or will he fall under the spell of the brilliant but twisted scientist who wants to explore everything Sam’s new body can do? (M/M)

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