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Alicia Wag resides in Massachusetts and is the author of Mrs. M.: A Book of Erotic Stories. Her work has been published in Just Watch Me: Erotica for Women, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 2007, Sixteen of the Best (Sara Veitch Spanking Stories), Clean Sheets, Penthouse Variations, and other publications. Besides writing juicy stories, she enjoys singing, cooking, movies, and good conversation.

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  • You Complicate Me Cover for You Complicate Meby Alicia Wag

    Annemarie Fitch has it all. She’s Guest Relations Director at The Sentinel, the swankiest hotel in town, and is about to get married to sexy software engineer Richard Samson. Just when she thinks her life is perfect, Richard pulls the plug. He says he needs time to think, but what’s he really after? Is it Lilah, Annemarie’s roommate, best friend, and head pastry chef at The Sentinel? Then there’s Zachary Link, the distinguished but hot record company executive, who wears a ring on his finger but seems to be courting Annemarie. What’s a confused bride-to-be to do? While Annemarie’s tailspin leads her into a bevy of adventures, Lilah guiltily sets her sights on Richard. Things don’t turn out exactly as Lilah plans, though not for lack of trying. Maybe it has something to do with her inexplicable attraction to Chad, the shy, hunky baker she works with in the kitchen. As the two friends’ lives go topsy-turvy, each must navigate new and delicious experiences.


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